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 Multi health

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PostSubject: Multi health   Thu Oct 24, 2013 2:25 am

In the name of God the Merciful


Is better than cure , and modern medical information , especially in the field of preventive health

Talmanakev give birth to many disease , and if we apply this information in our lives

Daily will improve Sahtnawsahhalmojtma whole to a large extent . And meat bad that the methods of modern life does not fit with the healthy life perfect , but nevertheless , there are a lot could be done to help Ojdzisadnalky be in good health Venattiyha all possible opportunities to Maharbhalomrad in the human body is a machine very strong but very thin, in order to operate Hzhalmakina sound and orderly manner and are strong

You need to continuously fuel must be adjusted to the needs of the body , as well as the body needs to regular periods of rest , and this machine is exposed to external influences Ktherhmnhaalhjum Alihabone germs Pktrellaovirosat and exposure to heat

Ultracold extreme violence and inappropriate air and many other factors .

Before discussing diseases that afflict the body will first remind the rules that keep the body healthy , and Hzhale in the breeze . Vktbeb Oharktirabon negligence in one of the important factors in the disease infecting the body . Man 's health is the most precious thing can be preserved and neglect as Aelloukaahoalalaj possible to be a major cause of the disease to be able to man and becomes a difficult healing must note it .


Natural food is fuel for the body and there must be a proper balance between all kinds of foods in order to have a healthy body , and the food we eat is possible to classify into five parts :

Carbohydrates : a sugary or starchy materials usefulness Home

Supply the body with energy . Examples of these materials in Taamnaaleomy Alkhbzobatatts

And sugar.

Fatty substances : It is also a source of energy. It is the likes of fatty substances

Animal fats, butter , margarine , oils.

Protein : which specializes in building the body so it is very important during the

Operation Nmwalgesm a significant factor to Mnaahalgesm against diseases. It fold meat

, Fish, poultry , eggs, cheese and beans.

Inorganic salts : means Hmaalomlah that body can not Alastginaanhamthel the salt while calcium and phosphorus very Wiseman for healthy bones and teeth.

Vitamins : People think Onhamwad the Super Hakhasih cure most diseases but

On the contrary, they are required in very small amounts . The body can not work without it.

This is the most important types of vitamins :

Vitamin A : It is important for the growth of defense against germs and visual acuity is no

In butter , eggs , milk and some vegetables, fruit and carrots.

Vitamin B : the body needs in the proper functioning of the brain and nervous system and the heart.

Found in wheat and yeast .

Vitamin A : Hmaalviamin is very important to Sahhalawaahaldmoahoho found in fruit

Fresh vegetables and destroys this vitamin heat.

Vitamin D : important for the absorption of calcium needed for healthy bones and teeth .

It is found in milk , butter and fish oils and cod liver oil .

Vitamin E: is important in the metabolism of fatty acids is found in vegetable oils .

Vitamin K : very essential in manufacturing Ahdanasr of composition Algelthaldmoah and given as an injection .

But all this shortcut recommend using a reasonable amount of protein and use

Many variants of the types of food in your meals and use a good amount of fruit

And vegetables, and in this way you walk in the right way .
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Multi health
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