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 Reward good work

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PostSubject: Reward good work   Thu Oct 24, 2013 2:15 am

Business suitable penalty urgent in the world, before the reward in the hereafter , it is this :

Good care of God :

Abu Huraira , may Allah be pleased with him said : The Messenger of Allah , peace be upon him : ( .... and My servant continues to draw near to Me with supererogatory works until I love him , if I loved you hearing with which he hears , his sight .... and .... hand and leg . .. While asked me to Oattiynh , While استعاذني the for Oaivnh ) Bukhari ( 6502 ) .

Affection in the hearts of the faithful:

He says : [ Those who believe and do good deeds will make them friendlier Rahman ] { Mary : 96 } .

In the talk from Abu Hurayrah that the Prophet peace be upon him said : (If you love God slave, Club Gabriel: that God loves Flana فأحبه , فيحبه Jibril , فينادي the inhabitants of heaven : God loves Flana فأحبوه فيحبه the inhabitants of heaven , and then placed him Admission to the ground) Bukhari ( 3209 ) .

Empowerment in the ground :

He says : [ God has promised those of you who believe and work righteous deeds, to Istkhalvenhm in earth as استخلف who before them , can I have a religion which embraced them and Abdlnhm after their fear safer ] { light: 55 } .

God has made it to the first two of what Muslims believe and do good deeds , and opened all over the world , and give them empowerment , pride and strength.

Cherub relief :

He says : [ And whosoever fears Allah and keeps his duty to Him ] { a divorce : 2}. [ And Irozkh terms not calculated and trusts in God, He will suffice ] { a divorce : 3} . [ And whosoever fears Allah makes easy for him ] { a divorce : 4}.

In the Hadith from Abdullah ibn Umar that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him , he said: ( zap three turnoff those who came before you even آواهم B to the cave Vdkhloh , فانحدرت rock from the mountain spoiled them the cave, they said : It does not delivereth of this rock , but the God let the welfare of your work ..... ) Narrated by Muslim ( 3743 ) .

In this Hadith ; that good work with sincerity : released the cherub , and Wenge of adversity and hardship .

Penalty of sex work

Ruled the wisdom of God the Almighty to make a penalty of their sex workers , that good is better , though Fisher evil , he says : Whoever came with good and ten -fold and headlong not only rewarded like they will not be wronged ] { the cattle : 160 }, [ who came بالحسنة has the good ones he who headlong not reward those who do wrong , but what they do ] { stories : 84 } .

Beautiful penalty Favors

In the guide :

He says : [ and who guided their provision of guidance and gave them their piety ] { Muhammad: 17} .

In the male and the popularity of God:

( Of satisfaction sought Allah indignantly sciatica , may Allah be pleased with him and his people satisfied . Satisfaction sought people indignantly God , the wrath of God upon people exasperate him ) narrated by Ibn Hibbaan ( 1 / 510, 276 ) .

In honesty with God :

More Shaddad bin Alhad , that a Bedouin came to the Prophet, may Allah bless him and believed in him and followed , when he was Gzach , sheep, he divided his prophet , when he pushed him , he said : What is this? Said : oath department you the Prophet , peace be upon him . Took him and he came to the Prophet , peace be upon him , said : What on this Atbatk , but Atbatk on to throw her here and pointed his throat Vamot of the enter paradise . He said peace be upon him : The Incredible God believe you . Vlbthoa a little bit, and then rose up to fight the enemy . And brought him to the Prophet, may Allah bless him and carries may share injured where noted , said the Prophet , peace be upon him : he is ? They said: Yes . He said: the truth of God and believes , ....) Narrated by Women (1953).

In love in God:

Abu Huraira , may Allah be pleased with him about the Prophet , peace be upon him that a man visited his brother in another village Versd the God Madrjtah the way a king . When he came he said : What do you want ? He said : I want a brother to me in this village. He said: Do you have it blessing it Terbha ? He said: No , but I loved it in God . Said: I am the Messenger of Allah to you that God may love you as I loved it). Narrated by Muslim ( 2567 ) .

In the conservation and good care : Ibn Abbas The Prophet , peace be upon him , he said : ( ... God Save keeping , ....) Narrated by Ahmad ( 2763 ), and al - Tirmidhi ( 2516) , and others.

One of the greatest must save it of المأمورات : the five daily prayers, and its purity , and keeping faith , keeping prey of sins , and save the heart of the pests , كالنفاق and hypocrisy , envy and arrogance , and wonder and love of the world and the insistence on sin . That includes doing all duties , and leave all taboos .

And saying : ( Ihfezk ) : means that you save the limits of Allah and shepherd his rights , may God protect him and put him in the Islamic rule and took up ; the penalty box of sex work .

God save the slave includes two types :

One : God Save the interests of worldly , Khfezh in his body and his family and his son and his money.

The second: save it in order religion , and Hilolth the between him and sin.

In victory :

He says : [ O ye who believe that ye help Allah , He will help you and your feet ] { Muhammad : 7} [ Inasrn which God Inzareth that God strong Aziz ] { pilgrimage : 40} .

It supports the religion of Allah in earth , Inzareth God Almighty for his enemies , and this is achieved by the Muslims , as نصروا religion of God , Venzarethm God , with few in number and frequent enemy .

Amnesty :

He says: [ not Aotl ( ie: to swear , ) Oulu thanks you and amplitude that يؤتوا given kin and the poor and immigrants for the sake of God and to forgive and pardon not love God to forgive you and Allah is Forgiving , Merciful ] { light: 22 } .

This verse was revealed in , may Allah be pleased with him while NATO that does not work I'm flat furniture Ibnafh never . After he said in Aisha , may Allah be pleased with what he said , as in the story of fabrication .

When Allah Almighty patent mother of believers Aisha , and Tabat souls and stabilized, and repented God who spoke of believers in it, and held the limit on the ceremony proceeded , the Almighty sympathetic friend against his neighbor and Nusseibeh , a flat bin furniture , and was cousin friend , and it was a poor person No money to him , but what it spends Abu Bakr , was of immigrants in the name of Allah , the slippery slippery repented upon them, and hit the limit .

When this verse was revealed : [ not love God to forgive you and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful ] { light: 22 }, said friend : Yes, God, I love to forgive us, O Lord, and then returned to the flat what he is received from the expense , and said : God does not remove it it never . فالجزاء of sex work , the more you forgive the guilt of sins you forgive God for you , as I browse forgive you.

Mercy :

Aqra ' ibn Habis that the Prophet , peace be upon him said : ( .... ruthless ruthless ) Narrated by al - Bukhaari ( 5997 ) and Muslim ( 2318 ) . Jarir ibn Abdullah said: The Messenger of Allah , peace be upon him : ( from ruthless people do not , God bless his soul ) Narrated by al - Bukhaari ( 7376 ) and Muslim ( 2319 ​​) .

Spending :

He says : [ what you spend of anything , it is his successor .... ] { Saba: 39 } , and the names said : He told me the Messenger of Allah , peace be upon him : ( You do not Toki Vyuky ) Any : No Tdkhra what you have , and Tmanaa what you have , God shall be cut off from you a living. And Alaica : Lift head container Bolokue , a ligament that connects it . In the novel : ( Onfiqi not count , God Faihsa you , nor desensitize Vioaa God you) (Narrated by al - Bukhaari , 1433 ) .

Peace and Qais bin Al-Ansari , may Allah be pleased with him told him the Messenger of Allah , peace be upon him : ( God you spend spent , spent God you spend , spend God you spent ) ( Tabaraani in East 8536 ) .

In the synthesis of known :

Abu Hurayrah said : The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him : ( from the same believer plight of anguish minimum , the same with him the plight of anguish Day of Resurrection. , And is pleased to pinching God is pleased with it. , And Lester Muslim jacket of God in the world and the Hereafter , and God in Aoun slave was a slave in Aoun brother ) ( Narrated by Muslim, 2699 ).

Abu Sa'eed said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him : (Any believer fed a believer on hunger fed God on the Day of Resurrection from the fruits of paradise, whatever believer watered believer on thirst gave him to drink God on the Day of Resurrection of nectar stamped , and whatever believer coated believer nudity , decorated God on the Day of Resurrection of analyzed Paradise ) Narrated by Ahmad ( 11101) , and al - Tirmidhi ( 2449 ) .

Abu Huraira said, The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him : ( The man was Idayn people, and he was saying to the girl : if you come insolvent Ignoring him, may God beyond us, فلقي God just skip it ) Narrated by al-Bukhaari ( 3480 ) and Muslim (1562) .

The in Ramadan preferred : Salman the Persian said خطبنا Messenger of Allah , peace be upon him in the last day of August , he said ( .... , and watered fasting God gave him to drink from the basin on the Day of Resurrection do not يظمأ until enter Paradise ) Narrated Mundhiri in the carrot and the stick , and in attribution Ali bin Zaid bin Jadaan .

Bad deeds penalty

The reward for good charity, فجزاء bad deeds .

Aberration and delusion :

He says an informant for the children of Israel : [ when turned aside أزاغ God hearts ] { Grade: 5 }, when amended to follow the truth knowing it , God أزاغ their hearts for guidance, struck doubt and confusion .

In forgetting God :

He says: [ forgotten God Vensém ] { repentance : 67 }, and the Almighty said : Today, forget them as they forgot to meet their day this { custom: 51 }, and the Almighty said: [ فذوقوا including forgotten to meet this day unto Nsenakm ] { Sajdah : 14} .

Taste torment because Tkvepkm the him , and Tanasekm to him , God says that the door of the interview ; because God does not forget anything , do not mislead him anything .

God has warned slaves to forget , he said : [ forgotten God Vensém ] { repentance : 67 } .

In mockery and ridicule , deceptive and cunning :

He says in the hypocrites : If those who believe, they say , is safe and if passed away demons , say you but we مستهزئون ( 14) God mocks them and giving them in their tyranny blindly ( 15 )]. { Cow } ..

He says the hypocrites: [ who Illemson the Mutawa'een of believers in charity and who do not find only their best Faschron them mocked Allah , whom they will have a painful punishment ] { of repentance : 79 } .

He says: [ Those who transgressed were from those who believe laugh ] { Mutaffifin : 29 }, and the Almighty said: [ The plots and plotted Allah, and Allah the Best of Planners ] { Anfal: 30} , and said: [and plotted subtle and Mkrna subtle they do not feel ] { ant: 50} .

Guile : measure it in subtle and cunning of God is their reward tortured with plots from where they do not feel .

The desire in the world :

[ Urgent he wants sooner him what we want for those who want and then made ​​him hell Aisalaha the disgraced and rejected ] { Isra: 18} .

To eat the wealth of orphans unjustly :

[ Those who eat the wealth of orphans unjustly , eat in their stomachs fire and will arrive Blaze ] { women : 10} .

In hypocrisy :

The Prophet peace be upon him : ( heard God heard him , and Araúa Araúa God ) Narrated by al-Bukhaari ( 6499 ) narrated from grasshopper, and Muslim ( 2986 ) narrated from Ibn Abbas.

May Allah bless our Prophet Muhammad and upon his family and companions .
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Reward good work
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