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 Essay for young people about the importance of volunteer work

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PostSubject: Essay for young people about the importance of volunteer work   Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:10 am

The importance of volunteer work :

1 - complement and strengthen government action for the benefit of society by raising the level of service or expanded.

2 - Provide services may be difficult for the government administration submitted to the voluntary nature of the hardware flexibility and the ability to rapid movement .

3 - the application of the scientific method through volunteers and experts making channels of communication with organizations similar to other countries without sensitivity or a formal commitment and benefit from the experiences of the applicable effective .

4 - bring the expertise or funds from outside the country from organizations interested in the same field next to participate in forums or conferences to exchange experiences and then more advantage and success.

5 - volunteering an important phenomenon for the indication of the vitality of public and , so taken indicator to judge the progress of the peoples.

6 - to highlight the humanitarian image of society and strengthen the integration between the people and confirm with the naked caring touch of conflict and competition .

7 - voluntary sector is seen as a leading sector and the reason is due to being a standalone device , and small size, which helps him to try new things or change and improvement of existing things , without that there will be any obstacles or difficulties. Which is not available in a large, bureaucratic government Kaljhaz .

8 - The volunteer work increases the weft of national cohesion. This is an important social role of doing volunteer work. Says Tatamos (1971) (Titmuss) compared volunteering to donate blood : Finding the right atmosphere for the public to donate freely their blood to help someone they do not know is an essential component of the community good, and the same this measure it is important for communities provide an opportunity for citizens to tender volunteer if they wish to do so.

The tender freedom is a key element of good society , so the opportunity for everyone to participate not only helps to overcome the disadvantages of the formal labor bureaucracy , but also meet the requirements of development.

Volunteer work constraints :

Institutional facing volunteer work - like that of all businesses - limit the effectiveness of obstacles between Ali (1416) those obstacles and show her briefly as follows :

A) Constraints on Palmttoa :

- Ignorance of the importance of volunteerism.

- Do not carry out the responsibilities entrusted to him in time , since the volunteer feels a non-binding performance in a specific time during official business.

- The pursuit of living and the lack of sufficient time to volunteer .

- The reluctance of some volunteers to volunteer in institutions is not close to where they live.

- Opposed to volunteer time with work or study time than it misses an opportunity to participate in volunteer work.

- Each seeks to achieve the maximum possible personal benefit of charitable work and this is incompatible with the nature of volunteering based on devotion to God .

- Exploit the flexibility of volunteering to end lawlessness and recklessness .

B) charitable organization - related constraints :

- The lack of a special department for volunteers interested in their own affairs and appointed by the appropriate choice according to their desire .

- Do not advertise enough about the objectives and activities of the institution .

- You do not specify a clear role for volunteers and provide an opportunity for volunteers to freely choose what suits him .

- Non- availability of special programs for the training of volunteers before they are assigned to .

- Lack of proper appreciation of the effort of the volunteer .

- Fatigue volunteer with too many administrative and artistic works .

- Favoritism in assigning work , and the appointment of relatives of the workers are not qualified .

- Cronyism that hinder the workflow.

- Excessive fear and restrictions to some extent ossification restricting and scalable business.

- Fear of fear of expansion is not possible to achieve control and supervision .

- Dimension ambition and contentment without trying to change reality .

- Falling under the families of people with a strong personality factors indifferent achieving the organization 's goals and aspirations.

- Fear of the new and opening up and falling in seclusion families .

- Consider the work of the Assembly of secrets closed that should not be discussed with others.

- Restrict membership or the desire not to accept the new elements will become the organization restricted to a certain number .

C) community - related obstacles :

- Lack of sufficient awareness among members of the community of the importance of volunteerism and the objectives it seeks to attain. The culture of volunteerism significantly low in many Arab societies.

- Some believe volunteering is a waste of time and effort is required .

- Do not spread the spirit of volunteerism among the members of the society since childhood.

- The lack of regulations and clear regulations governing voluntary work and protect it .

. The first problem : the relationship between volunteers and officials, which feels officials ( unpaid ) that job, , watches additional threatened when using volunteers as the fact that the volunteer's paid to do the work that his interest in them only, thus find officials that the volume of work and the quality of referrals and transactions are beginning to change and there becomes a stack of a certain quality of transactions.

The role of volunteers within the organization if you did not receive the acceptance and approval of the officials , we we would expect to make the best use of volunteers will refrain much. He also stressed (1973 Mounsey) on the need to train officials on the best ways to take advantage of the volunteers. He added that " there is a lot of criticism directed at the work of volunteers, but most of these criticisms are either based on personal opinions , or they are not based on factual evidence . The right direction to reduce these problems lies in the proper selection of the volunteers through the means and methods of sound scientific , assignments

2. The second problem : the relationship between volunteers and clients , it is known that the relationship of the volunteer customer characterized by their high quality as the volunteer goes beyond all limits of bureaucracy in dealing , and turns the principle of duty to the public official to the principle of care and attention , and therefore the relationship between the volunteer and the client are in the best of forms and quality . But there is a problem to be referred to it ( especially in some societies characterized by racism ) , where we expect to be a relationship between the volunteer and the client linked to what is prevalent in the general community of practices and discriminatory treatment , it has marred the relationship between the volunteer and the client or the service provided something of excellence or discrimination , it may be bias in the provision of services to a class or tribe to which he belongs volunteer or deprived of some segments of society get the service theory of discrimination against them because of the belief , race or nationality, to solve this problem is required to obtain equal representation of different groups of society in volunteer work , but the it is difficult and an old problem .

3. The third problem : The problem is where the advantage of some spatial areas in need of volunteer services lack of volunteers, while in contrast , many of them in other areas less need . It is also difficult to move from the area volunteer to work in another area , where he volunteers and is not a public official . To solve this problem could be direct and intensify the official services in areas that lack the volunteers , and minimize the areas where they frequently volunteers , any redistribution of formal services .

4. The fourth problem : is associated with the seriousness of some of the volunteers . This is associated with persons , not institutions . Some volunteers can not be relied upon to perform some tasks either for lack of seriousness or incompetence .

. Fifth problem : government funding , and it is the impact of funding on the independence of the voluntary organization and its neutrality. Says Paul Lewis (1988) "Paul Lewis" The voluntary sector is not creative and progressive only if it financially independent , and less of this feature , the less financial independence . " But that it sometimes affects the quality of the service provided. Workers institution funded by the government will be busy to show they are providing service to the government more than they do the quality of the service provided. Blatcher (1989) Blacher provides a good example of this: in the city of Plymouth in the UK there is a shelter for the homeless who have problems with alcohol . this shelter depend entirely on a subsidy from the government this subsidy was continued despite the poor services provided to customers. shelter administration is making a major effort to demonstrate the importance of keeping the shelter by demonstrating the size of the operation and the number of cases that harbor him, without regard to the quality of services provided to these cases .

6. Sixth problem : lies in the need to balance between the voluntary sector and the government sector. The voluntary sector boom began to reduce the government 's commitment in the service sector . Yes, we support and in some cases we would prefer to take the voluntary sector to provide some services , such as support for people with special needs , for example , but this does not mean that things are well in all services. Must be a balance and that the government does not abandon its responsibilities towards different sectors of the community and its needs and not rely entirely on the voluntary sector to do all the tasks and provide all the services , because it has a limited capacity .

Success factors of volunteer work :

Volunteering to be a component of and the reasons for taking him towards success , so it is important to know the reasons for success to be careful it and activated and installed , in turn, find out the causes that lead to failure and failure to be dimension reported and treated in the event of falling into them or some of them , and so the address constraints above is one of the important factors to help the success of volunteer work . Among the reasons for the success of volunteer work as pointed out by Fawzi Silverline Juaid ( 1424 ) as follows:

- Clearly understands the volunteer organization's mission and goals.

- To entrust all the volunteer work that is appropriate for its potential and abilities.

- Understanding of volunteer work entrusted to it and expected it .

- Be mastered volunteer system objectives , programs and activities of the organization and its relationship with its employees .

- To find a volunteer is required to time spent in voluntary work association.

- Attention to train volunteers to work will be assigned by the so could Aaduha the way you want the organization.

- Clarify the administrative structure of the organization for the volunteers.

- Evaluative studies of the activities of these volunteers in the organization
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Essay for young people about the importance of volunteer work
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