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 Determination to adulthood

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PostSubject: Determination to adulthood   Sat Oct 05, 2013 2:23 pm

In the name of God the Merciful

We often find around us يتبرمون of non- achievement of the work they began it, and complain of delayed projects عولوا them a lot of results, and complain of not being able to leave a bad habit for their crisis , and see them strive to get rid of creating vilified accustomed to but soon fail and return from where they started as I said :

As a mirage hints task *** يدأب the sleep until Atalhawwa the

Then remain if he had not Abrhawwa *** as if أمسوا rating so that they became

All of us at the beginning of the year or the introduction semester or the beginning of a week or starting the season Fadhil كرمضان and pilgrimage or termination pledge ourselves to do something beautiful and continue it, or completion of the project and reap the fruit, or the completion of the program and enjoy its results , or get a degree , or inventory book or save or write a poem or author .. Or .... Etc. . But soon evaporate those dreams and goals and did not get out into not thinking of nothing more than thoughts , but are just dreams .

O مفني lifetime with his dream *** if he realizes what was named Lhalma the

Do not you see some of them start a program in the accursed walking him two days or two weeks and then leave you not see them begin to leave the smoking period and then return to it, not to see some of them engaged in a project فيشتري the necessary several contracts with some of them and then quickly destroys what prepared for his project and retract its contracts , VIA alas wasted money and time lost and scattered efforts .

O menial ages of moving Sabhlla

Pass on many of us years and is still in his dream was achieved in the project did not يبدأه In habits Alsih did not leave him , you know Flana people tell you before several years for the project has operated , and embrace the goal of love to achieve and families you dream of trying it, and then be surprised that he did not make something ( your secret place ) in the novel ( your place ranged ) , one of whom was consulting an elder in keeping the book to talk to Sheikh said : O Sheikh Do you memorize ( Reserve Maraam ) or ( selector news ) ? Sheikh said to him : Keep what you want is important to initiate conservation . Surprised fluid - Sheikh himself says to him - after four years of asking the same question! ! ! O God how أرثي to those you find someone distracted , lost , lost , bewildered , the hesitant, frustrating have ratified the words of the poet :

, Fragmented Aezzmat to spend *** old Hiran not a fingernail or failure

In the hands of leaves many goals and projects started some of them in high school and some in early undergraduate and some years ago but I did not do anything other than stuffing papers and wasting ink , how many times I almost that hit frustrated when I put a time plan to accomplish a goal Vtamada times of that period did not go out ten goal nor Nassif ten, often hear projects wonderful but quickly than abort before birth, and find ideas exquisite but soon destroyed by the cosine , and had plans beautiful but quickly denounce before the conclusion , and touch targets Semitic but have no place in the ground, and improved that there is a great dreams but wishful thinking and false security and aspirations heads dreams Almwales .

Do not ask for chaotic our goals with the nearest bus or hear influential sheikh or advice from an educational or prompt word of skills coach or read a book or watch planning objectives of the program changed and altered the project goal and turn dreams and ideas transmitted .

Lehman days if not with Yemen Ge *** though and find contagious Fdnan the

The ambush bugs home slippage is the weakness of wills that determination, and the skin and constancy and continue the password in the collapse of those projects and انتقاض those ideas and the loss of those goals.

The reason for the occurrence of Adam, peace be upon him is the weakness of torque Almighty said: (We have our pledge to Adam before did we find him torque ) and therefore was saying prayers of the Prophet : " O Allah, I ask you persistence in the matter and resolve to adulthood " It is a beautiful hair telling them :

If you are an opinion Be The determination *** the opinion that corruption Ttrdedda

The need to motivating concerns , dreams lacks loads , and hopes must-have pain , and his ambition to be passionate , ovis must have the resolve

Determination reduce weakness in tranquility *** destroy life , built despair and الوجل the

In determination Qtwat the farce *** fall down without their despair and الوجل the range

I know a lot of my friends have intelligent and have the breadth of portfolio in perceptions and abundance of means, but stumbled in the completion of scientific projects and in return I know some of them is a little limited intelligence capacities but has the determination and persistence , patience picking this did not get those she determination

Omttk you moving determination Farcb the *** not teach your stick without the requirement
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Determination to adulthood
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