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 An article for parents continue targets parents with schools

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PostSubject: An article for parents continue targets parents with schools   Thu Oct 24, 2013 12:50 am

The educational process in all its dimensions equation interactive elements share the roles of several parties the most important family and home and community so that all cooperate in the performance of this message in the best to reach the desired outcome can not be achieved only through closer links between home and school . Education is a societal issue must involve all parties of the family , the school and all the different members of the community institutions .

I have included programs for Educational Development a new dimension was the most important of giving a greater role for parents to contribute to the support of the educational process through support and continuous monitoring of learning achievement for their children as well as supporting the role of the school in the community, school is not able to develop their work and achieve their goals and move forward in this way without work planned and organized effort and shared with parents and community organizations .

The objectives of the participation of parents is :

1 / improve the academic performance of the children of many of Educational Studies and Research confirms the existence of a positive relationship between parental involvement and student achievement levels and their behavior and attitudes .

2 / The participation of parents working to increase community support for educational educational process , as parents seek satisfaction and conviction and full support for plans to support the reform and development of education and by providing moral and material support whenever possible.

The role of teachers in this partnership :

1 / understand the objectives of the participation of parents and their causes.

2 / learn communication skills individually and collectively to be used with parents who are in cultural environments differentiated teacher uses a variety of communication methods for reporting to parents and guardians by sending notes, or by e -mail, or telephone, Oakd meetings , through the notebook to communicate , or select certain days to meet the parents.

3 / acquire certain skills in the areas of academic writing newsletters that parents , and in the interpretation of the goals and educational curricula so understood by parents , and to identify ways in which it helps parents their children , their teachers and their school, and organizing and facilitating meetings of parents involve them and allows them certain responsibilities

4 / inform parents about the performance level of the children in the class, the teacher and parents discuss what they can offer to raise the level of achievement of their children and provide easy and practical suggestions parents can perform .

Methods of school to contribute to the achievement of positive and effective participation between parents and teachers:

1 / school programs are offering a series of activities welcoming and persistent advocacy for parents to participate in social activities that can take advantage of which of the multiple experiences and jobs that they practice , for example , religious and national occasions and different social

2 / the continuous development of the relationship between the teacher and parents through a communication system based on multiple letters stand out teacher 's ability and experience in dealing with student behavioral problems .

3 / characterized the relationship between the school and parents efficiency continued when they focus on showing the positive side of the performance of the children, nor is calling parents only when it coincides with the student problem behavior or make observations on the level of academic , here shows the importance of planning the school for the development of the relationship and activate itself and for all the goals.

4 / notify parents of their children 's level of aphid and cooperate with them to solve their problems .

5 / continuous communication with parents and the revitalization of the relationship with them and invite them to participate in various activities and programs and celebrations.

6 / honor outstanding students in educational achievement and excellence in school activities and in the presence of their parents , as well as honoring parents collaborating with schools in different occasions.

7 / attention latecomers therapy curriculum with the participation of parents.

8 / schools adopted the method of the open day and week the development of the relationship between home, school and involving parents in and activating the role of fathers and mothers councils to contribute to strengthen the link between home and school .

9 / organization of seminars, lectures and awareness campaigns for parents to illustrate the importance of cooperation with schools and students benefits for their children and to clarify the damage caused by a lack of cooperation and communication with the schools that are reflected on their children.

The role of guardian in communication with the school :

1 / follow through of his sons at the school during her visit to get to know their curriculum and behaviorally .

2 / participation in the membership of the school board and attend its meetings and the meetings of the General Assembly of the parents of students and teachers.

3 / Follow - up homework, through observations of teachers , and recording his observations .

4 / notice any problem faced by school children, whether it be by writing or Almchaffhh and social cooperation with a specialist to deal with them in a manner appropriate educational .

5 / give the necessary information about the children who need special care and social cooperation with a specialist in the use of counseling and educational methods to assist them in proper alignment .

6 / respond to the invitation and attend school events , which calls it , and lectures and associations , councils and theatrical exhibitions , concerts and festivals of various sports .

7 / parents to express their observations on the development of school performance , and contribute to improving the school environment in line with the outlook and aspirations for the future .

8 / organization of student time so that there is enough time and suitable for study and other convenient time for entertainment in useful things in this aspect is near the guardian of his children and follow-up care for them and give them is the shortest way to fill the leisure hours
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An article for parents continue targets parents with schools
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