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 Do not give up

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PostSubject: Do not give up   Tue Jul 23, 2013 5:19 pm

May pass your moments of weakness; Vijal you that your strength may , and it is no longer your ability to Mujahid, patience and continue to work; not succumb to this Khater; the turnout souls and Adbara; perhaps it backs followed turnout.

The sometimes feel frustrated, lack of confidence, and a sense of inferiority, and that you are not suitable for anything from business - do not give in to this feeling, and conjuring that failure is not a disgrace if made effort wholeheartedly, and remember that one is not Mkhvqa even accept defeat, and abandons the attempt, try again time, and prepared the ball after the ball, and arrive Share Digg this Thread - God willing -.

The Aaatarik feeling and admiration, you feel that you are alone texture,, Qurei Dhrk; do not need to mentor or counselor.

If this is your over Khater not give him, and not left to the best of intelligent, informed, and to see what you lack, and even weakness equalizer Kvta have balance.

The attacks on anxieties, and coming in you , Vijal Here it Stlazemk length of your age, Vtzn that your days are coming blacks do not egg them; not succumb to this Khater, Think not of evil, no good after him, or that he beat him to Azib do not go away; the with hardship comes ease, if with hardship comes ease.

The investigating righteousness, and is keen on not err in the right one, then do not soon fall into the Goof Goof; no that it're from perfect, and seek him, then who? Which men?

The fall into sin after sin, to the devil in that goodness you away, and you who wrote it miserable; not succumb to this dumping satanic, and conjuring that every son of Adam, mis, and the best repent, and those who fear Allah, when touched Careers of the devil remember if are Mbesron, so you dissolving the depths of despair.
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Do not give up
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