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 Golf game

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PostSubject: Golf game    Sat Sep 21, 2013 5:15 pm

Golf game

Mace ( or ' golf ' in the literal translations from English : Golf) Sports practiced outdoors on large expanses of grass interspersed with heights and digging narrow waterways . The length of the golf course ranges between 3 and 7 kilometers according to the number of craters where numbering between 9 and 18-hole must enter a small white ball inside by called Mejara the stick . Scotland is the first discovered this game.

In order to achieve a blow long is not as high as in the first-strike use sticks with head wooden different head size wooden while using sticks with top metal with Milan a different implementation of strikes following short and high necessary to overcome the obstacles, the player , when you hit the ball, that could not inserted into the hole from the first blow , that goes to the point they had reached the ball and hits a second and a third blow up , getting the ball to the green patch which mediated the hole , which usually indicate a flag . Upon the arrival of the ball to the Green Zone must use a special racket with a metal block made ​​mostly from article Albrs ( copper alloy ) .

Golf ball

Color white golf ball is made of hard rubber . Scotland is considered the original home of the game that have sprung up since the eighteenth century , where Anshe the first club in the United States is now about 9 thousand in golf field [ In France, only one hundred . And place in the world hundreds of international matches each year , most notably England Open , the Masters Championships , starring Alomatu Taatelz . Leads the current rating of the U.S. Men's Tiger Woods
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Golf game
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