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 Speed ​​... Significant risk

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PostSubject: Speed ​​... Significant risk   Thu Aug 22, 2013 9:23 pm

In the name of God the Merciful

In the name of Allah, and enough is enough, thank God, the Prophet Mustafa and his family and companions and followed ..

=== Peace of heart-to-heart greeting express love credibility ===

.. In a period of progress and Renaissance urban population in Saudi Arabia ...

.. And the emergence of a bad habit among young sons with ultra respect for their persons Karim ..

However, it is / / ...] [!!] [Insane speed] [!!] [... \ \

.. Lost عائلهم to families .. and the families lost their children .. and in some hospitals ..

Maznb these reckless .. deprived them of all happiness .. Tichen recklessly ..

.. Do Angibna our people to kill others??? Or for women Nrml people???

The speed is not a game for Kabarkma Some call it ..!! .. But search for suicide cliff

... That transportation is not merely a way .. in order to finish the business links and ..

.. When we visited the hospital convalescence .. hardly believe what he writes, but it's the truth ..

Bodies lying for years .. and some lost some of its members .. all speed بسسب ..

.. Speech does not affect as pictures will cause you ....

These pictures of the most heinous incident, Saudi ...

==== There are many, many ==== As for the risks / / /

We need all of our young people .. so go up Bnhitna, Alia .. how if Mato

The appropriateness of the hearts of discontent if many young people .. with limited thinking ..

Thoughts .. Altvhit + speed + month === youth useless ....

Message .. We now do not be afraid of those speeds, but how Sisahq of the same ....

Speed ​​... and a serious epidemic disease Vedic hand .. Get rid of this disease ...

.. Enough who we lost Anriedk to be among them ... your family and your country needs you ..

.. Watch out .. who encourages you to speed .. prevention is better than cure ...

.. Message .. Visit convalescent hospitals to know the meaning of my words ....

..] [We to perfect .... perfect because God alone] [..
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Speed ​​... Significant risk
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