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 Rationalization of electricity consumption

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PostSubject: Rationalization of electricity consumption   Mon Aug 19, 2013 11:49 pm

Lighting can reduce the cost in the range of 15% by taking into account the implementation of some of the following behaviors: -

· A lot of use of natural light during the day.

· Turn off lighting in unoccupied areas as soon as she left.

· The use of energy-saving lamps.

· Keep clean lighting equipment.

• Use lighting directed instead of general lighting

· Replace bulbs regular Blmbatflorsent.

Electric heater:

Electric water heater of the most household appliances and energy-consuming in the following Ajbmraah: -

· Use Aldshqaibdil ml ء bathtub.

· Testing of pipes and valves to prevent leak Almiahalsakna, and repaired immediately damaging them.

· Prefers to isolate the hot water pipes with heat-insulating materials to prevent leakage of heat in the wall (if buried) or in the air (if the pipes out of the wall (.

· Close the valves well in the case of non-use of the heater.

· Separation of electricity from the heater when not in use.

· Adjust heater temperature regulator (thermostat) at a temperature of 60 Drjhmioah.


Close TV when you leave the room and not follow Albrmajalmmaah.

Fridge and freezer:

· Make sure that your refrigerator is working efficiently is one of the most energy Almenzlahasthaddama devices.

· Always check the cleanliness of the intensive file located in the back of the refrigerator.

· Make sure resealed the door, and do not try to open the refrigerator door unnecessarily, and when you open the door shut quickly to ensure no leakage of cold air outside.

· Take into account the order of things in the refrigerator until you are the input and output process things more easy ones.

· Melt the ice from time to time so as not to increase the thickness of the snow about ¼ inch, preferably a freezer full and completely fill in the blanks with bags filled with water.

· Put things in the refrigerator organization with leave of the void space for the movement of air around the food. On the contrary, for the Fraser prefer to be full and if necessary fill the void with ice cubes bags.

· When you leave the house for a week or more closed after cleaning refrigerator with the door left open.

· When you buy a refrigerator tried to find out the approximate costs of the annual run of their own.

· Use Water Cooler (Coleman) to drink in summer to reduce the number of times to open the refrigerator door.


· When buying a washing machine tried to find out the approximate cost of the annual running of their own.

· Prefers not to run the washing machine only when the capacity of the washing machine is complete clothes they usually consume the same electricity, hot water and soap, whether it is full or not full.

Air Conditioning:

Rising electricity bill in the summer as a result of the use of air-conditioners' To keep the place adapted at the lowest cost, follow these tips:

· Make sure the cleanliness of the air conditioning filter.

· Read a way to use well to follow.

· Adjust the temperature of not less than 25 degrees Celsius.

· When the air temperature is 25, not Tstkhaddmaltkiev.

· Close the air conditioning when you leave the device room for Fterhtoalh.

· Apartment will remain moderate heat if remained - curtains مسدلة the the free days.

. Propeller enough to mitigate the temperature in some summer days.

· When buying an air conditioner tried Annual see Altgaribahllchgal costs of the device.

· Do not leave the room door open when Chgilaljhaz.

To reduce the consumption of electricity recommend doing the following:

Do not connect electronic devices with the same socket (Alapreez) or the same electrical circuit which connect another device has an electric motor, such as: air conditioner, washing machine, refrigerator, freezing and electric dishwasher.

Turn off electronic devices sensitive and disconnect it from the socket during a long hiatus from their use (Cguiapk from home for several days.

Separate sensitive devices when there are difficult weather conditions - lightning, storms and heavy rains.

Must protect sensitive devices by private protection devices and protection function of these devices from electrical currents pressure. There are several types of simple machines: prevention device on the home electrical panel installs a licensed electrician or a protective device for each device in the home. This can be obtained equipment from shops selling electrical appliances and installed easily.

Protection devices also preferred in terms of lines of communication - the telephone lines. Cable TV etc. - by a suitable device can be mounted independently.

Buy protected devices - most of the producers of electrical appliances sensitive and aware of the phenomenon of electric pressure stream and "Ihsnnounaa" against it by placing the means of protection within the device and this, when you buy the delicate electrical system checks recommended if protected against the tide of pressure. Preferable to not only consult the seller, but also experts in service laboratories devices.

User guidance help in rationalizing the consumption of electric power:

The provision of economic resources.

Rationalization is moderate and rational use of electricity away from extravagance and waste.

Rationalization of electricity consumption reduces list of electricity wages.

Electricity consumption in the economy Manual awareness and attention.

Turn off the lamp and one of every provides Taqhkahrbaúah the home large enough to feed the whole province.

Take advantage of daylight in your home and office lighting.

The most advanced countries the most rational of electricity.

Thermal insulation of buildings provides a large electric power.

Rationalization of electricity consumption contributes to reduce environmental pollution.

Rationalization of electricity consumption contributes to the electricity died for you and others.

Rationalization of electricity consumption a cultural phenomenon.

Rationalization of electricity consumption good behavior required of all members of the family.

Turn off lights and other electrical appliances when you leave the place.

Overtaking on the electric grid ... deprive others of the grace of electricity.
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Rationalization of electricity consumption
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