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 I like death!

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PostSubject: I like death!   Thu Oct 24, 2013 1:58 am

In the name of God the Merciful

I hate death , we all hated death for many reasons ..

Perhaps one of the most important : a sense of the difficulty of what we are by the sponsors , and a sense of dereliction in life, and the paradox of loved ones .

However , death is like, because it exposes the facts and reveals the falsity .

Whatever the rights stubborn solid Mcabra the all his strength collapse at the moment in front of the power of death and tyranny , this Pharaoh who said to his people Maalmt your God someone else , and he did Beni Israel Alovail once inspected death even said : { believe there is no God but who believed in him the children of Israel } .

Over on this nation Pharaohs are many, some of them Tafran بسلطانه , some Tafran his knowledge and his statement, all these arrogant arrogant on the right had a Pharaoh, the first reason, united by stubbornness and insistence on falsehood , even if you show them the right : { and جحدوا out and Astiguentha themselves unjustly and louder } .

And the Quranic discourse refers to this in many verses such as saying : { Let them fight and play until they meet their day which they are promised } ..

Yes, we have reached the intellectual and behavioral anomalies in our time a great amount , and became homosexuals competing Ayham rate term Hdhuzh until does not mention homosexuality only mentioned him .

Let me say that the abnormal intellectually can not restrain him ..

The ancients tried to يكبحوا rein in the violence and force , however remained a gay survivor, wrote works and literature expanded and condensed however remained for them remain .

Tordoa exile and isolation , abandonment and are still on their stubbornness and determination ..

One thing was Level Iron convictions , and يصدع locks their hearts as a crack Pharaoh 's heart is not reluctant when it truth and accept it , do you know what is :

It's death ..

All these المعاندين to the right which was brought by the Prophet peace be upon him , both from the infidels or hypocrites or homosexuals intellectually , all of these if examined death exposed them the truth and confessed it, he says: The People of the Book but must believe in him before his death } .

But what a loss , because it does not work late recognition owner, at the time of recognition and commissioning high - end exam time ..

Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah said : « General and find these outlaws the predecessor of the speaker's platform and Sufis admit it either at the time of death , either before death and anecdotes in this many well-known .. This Abu al - Hasan al - Ash'ari grew up in retirement forty years corresponds to it and then returned it and said the Mu'tazili misleading and adults respond to them ..

This Abu Hamid al-Ghazali with hyper- intelligence and تألهه and knowledge to speak , philosophy and behavior through asceticism and sports and mysticism ends in these matters to the endowment and confusion and references in the last command on the way people detect albeit then returned to the way people talk and Class إلجام factors for theology ..

This is the imam of the Two Holy leaving what was Anthlh and decided and chose the doctrine of advances and said when he died : «I have I had a sea thicket and خليت people of Islam and their knowledge and entered with Nhnni him and now if Atdarkina Lord have mercy Falwell to the son of Jouini and هاأنذا die on the doctrine of Mom or said doctrine elderly Nishapur » ..

As well as Abu Abdullah Muhammad bin Abdul Karim al - Shahristani told that he did not depart when philosophers and speakers only confusion and remorse and was looking for :

I 've floated all institutes *** cert sides between those landmarks

Was seen only bearing palm confuses the *** on the chin or قارعا age remorseful

And Ibn Fared from the Federal Mtachri His poem known as T systems behavior was organized the serene systems Union pronunciation is the most insidious of pork in a tray of gold what was dying sang :

The was منزلتي in love with you *** What had received had missed my days

Security conquered myself a *** and today time I calculate pipe dream

And told of who was present at the death of Imam المنطقيين in his time Alkhonge the owner SUMMARY secrets revealed , and others , he said , when he died « I die and I learned something but I know that is possible due to the lack Then he said the lack of a negative description I die and I learned something » ..

And many others , all those who profess the evils of intellectual and oppose the Iendon of even those seeking spouses in partnership All these سينهارون of the completely when the first Sakra and know that satellite TV lights and flashing cameras , newspaper headlines and applause of fools will not sing them will not benefit them ..

And exposed them when the facts which you wish to return for their faith : a new opinion and iron sight .. But Lat watch مندم : { I 've been in the absence of this فكشفنا فبصرك cover your day iron } ..

Life is too short no matter how long ..

And if Gazk what he does and says the people of anomalies of newspaper writers and intellectuals of puzzlement and the people of suspicion and distrust and atheists فردد me : { Let them fight }
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I like death!
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