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 Depending on God

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PostSubject: Depending on God   Sat Sep 21, 2013 5:57 pm

Depending on God

Dr . Mehran Maher Othman

In the name of God the Merciful

Praise be to Allah , Lord of the Worlds , the original and safest envoy mercy to the worlds , our master and our Prophet Muhammad and upon his family and companions , but after ;

Matter of trust :

The trust in God worship truthful , faithful , God is by the prophets senders , and close friends believers , says the Lord of the Worlds : { and trust in the neighborhood that does not die and swam praise and enough guilt slaves expert }

He said: { and trust in the Mighty , the Merciful * who sees you when you * Tqbak in worship * He is the Hearing, the Knowing }

And commanded the believers :

God has said in seven places in the Quran : { And Allah let believers put their trust }

The definition of trust in :

What is the trust in ?

Is in the language rely on others in what order , and idiomatically : Believe Heart dependence on God to bring in and pay interests detriments of things this world and the Hereafter [ science and governance Ibn Rajab ( 409 ) ] .

And said Jorjani mercy of God : trust in the trust , including God, and despair about what people in the hands of tariffs ( 74 )].

Trust in the introduction of the reasons .

To be here to draw attention to three things:

The first thing : to trust in does not contradict the taking reasons.

It was narrated from Anas bin Malik , may Allah be pleased with him , he said : A man said : O Messenger of Allah أعقلها and أتوكل , or launched and أتوكل the ? - Camel - he said, peace be upon him : « اعقلها and trust » [ Sunan al-Tirmidhi ] .

And proven in Sahih Al - Bukhari from Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him said: The people of Yemen pilgrimage nor يتزودون , and they say : We are trusting , if provided Mecca asked people , Allah revealed the : { تزودوا of the best provision is piety } .

The Prophet peace be upon him to Maaz bin Jabal , may Allah be pleased with him : « Do not Tbasharham Wejtkloa is evidence that it has to be made reasons and not dependency .

The second thing: take the reasons though weak in itself.

Therefore God is Ayoub , peace be upon him to hit the ground with his foot after he called to his illness , and whether the right to strike land of its source of water ? No, but God wants to teach us that it has to be taken if the reason is weak , the matter ordered , and the universe being , but it has to be done reasons.

Because God wanted to feed Mary is in the state of weakness and weakness ordered her to shake the trunk ; because the reason to take even weak .

The third : that does not support it , but it makes its dependence on God.

Do my reason though easy, and I know that God is the cause of the reasons , though willing to switch between cause and effect of the act of the Almighty , so what were Abraham in the fire did not burn because God as much as that, and Ismail peace be upon him what is his father knife to his neck, which caused the loss of the Spirit has not lost his spirit because God did not authorize it.

It depends only on God, and take the reasons, because God appreciates things بأسبابها .

And make sure your trust in God in some citizen:

Muslim has to rely on God in all his affairs , and make sure in some places , mentioned each Turquoise Abaadi in the insights with discrimination in some professional writers Aziz , including:

When you sleep :

It was narrated from Bara bin celibate , God bless them , he said : The Prophet, peace be upon him : « If you come to bed, wudoo wudoo for prayer, then lie down on your right side , and then say : O Allah, converted to Islam and my face to you, and authorized the warrants to you, and GATT my back to you, desire and awe you , do not shelter and Mongi you only you , believed بكتابك who inflicted , بنبيك who dispatched, the Mt of your night then you are on instinct , Adjahin another what they say .

When the descent poverty :

In Tirmidhi Mosque on the Abdullah bin Mas'ud , may Allah be pleased with him said : The Messenger of Allah , peace be upon him : « I got him destitution Vonzlha people not clog his poverty , it was revealed by the destitution Vonzlha God God Vyushk him Brozk immediate or deferred .

When reluctance to enemies:

He says : { , offer them , and trust in Allah , and Allah is sufficient agent } [ women : 81].

If people introduce you:

He says: if they turn away , then say God suffices is no god but it is my trust, He is the Lord of the Mighty Throne [repentance : 129 ] .

When peaceful enemies:

He says: if they incline to peace , incline to it and trust in Allah } [ Anfal : 61].

When you encounter enemies:

He says: She messengers Avi God doubt Creator of the heavens and the earth, invites you to forgive you of your sins and Aakhrkm to indefinitely said that you are only human beings like us, want to Tsdona what was worshiped fathers Votona authority manifest * told them their messengers that we are only human beings like you , but God bless the he wills of His slaves and we were to نأتيكم the authority without the permission of God and on Allah let the believers * and us not نتوكل to the God has guided us our ways and نصبرن what Avetamona and on Allah let the trusting } [ Ibrahim : 10-12 ] .

When the descent of calamities and anguish solutions :

He says: {Say will not happen to us except what Allah has decreed for us is Maulana Allah let believers put their trust [repentance : 51 ] .

In correct from Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with , that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him he would say when anguish : « There is no god but Allah, the Great Halim , is no god but Allah, the Lord of the Mighty Throne , is no god but Allah, the Lord of heaven Lord of the earth and Lord Throne » .

In Sunan Abu Dawood said the Messenger of Allah , peace be upon him : « distressed invitations : Oh mercy, I hope , do not want anyone to see myself blink of an eye , and fix me all of my affairs , there is no god but You .

When you go out of the house :

In Sunan Abi Dawood Anas bin Malik may Allah be pleased with him , that the Prophet peace be upon him said: « if it comes out a man from his home , he said: In the name of God, trust in God , no power but from God , said then : guided , and cuvette , and Oukat , his Vtaatnhy demons , he says, has another demon : How do you a man who has guided my palm and assessed ?

If the leak to the self Something التطير :

In Sunan from Abdullah bin Masood may Allah be pleased with him , the Messenger of Allah , peace be upon him , said : « Tira trap , Tira Tira trap the trap . Ibn Mas'ud said : and us only , but God يذهبه of trust .

It recognized the right to seek and to God in all conditions of , there is no one who suffers from Abdul whole and to the same God , the Almighty said : { and put your trust in Allah , and Allah is sufficient agent } [ women : 81].

Models of trust in the prophets , peace be upon them and the righteous :

1 / what passed behind the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and his companions , and they Bhmra Assad, tell them on him that Abu Sufyan collect them , and so far one - said : { The people have gathered you فاخشوهم increased their } which increased the Muslims saying that { faith and said Suffice God and yes , the agent they returned with Grace and bounty from Allah no harm ever touched them and they followed the pleasure of Allah and Allah is the great virtue } [ Al - Imran : 173, 174] .

It was narrated in Sahih Al-Bukhari from Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with them , he said: { God is enough , and yes, the agent }, uttered by Abraham peace be upon him while he was in the fire, uttered by Muhammad peace be upon him when they said: { The people have gathered you فاخشوهم increased their faith and they said we calculated agent of God , yes } .

2 / Jabir bin Abdullah , may Allah be pleased with them : he conquered with the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him before we find , when lock Allah bless him and lock him, Vadrkihm argument goes in many Aledah - tree forks - went down the Messenger of Allah him and differentiate people in Aledah Istzlon the trees , and took the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him under Samra - tree acacia - commented by the sword, Venmana sleep , and if the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, invites us , Fjinah , if he has a Bedouin sitting , said the Messenger of Allah him: « this اخترط the sword and I was sleeping , فاستيقظت which is in the hand arrived , he said to me : It prevents you from me? I said : God , Here it is , sitting and then did not punish the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him [ Bukhari and Muslim] .

3 / Anas bin Malik may Allah be pleased with him : that Abu Bakr told him he said: I looked at the feet of the infidels on our heads and we are in the cave , I said, 'O Messenger of Allah ; if someone looked at his feet أبصرنا under his feet , he said: « O Abu Bakr , what do you think two third of whom God » [ Bukhari and Muslim] .

At the Lord says : he says to his neighbor, do not be sad if God is with us God revealed the tranquility upon and endorsed by the troops could not see, and make those who disbelieve Lower word and the word of God is supreme and Allah is Mighty , Wise [repentance : 40 ] .

4 / As right Sracp the son of the owner of the Prophet , peace be upon him ravenously بسواري the fractions a stalker, said to him: « if I had your six masts fractions [ Sunan al] .

Any trust these which filled the heart of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him !

5 / he says about HUD peace be upon him : { said O Hood what جئتنا ببينة what we Patarrki gods for saying what we are you not going to believe * that say only Aaatarak some of our gods in bad said I bear witness of God and take note that I Barre E , which تشركون * without Vkiduna all then Do not you look * I put my trust in God , my Lord and your Lord , what an animal only it took بناصيتها to RBI on a straight path } [ Hood : 53-56 ] .

Vkiduna all do not lag you one .

6 / He says about Noah, peace be upon him : {And recite to them the story of Noah, when he said to his people, O my people if the size you mausoleums and reminding me of the revelations of Allah For God I trust Vojmawa commanded you and your partners and do not not commanded you distress then judge to nor do you see } [Yunus: 71] .

The meaning of the verse : prepared commanded you , and claimed your partners , then do not make a veiled commanded you , but visible Menkchwe , then judge Ali punishment and bad who in إمكانكم , not Tmhlona hour of the day .

7 / God said about Jacob, peace be upon him : { He will not send you until Taton documented from God to Tatnni him except that surrounded you when آتوه Mothaghm God said what we say agent * said , my son does not enter in one door and enter the doors of sporadic and sing you of God of the Shi E The judgment only God trust in him and he let the trusting } [ Yunus : 66-67 ] .

8 / he says about Moses : { Then Pharaoh sent callers to the cities * Those of fragmentation few * and they us to Gaúzawn * And, surely, all Hadhiron * Vokhrzinahm of gardens and springs * and the treasures and the shrine of cream * as well as Oorthnaha the children of Israel * Votbauhm مشرقين * When he appeared the two armies said Moses owners I am aware of * both said me Lord سيهدين the [ poets : 53-62 ] .

The sea in front of him , and Pharaoh's successor, and the towering mountains you see on his right and his left , however : { both said me Lord سيهدين the } .

9 / said a believer of Pharaoh : { and authorize warrants to God that God sees slaves * Then Allah safeguarded him evils that they plotted Pharaoh mistreated * fire offer them غدوا and evening and on the time admitted Pharaoh most torment } [ forgiving : 44-46 ] .

Ie: " resort to sit , and threw the whole Amaury has , أتوكل it in my interests and pay the damage that strikes me you or others " [ Tafseer al - Sa'di , p 738 ] .

10 / As mandated the mother of Moses ordered her to God save her son and his response to it , he says: { And We inspired the mother of Moses that أرضعيه If eased him Volekaya in the sea, do not be afraid, do not grieve Verily Radoh you and Jaaloh from senders * Valtqth Pharaoh to be their enemy and sorrow that Pharaoh and Haman and their hosts were sinful } [ stories : 7-8 ] .

Fruits of trust in :


He says: If Allah helps you have no Ghalib though abandons you taking away one that can help you later on Allah let the believers } [ Al - Imran : 160 ] .

God commanded of trust far mentioned for victory demonstrates that causes dependence.

Conservation of Satan :

He says: It has no power over those who believe and put their trust } [ Nahl : 99].

Courage :

It is filled with his heart of trust in God Vmm afraid ?

That was a master المتوكلين master brave , in the correct Anas may Allah be pleased with him , said : The Prophet peace be upon him the best of people , and I encourage people , and I have panic people of the city the night they went out towards the sound, Fastqublhm the Prophet, peace be upon him, has استبرأ news , which is on a horse Abu Talha nudity, sword in his neck , he says: « did not تراعوا , did not تراعوا , and then said: « we found sea » .

, Nudity is Alemsrj , . And « did not تراعوا : any stable Ruaa , or Ruaa Aroekm , and « we found sea » : any broad running .

In asceticism to هناد bin secret that the brother of bin Salamah Abu Wael said : We went out at night مخوفة , Vmrrna Bojma - the trees a lot thick wrapped - where the man was sleeping , and tied his horse they graze his head Voikznah , told him : sleep in such a place ? He said: He raised his head and said : I am ashamed of all the throne should know I fear nothing without him , then put his head he slept .

Livelihood :

In Sunan al - Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah : Umar ibn al- Khattab , may Allah be pleased with him said : The Messenger of Allah , peace be upon him : « if you were Toklon going on God right توكله to the Rozktm As the bird alive , become Khmasa and go Btana » .

Becomes : go the first day, and go : back another day .

Evidence of the truth of faith:

He says: Believers are those who when Allah is mentioned , and vacated their hearts and if was read them His Signs زادتهم to the faith and put their trust } [ Anfal : 2].

In seven places in the Quran : {And Allah let believers put their trust } .

And The Saeed bin Jubair said God's mercy: " trust in God intercourse faith " [ asceticism هناد the .

Ibn al- Qayyim : " trust Half religion , and the second half substitution ; the use of debt and worship , Valtokl is the use of the letter rogatory is worship " [ Runway 2 / 118 ] .

Adequate protection and care:

He says: and put your trust in Allah , and Allah is sufficient agent } [ women : 81].

He said: It trusts in God He will suffice } [ Divorce: 3].

He said: It trusts in God , Allah is Mighty , Wise } [ Anfal : 49].

In trust in Ibn Abi Dunya : Aoun bin Abdullah said: Pena man in an orchard in Egypt in the strife Ibn al-Zubayr depressed him Shi E ينكت him in the ground , as he lifted his head Fsnh him owner مسحاة , said to him : Oh that Mali see you depressed, sad? Said : as if ازدراه said : None. Said Almzhah owner : minimum ? The lower display is present , eat them land and immoral , and in the Hereafter for honest governs the King of capable , separates between right and wrong .

When he heard it from him like liked , he said: for the Muslims .

Said : God Singiu the Bhafqatk Muslims , Lucille , it is Who asked God gave him , and invited him and answered him trust in Him did Acfh , or documented why Ingh ? Then God gave me and called him me , Vtmahlt , did not pour into one of them .

Neil love of God :

He says: that God loves trust in } [Al-Imran : 159 ] .

The greatest fruit of God :

He says: { And those who believe and do good deeds to Npoinhm of paradise rooms underneath which rivers flow , to dwell therein yes wage workers (58) who are steadfast and put their [ Spider : 58-59 ] .

In correct from Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with , the Prophet peace be upon him said: « I was offered Nations , and I saw the Prophet and his Alrhit , the Prophet and his men and men , and the Prophet is not with one , as it lifted me darkening great, I thought they were my nation, I was told : for this Moses, peace be upon him and his people , but look to the horizon , I looked If blackness is great, I was told : Look at the horizon the other , if the darkening great, I was told : this nation , and with them seventy thousand will enter Paradise without the expense and suffering » . Then he got up he went home, Fajad people in those who enter Paradise without being brought to account or torment , and he said some of them: Vlolhm who صحبوا Messenger of Allah peace be upon him , and some of them said : Vlolhm who were born in Islam did not involve God, and said things , got them Messenger of Allah God be upon him, said: «What which تخوضون the » ? Told him , he said : « They who do not يسترقون , nor يكتوون , nor يتطيرون , and put their trust » .

Trust in not only be on God:

Justification : it not for Allah, then so and so , if so and so reason , not permissible : trust in God , then you, and the uglier it: trust in God and you , God Almighty says: {And you their agent }, { not Take from Donny agent } , said: { and on Allah let the believers put their trust } , and to provide the right benefit a few delays .

Valastaana without God with an estimated upon nothing , while trust in heart did not only be on God.

I ask God Almighty to fill our hearts relying on it .

O Allah, bless him, and bless our Prophet Muhammad , and his family and companions
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Depending on God
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