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 Zakat and its benefits

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PostSubject: Zakat and its benefits   Mon Aug 19, 2013 11:04 pm

Zakat and its benefits

Sheikh / Mohammed bin Saalih

Zakat is obligatory of the ordinances of Islam, one of the pillars of the most important after the Shahaadatayn and prayer, has indicated that it is obligatory Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger, peace be upon him and the consensus of the Muslims, it denies that it is obligatory is an infidel apostate from Islam يستتاب, to repent and be killed, and scrimp or detracted from anything, it is of the oppressors eligible for the death of God Almighty Allah said: {not يحسبن who يبخلون including Ouatahm God's grace is better for them it is evil to them Satoqon what بخلوا the Day of Resurrection and God legacy of the heavens and the earth and God what you do expert} [Al-Imran: 180] .

In Sahih Al-Bukhari from Abu Hurayrah may Allah be pleased with him said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him: "From whom God money did Sunnah like him on the Day of Resurrection brave knock him Zbeptan يطوقه the Day of Resurrection and then take Bhazzmteh - I mean, buccal - says I am the owner I treasure "0 brave: Male snakes, and Aqra: Tmat of of his scalp for frequent feature.

He says: {And those who hoard gold and silver and do not spend it for the sake of God فبشرهم grievous penalty (34) days protects them in Hell فتكوى their foreheads and their sides and their backs, that's what Knzatm for yourselves فذوقوا what you Tkenzon [repentance: 34, 35].

In Saheeh Muslim from Abu Hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, that the Prophet peace be upon him said: "What of the owner of gold or silver does not lead right only if the Day of Resurrection pardoned him sheets of fire Vahma in the fire of hell, Vicoy by his side, and his forehead and back, whenever Refrigerate returned in a day fifty thousand years, even spending among people, sees him, either to heaven or to the fire "0

Zakat and benefits of religious, moral and social many, among them the following:

It is the religious benefits:

1 - It is a corner of the pillars of Islam which it throughout HE slave in this world and the Hereafter 0

2 - It is almost a person to his Lord and increase in faith, like all acts of worship 0

3 - the consequences of the performance of a great reward, God said: {يمحق God usury and raise alms} [Al-Baqarah: 276] He says: {And Ouateetm of the Lord to raise the people's money not raise when God and Ouateetm of Zakat want the face of God Those are Alamadafon} [Roman: 39] 0 The Prophet peace be upon him "from the incredible fairly Tamra - the equivalent of a date - to earn a good, does not accept God only good, then God takes it with his right hand and then raised by its owner also keeps one of you Vloh even be like a mountain, "Bukhari and Muslim.

4 - that God erase their sins as The Prophet, peace be upon him "and charity تطفىء the sin as water switches off the fire."

Meant charity here: Zakat and voluntary charity are all 0

Congenital benefits include:

1 - it caused recommender up with generous with forgiveness and generosity.

2 - Zakat requires Atsaf recommender mercy and kindness to his brothers destitute, الراحمون the mercy of God

3 - It is of the scenes that make the financial and physical self for Muslims explains the chest and simplifies the self and requires to be human loved according to exert beneficial to his brothers 0

4 - The in Zakat cleansing to Bazlha ethics of greed and stinginess as he says: Take the money charity تطهرهم and sanctify them [repentance: 103] 0

And social benefits:

1 - that the impetus to the need of the poor who are the majority in most of the country.

2 - to in Zakat strengthen the Muslims and lifted their business, but it was one of the points of Zakat Jihad for the sake of God as We will remember him, God willing.

3 - that the removal of grudges and resentments that are in the hearts of the poor and the destitute, the poor if they enjoy the rich funds and lack of benefit, with some of them, just not much, it might have enmity and hatred of the rich, where did observe they have rights, and did not pay them the need, if exchange rich them something of their own money on top of all about these things and still got affection and harmony.

4 - that the development of money and I will greatly blessing, also came to talk about the Prophet, peace be upon him, he said: "What is decreased because of charity money." Ie: that decreased the charity money they will not numerically lacks a pool and an increase in the future, but succeeds God bless Bdelha and his money.

5 - that he has had to expand and Basta of funds, the money if exchange them something widened its circle and benefited many people, other than if the State between the rich the poor do not get anything from them.

These benefits are all in Zakat indicate that Zakat is necessary to reform the individual and society. The Glory of God, the Knower, the Wise.

Zakat is obligatory on funds specific including: gold, silver, provided a quorum, which is in gold a ten pounds Saudis and three-sevenths of the pound, and silver Fifty-six SAR of silver or its equivalent of banknotes, to be a quarter decade, there is no difference between being gold and silver money or disowned or jewelery, and on this فتجب Zakat in women's jewelry of gold and silver if it reaches the minimum threshold, even if she is wearing or Taarh, pan evidence of positive Zakat gold and silver without detail, but it received privately indicate the necessity of Zakat in ornaments albeit worn, like what Narrated Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-Aas, may Allah be pleased with them: that a woman came to the Prophet, peace be upon him in the hands of the her daughter Msktan of gold said: "Zakat أتعطين of this?" She said: I do not. Said: "Oasark that Issourk God their two bracelets from fire?" Volguethma and said: namely Allah and His Messenger. "He said in achieve Maraam: Narrated by three strong attributed it on the safe side and what was on the safe side, that is better.

It is money that is required is Zakat: trade offers, which are all prepared for the trade of real estate, cars and livestock and fabrics and other varieties of money, to be a quarter decade, Fikovernma on top of strabismus including equal and come out a quarter of ten, whether it is less than he bought it or more or equal 0 As for what prepared for the needs or lease of real estate, cars, equipment and the like, there is Zakat in which the words of the Prophet peace be upon him: "It is not a Muslim servant, nor his horse charity" - the people of Zakat are those who acted to zakat, has assumed God described himself he says : {but alms to the poor and needy, the workers and those whose hearts and necks and debtors in the way of Allah and the wayfarer ordinance of Allah, and Allah is Knowing, Wise [repentance: 60] 0

These eight varieties:

First: the poor and who do not find it enough, but a little something without half, if the man does not find what he spends on himself and his family a half years is poor be given enough and his family a year.

Second: the poor, who are finding it Kvaithm half or more but do not have enough full year فيكمل them the expense of the Year 00 and if a man does not have the money, but he has another resource of the craft or salary or exploit the بكفايته it not be given Zakat because the Prophet, peace be upon him: "No luck for rich and for unearned strong".

Third: the workers who are who Yuklhm the Governor-General of the State collects from her family, and discharged to the beneficiaries, and saved, and so of mandate them, Faaton the Zakat as far as their work if they were rich.

IV: those whose hearts are tribal chiefs who are not in their faith stronger, Faaton of Zakat to strengthen their faith, فيكونوا advocates of Islam and a good example, though human weak Islam but not presidents Almtain it is from the general public, will be given alms to strengthen his faith?

Some scientists believe that, given the interest debt is greater than the interest of the body, and here he is if he is poor food given to his body, his heart Vgmae faith stronger and greatest benefit, and some scientists believe that it is not given because the interest of the power of faith in the interests of a private individual.

V: necks, including the purchase of slaves from Zakat and Aatagah, and assist Almkateban the dismantling of Muslim prisoners.

VI: the debtors are debtors if they did not have what could be يوفوا from their debts, these give what fulfill its debts few the mother of many 000 if they were rich hand sustenance, if the extent that there is a man with a resource is enough to power and strengthened his family, but upon our his loyalty can not, it may be given Zakat what reimburse religion, may not be falling debt for impoverished City and intention of Zakat.

The scholars differed as to whether the debtor's parents or child, will be given alms to fulfill his religion? The correct passport.

The owner may Zakat to go to the right holder and give him the right if the debtor did not know this, if the Zakat owner knows that the debtor can not fulfill.

Seventh: for the sake of God is jihad for the sake of God be given to the Mujahideen of Zakat enough to jihad, and bought of Zakat machines for jihad in the name of God.

It is the way of Allah: forensic science, be given forensic science student what it could to seek knowledge from books, etc., only to have his money he can from this collection.

VIII: wayfarer, a traveler who was interrupted by travel be given Zakat give him a ride to his country.

These are Zakat people who mentioned God in his book, and was told that the ordinance it issued by the knowledge, wisdom, and Allah is Knowing, Wise.

May not be discharged into the other building of mosques and repair of roads, because God said beneficiaries limitation, and exclusively benefit from non-government denied trapped in it.

If we look at these actors knew that some of them needs to Zakat himself and some of them Muslims need it, and this we know the extent of the wisdom of obligatory zakat, and the wisdom of it to build a society in favor integrated equal as much as possible, and that Islam did not neglect the money and interests that could be built on money , leaving scarce greedy souls freedom in scarcity and desires, it is the greatest good and prompt Nations repairer.

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds
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Zakat and its benefits
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