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 An article about the patience of the Prophet

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PostSubject: An article about the patience of the Prophet   Tue Aug 20, 2013 12:40 am

The talk about patience, peace be upon him, is in fact talk about his whole life, and his life in all its details and events, Sometimes peace be upon him all the patience and Msaberh, jihad and mujahideen, not still peace be upon him in an effort diligent and continuous work, and patience is not interrupted , since I got it the first verse, and until the last moment of his life.

He knew the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him the nature of what will befall in this way, from the first moment of his mission, and after the first encounter with King, as I went by Khadija God bless them to paper ibn Nawfal, said his paper: I wish I were alive as your people expel, he said him peace and blessings be upon him: (or the publishers are?), he said: yes, no man has ever come by only recursive. فوطن himself from the outset to withstand abuse and Denial maliciousness and hostility.

And attitudes that reflect the patience peace be upon him, what he was subjected to physical abuse of his people and his family and he was in Mecca with a message of his Lord, and so what came when Bukhari that Urwah ibn al-Zubayr asked Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-Aas for the most thing made polytheists Prophet peace God be upon him? He said: Pena Prophet peace be upon him pray in stone Kaaba, since accept obstacle ibn Abi Meit, he put his clothes in the neck فخنقه strangled severe, turned to Abu Bakr took بمنكبه, and paid for the Prophet, peace be upon him, said: Otguetlon man that says the Lord God? .

One day it was prayer and peace pray at home, Abu Jahl and employers him sit down, said one to another: Which of you come Beasley camel brown flan فيضعه on the back of Muhammad when he prostrates, فانبعث miserable people brought him, wait until worshiped the Prophet peace be upon him placed him on his back between his shoulders, laughing and leaning on each other, and the Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and Sajid does not raise his head, so Fatima came to him and put forward for his back injury.

And more than that, psychological harm goal in response call and a lie, and accused of being a priest, poet and crazy and charming, and claim that what brought him from the verses are but tales of the ancients, and that what he said Jahiliyyah sarcastically: Oh God, if this is the Truth from Thee, rain down on us stones from heaven, or send us a grievous penalty came down: {And Allah will punish them and you in them and what God was معذبهم they seek forgiveness and them not to punish God they (men) from the Grand Mosque} (al-Anfal: 33 - 34), and Al-Bukhaari in his Saheeh that a woman from the infidels came to the Prophet, peace be upon him, said to him: O Muhammad, I hope that be شيطانك may leave you; did not see him close you two nights ago or three times. Ejaculates God Almighty: The morning and night if Saja what scrubs Lord and fried} (Duha: 1 - 3), and Abu flame follows the Prophet peace be upon him in the synagogues of the people and their markets, and يكذبه, while she was his wife or a beautiful gathering firewood, forks and received in way.

There has been peace be upon him about the position of the positions of grief and anguish, while the man limit to forget himself in a coma worry and sadness, and after that narrowed it down to Mecca went to Taif asked victory, narrated by Bukhari and Muslim that Aisha asked the Prophet, peace upon him one day said: Do you came on was more severe than a day? He said: (I have received from your people it encounters, and it was the most received them on Aqaba, as presented myself to Ibn Abdul Ialil Ibn Abd al-fatigue did يجبني to what I wanted, So I went, and I solicitous on my face, did not Ostvq but I am a century foxes, raising my head, If I am a cloud may أظلتني, I looked If the angel Gabriel, Vadani said: that God has heard the words of your people for you and responded to you, has sent you the king of the mountains to tell him what you want them, Vadani king of the mountains greeted Ali, then said: O Muhammad said: if you like that engulfed them الأخشبين the, said the Prophet, peace be upon him: but I hope that God out of the solidity of the worship of God alone, not associating anything with Him).

The harm its peak فيحاصر peace be upon him three years in the people of Abu Talib, and assaulted him grief continuum, therefore, lose his wife, Khadija, which was the best Nasser and certain after God Almighty, then surprised the death of his uncle, who was shrouded and defend him, and doubles the sadness that he died on infidelity, then comes out of his immigrant after several attempts to kill him and kill him, and the city begins a new era of patience and sacrifice, and the lives of a lot of effort and intensity, so hungry and lacked, connecting on his stomach stone, says the Prophet peace be upon him: (You may hid in God and A afraid, and I've abused in God and hurt one, and I've come over thirty of the between day and night and Mali well Bilal food the eat a liver, only Iuarih thing armpit ČáÇá) Narrated by al-Tirmidhi.

The Badr and one of the parties and Tabuk, Nostalgia and other conquests and سراياه which amounted to one hundred invasion and confidential, except pages illuminated patience and struggle peace be upon him, and did not come out of the battle only enter into another, even encouraged face-Sharif, and broke Rbaith, accused in his presentation, and the right harm from the hypocrites and ignorant Arabs, but Bukhaari narrated from Abdullah bin Masood may Allah be pleased with him, he said: Department of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him division, said a man from the Ansar: God, what Muhammad wanted this face of God, Ibn Mas'ood said: I came Messenger of Allah God's blessings and peace be upon him I told him, فتمعر and had his face and said: (God bless Moses, has traumatized by more than this Vsber).

It is the citizen that the patience of the Prophet peace be upon him, the days of the death of his sons and daughters, where he was from Atomic seven, successively death one by one until none was left of them except Fatima, God bless them, what they do not because, but patience, patience beautiful, so the impact of him on the death of his son Ibrahim as saying: (The eye tears and the heart grieves not say except what pleases our Lord and I Pfrack O Ibrahim محزونون).

It was not patience of the Prophet peace be upon him confined to the harm and calamities, but included patience to obey God as his Lord so in saying: be patient as the patience of Oulu determination of the Apostles} (Ahqaf: 35), saying: {and ordered the family to pray and اصطبر it} (Taha: the 132), was diligent in worship and obedience even تتفطر the foot of the length to do, and a lot of fasting, male and other acts of worship, and if the slogan was: do you not be thankful slave?

It was the facts of his Allah bless him and School for the patient, inspired including sweetness patience, and cold certainty, and the thrill of calamities for the sake of Allah Almighty
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An article about the patience of the Prophet
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