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 The Balloon

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PostSubject: The Balloon   Wed Oct 23, 2013 2:08 am

The balloon is a large balloon has many uses first as a means of transportation . And the balloon ( the Greek word derived ἀήρ aer ( air ) + στατός Reserve (Suspended ) in French ) is the aircraft remain aloft certified in the first place on the use of buoyant lighter than air gases strong enough to carry the total density approaching vehicle from the air density . Include free balloons and airships ships and air balloons tethered . The main structural component of the balloon is the cover and a lightweight skin that contains a gas lift to provide buoyancy for the other components attached. Viewed as one of the greatest soldiers deployments balloon at the opening ceremony XIX Commonwealth Games in 2010 , which was held in New Delhi , India . The use of the balloon in the celebration is the biggest use him all over the world .
The balloons launched this name because of the use of the " balance of air and gases , " which forced him to buoyancy and does not require movement through the surrounding air mass . And this Atnaked with Aerodaan which is primarily used dynamic lifting the antenna , which requires the movement of some parts of the vehicle air amid the surrounding air mass .
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The Balloon
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