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 Ice Hockey

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PostSubject: Ice Hockey   Mon Oct 28, 2013 7:24 pm

Ice Hockey

Barrie Colts team (Barrie Colts) and Brampton Bataliwn team (Brampton Battalion) in an ice hockey match .

Play ice hockey match on a spacious flat area of ice using a diameter of three inches ( 76.2 mm ) of Rubber Mfalakn called hard rubber . And often freezes the puck before high - level games to reduce the amount of recoil and friction on the ice. And compete in this match teams of skiers. This game spread throughout North America, Europe and many other countries around the world by uneven . A sport at all months in Canada , Finland, Latvia , the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Hockey history

There are many sports that has to do with curved sticks and ball in the history of many cultures . In Egypt, no plaid نحوت since 4000 in launcher sticks teams - teams Herlnj dating to before 1272 BC . AD . In Ireland - and there were images , drawn from around 600 BC . AD . In ancient Greece , where thought that this game was called kerētízein or kerhtízein (κερητίζειν) because it was practiced with a stick , bent or semi- brackets (kéras, κέρας) in Inner Mongolia , China and داور people were playing pico for about 1,000 years - a game similar to Bhoeke field of contemporary .

The biggest evidence on the existence of games like Balhoeke in the Middle Ages in legislation concerning sports and games . There is law Galloway - like declaring Edward - who applied the year 1527 was to prevent certain types of ball games , including hockey.

By the nineteenth century , began gaming forms and historical divisions in the separation and integration to become what it is today . He began the formation of delegated committees formulating laws and regulations , and appeared domestic and international entities to organize local and international competitions . And the evolution of ice hockey during that period متفرعا the hockey field to accommodate the icy conditions in Canada and the northern United States.
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Ice Hockey
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