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 Arabic gum

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PostSubject: Arabic gum   Mon Oct 28, 2013 8:50 pm

Arabic gum

In the name of God the Merciful

=================== Topic of interest to many

Ban mentioned - Kinder

Often stopped at this great plant that puzzled me His Vtjd most people يمتلكونه them Istkhaddha incense

Some of them used chewing gum in which sport and them Atahnh with some of the things and Stultifies and when you ask the person who dealt with

Why do you say that I am using for the disease Filati other person p ** p ** third and fourth , and so I stand bewildered

In the command and Atdma ask you benefit says you Trusty language but recovered or on the verge of recovery

Let me ĂÎćÇäí that stop with a vision about frankincense

The human tears are the epitome of the strongest expression of human feelings , whether caused tears of joy or sadness

Ftma put those tears under the control of the machines in the analysis laboratories gives you a page where books and symbols for each symbol meaning

Certain if these symbols Researcher went to the benefit of those tears or harm if we put under medical use

But I think we dealt with harshly these tears and Gulf and Azlnaha the true meaning

Is not it the right of those feelings which هاجت result Living situation sad or joyful that Nkhaddaha of intellectual analysis and give it right , we did it and found many additions to the first analysis and scientific integration has become more rational in understanding the mechanism and purpose of those tears in the treatment

If my words, this applies to all plant gums that are the real tears for those trees

We all know that the tree كالإنسان feel pain and swim God

Including said Vendjal to our thinking, logical analysis of what means those tears and put them in its Asahaoamamna framework one of the tears that we must stand before it and accept the hands of the analyzed Atazaretha but we Anktefi

This مافعلته in an objective please accept my idea and you add Maandkm of sense of direction those tears to take those tears right medical = say that these trees are present in many areas , but the best types of frankincense is in Oman and is considered one of the economic resources of this country

Before that I would like to remind Madunh values in medicine and benefits of chewing gum unanimously

Venspoa mechanism to enhance memory and even in our time they saw one of the best treatments for the case of forgetfulness

And the deterioration of memory and stop the death of cells because it is known that the bacillus cells to Ataatjadded p ** cells of the body , which is renewed constantly , but by the grace of God we have too many it if it is renewed to become faulty

In the life of the man who for Weimar aging or pyramid stage

And stopped me to say wonderful Arab thinker Ibn al-Bitar that gum tonic for the soul in the brain and the spirit in which the heart and it , I see it now claims that that the finder of the heart mind

And research has become rife in this field as to say that a few years ago simple we thought that the Philippines is a Azlh pumps blood only say where are you from saying Ibn al-Bitar this which confirms that the heart has the property of the mind and began our scientists Muslims after the discovery West End as usual come verses from the Quran Research confirms sincerity West and this idea exist in our religion

Hallelujah Where were you why Tstkhrjoa not those ideas from the baker and Ttbakoha actually Ttlfon the scientific theory

That will serve Islam and Muslims and سيهتدي a lot of people to this religion that respects the mind and work

Back to the benefits of chewing gum

Medicine has proven valuable role in the treatment of breast tumors and cuts bleeding and is useful against eye sores Ekhala

A digester for food and wind repellent and good for fevers and benefit the Batinah sores and private kidney

An audio filter purifies the sputum , especially of the head with mastic ( mastic also tears )

And cut the stench and self indigestion , cough , asthma and Galloway Alqwaba warts with vinegar ضمادا

And eliminates numbness and Whitlow analyzes Asalabat of sesame oil , as well as for diseases of the ear


In dermatology and try itch

This ancient medicine approved unanimously by all references

The newly composed

Compounds of many such as articles resins and resins and'' Olippin '', the ash resulting from burning frankincense contains carbonate and potassium sulfate and calcium carbonate salts, phosphorus, and are manufactured candy chewing '' chewing gum '' any chewing gum components of different materials , including elastic material spandex industrial and improved material '' strength '' calcium carbonate and other complementary materials , in addition to the normal sweeteners such as sugar or corn syrup center or maltose , as supplemented flavoring materials such as aromatic oils

Frankincense oil enters in the perfume industry and face powders

And stayed to mention my relationship with these tears medical brilliant

The first recipe

Thoracic diseases or allergic membership for adults and children in the following form

We bring a glass of water and put a tablespoon medium than a grain of Souda and spoon medium from that male and put them on the backburner after the melting of frankincense Ntafo fire and add a tablespoon middle of wild thyme and spoon medium of anemones and cover pot of the night until the morning and then نفوم بتصفيته and add a tablespoon 2 of honey bees also possible to add a tablespoon of sugar plant

And Nmzjhm well and put them in the fridge and drink the patient tablespoon 4 times a day on an empty stomach first and last before going to sleep

And children from two years to five teaspoon four times from five years to ten spoon amid four times

It is ten to fifteen tbsp 3 times a day

The second recipe

To prevent premature ejaculation in men that lead to tension and worry when men and women

100 g Ban Male +50 N Musky +50 mg Anise +50 kg candy

Grinds everyone describes him spoon medium VPL every meal Vstzul speed landing after a week , God willing , and will continue for a month until to Atrdja problem

To this mixture a big role in sexual Relay p ** chemical drugs that describe the situation that lead to ED

The third recipe for diseases of the brain and forgetfulness

100 g Ban Male +100 rosemary +50 g Mecca time +25 N of Rashad +15 pits N = grinding mustard seed everyone describes him spoon center on an empty stomach and again before dinner

For a month and then stopped month and returned two months and then stopped and returned a month and then every year the month of this mixture is very useful for the brain and the heart and also anti - puff , gases and tonic for the nerves against Parkinson 's

Recipe االرابعة the a task

Concerning tumor sores and wounds المعندة and cancerous tumors in general and in particular breast and brain

200 g Ban Male +100 visits Mecca +100 g +100 Haltih g Musky +50 g Senderos +10 g patience +50 g mummy +50 g Gum arabic

Grind these materials and packaged Pkpsol and drink capsule before each meal and the fourth at bedtime followed after each capsule spoon medium of honey mixed with Baekbr and the royal food and sperm whale bald = caliber kilo Honey +35 N solution of propolis +50 g food royal +10 g sperm whale eagles blends everyone with some and eaten as I mentioned

The following herbs such as drinking a large cup of tea on an empty stomach and another before bedtime

Mrdekosh - Herb Heart - dandelion wilderness - rosemary - diskette - Qasom - blossom Olive - Frasaon - Calendula Gardens - Akhilaa - mulberry paper

Mix well these quantities

And treatment outside of جروع and cancerous sores and abscesses and boils

Keep the mixture mentioned gums without putting honey mixture

Placed on the following figure tablespoon 2 to Ban Male and the rest tablespoon of each type must be crushed and placed on the amount of 30 tablespoons of olive oil possible, put the mixture in the tray crystal and put the sun 15 days with men is the best and that it was urgent placed quantity on the backburner after Fizz extinguished the fire and left two days every day stir with a spoon several times and here to Aacefy the p ** herbal ointments directly add honey wax mixture and Nazibha on fire and then Ntafo the fire and display of air until the freeze becomes

Effective ointment reported that , God willing ,

The amount of beeswax yellow on each 100 ml of the mixture only 5 g of wax

Fat preceded by cleansing the area with apple vinegar and then put the ointment and so twice Yumiahty the write God's healing

God Shafi
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Arabic gum
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