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 Using survival

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PostSubject: Using survival   Sat Oct 05, 2013 2:32 pm

In the name of God the Merciful

We live in these times falsehood great, variables serious, rocking us Kaacef Sirocco paper landfall, mesmerized pass on subjects as spare dark night, changed the circumstances and changed the souls, and narrowing the issuance of Ahl al-Haq , has told us of our Prophet - peace be upon him - for the occurrence of sedition and mildly and severity of danger , he said, peace be upon him : ( TAKE works falsehood spare dark night, man becomes a believer in morning and evening infidel, morning and evening believer becomes an infidel, sells his religion width than the minimum ), said peace be upon him : ( will be mesmerized , القاعد which is better than quo , which is based in which is better than Walker , and Walker where good by the courier , and oversees her Tscservh , and found shelter or معاذا Vliez it) , and this is some evidence to indicate frequent strife, and sequencing , Pan scourge , and it hardly delivers them one , this states that the Muslim need consistency on religion and concern for the Islamic values ​​and common sense and respond to these temptations , and fortitude needed even the prophets and apostles , he says: (although they threatened to Evtnonk for which We have revealed to you to تفتري we have other and if Atakdhuk close friend * Were it not that ثبتناك I almost left them something a little ) and the Prophet - peace be upon him - used to say in his prostration : (O Sticky hearts proved my heart on obedience ) If the Prophet - peace be upon him - cares request fortitude and pray to God Almighty in his prostration , people first and more likely to that .

One of the greatest reasons to achieve consistency on religion that holds firmly Muslim book and the year , they are original, and the basis of the good, and seat belt from misguidance after guidance and poplar after the furnace , it is a sit them have the guidance , and Decision of them were won and succeeded , and in God - the Almighty - those who stuck with them that it does not go astray nor يشقى , he says: ( either يأتينكم me Huda it follow my guidance not go astray nor يشقى * and introduce remembrance of him is a life narrowed down, and نحشره the Day of Resurrection blind * saith the Lord did not Hchertna blind I was seeing * he also faced Our revelations Vnciha as well as today's memorable ), summed up the Imam Ibn values ​​nuts - Almighty God's mercy - the fact sit Koran great saying: (a تحكيمه without the opinions of men and مقاييسهم , and Macolathm , and tastes , and Khovathm , and Mwagedhm , it is not as well as he sneaked from this sit Religion all in the sit by and بحبله , note and deed, and dedication and use of , and follow-up , and a continuation of it to the Day of Resurrection ), the Muslims are unanimously that it does not exit to the slave from temptation successive and tribulations successive only sit- book and the year , and agreed that one of the greatest causes of solutions sedition offense Quran and Sunnah , as he says: ( should beware who violate ordered him to acquire a sedition or suffer a painful torment .)

Finally ... The duty of the Muslim demand for the Holy Quran and Sunnah reading and memorization, learning and studying them and educated and referring to them , and to reject all the customs, traditions, customs and regulations are contrary to them and submit them for everything, and imbedded judgment when conflicts and differences , do not offer them an opinion and not a system or policy or do not mind the lust nor doctrine , nor anything , as he says: ( if you differ in anything amongst yourselves, refer it to Allah and His Messenger, if you believe in Allah and the Last Day, it is better and better interpretation ), and must be on a wide - as far enough - Muslim scholars and science students proficient exert times and the use of various means in broadcast News certainty victory religion , and interest in building the soul , and reared Salafist faith education ; to face future phase of this nation. And to ensure the full spread Jihad word and statement wisdom and severe argument compelling to mute the voices that call to renounce the Quran and Sunnah and the popularity of the guidance of the infidel West and walk behind the example القذة by step , and whether these advocates Naaqin only advocates for sedition at the gates of hell? !
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Using survival
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