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 Artical about Elan high

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PostSubject: Artical about Elan high   Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:48 am

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and Slmm

And after.

The vigor of the work of my heart , and the heart does not Sultan after God is accompanied by it , as the bird flies with its two wings , as well as fly one Bhmth to the Fathlq him to the top prospects, loose from the constraints on the bodies .

And motivational vary even among animals, Vankpot example, since it generates weaves for himself beta does not accept Menna mother, live ask to dig other as printed injustice, and Raven follows carrion, and Falcon does not fall only on the neighborhood, and the lion does not eat byte, and the elephant يتملق even eat, and beetle expel goes back .

For as much as speak louder than words come on as valued Makarem

And the pride in the eyes of the small , young and smaller in the eye of the great great things

Among the most prominent characteristics of the vigor that is ambitious, and ambition treasure does not wear out , does not seek to succeed does not have an ambitious , owner of ambition always looked forward to His Excellency , this is Omar bin Abdul Aziz and His mettle Aa mechanism , and the same ambitious - says : \ "I have eager breath hoped the emirate Vnaltha , and wished Caliphate Vnaltha , and I am now eager to paradise, and I hope that Onalha \ " .

Ibn many in its history in the translation of Omar bin Abdul -Aziz - may God have mercy on him - that he would not have died and carried to his grave wind blew a storm on his grave , and when he calmed people have found newspaper written in the \ "In the name of God the Merciful patent from God to Omar bin Abdul Aziz of Fire \ . " It attributes the high vigor that he does not care a lot of obstacles and road structures , always Vhaarh \ " If you intend فتوكل on God \" .

And who turns to whoop wrong is Kzba , and most antelope in pursuit of the dog , but if I feel it I turned to him , then weaken Fadrickh of the dog so they get , and the beautiful words of the poet :

Brother go ahead do not heed back your way may Khaddpth to the blood

Not heed her here or there and not looking to the sky

The recipes owner of Elan attic also it is scarce on his time if he spent days old is the right of judges , or the imposition of a tool , or Hamad got him , or well founded , or science he quoted , has a contract day , and the same injustice .

Believer son of his time , and mind son of Hzth , Time is a serious life , and playboys death , he said - and blessings of God be upon him -: \ " not bemoan the people of Paradise on anything but their hours have passed did not mention God Almighty \" .

God bless our Prophet Muhammad and upon his family and companions
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Artical about Elan high
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