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 Home service

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PostSubject: Home service   Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:06 pm

Service homeland words interrelated does not know the meaning well , but few people who live in this big world , service and tons of necessities that should exist in every country of the world, service homeland bright picture of developed countries in several areas and distinct from other countries, and excellence are not only come from the service homeland, those two words would teach people the true meaning for them , we will find our state of the best countries in the world, but to have receded many problems facing officials and managers every day by the public, and Aaroahma of two words , especially when you hear of an important figure and large , he says you're here in service homeland, serving the nation and the duty of all peoples of the world , but must Ntbh not repeat word for rude and forget the act, there are those tongues are tired of repeating the words without doing no work , and the question is important that we look for in every place , namely Are you in the service homeland ? Do you know the meaning of home service ? You told me Fballah what is home ?

When you go for the first time in your life to a government department , or let's say we take a tour of our departments government and try to deal with most of the staff , we find a significant difference in dealing in every department , this employee respectable, and that employee arrogant , and those employed decent and treat gorgeous while those lifts her head and scream auditors like in her father's house , and the Director through his work in five years is busy and can not be accessed unless vitamin sector, and another manager office is open throughout the period of work for all reviewers, these groups and others we watch and marvel at the difference in these transactions , even said one of the reviewers that officials should consider and take advantage of other institutions in their dealings with the auditors where he found dealing esteemed organization and not to delay in the service references, these views , opinions vary even officials themselves, some of them in one of the programs speaks and declares in the press about his constituency and deal with excellent auditors etc. of speech , but when you visit you need for days and perhaps weeks and months to see him , and here are wondering why this difference ? Why can not we compete in provide esteemed dealing with auditors and their exit from office smiling and satisfied , and the answer is simply " home service ."

There is probably observed mostly if not everyone , especially in the media, audio-visual and specifically programs that are a link between the public and the institutions and try to stand on their own problems and resolved observation is the fear of some officials from talking to the media and evasion of confrontation in different ways which do not respond to communications that come from the media , but was one of them that close the phone to the media which is based Pedroh in the radio program , which watched by the public , what do you feel when you hear or see this act impudent , comes to you two things first that this charge was wrong and feared that ينفضح especially that some broadcasters have a style of strong the dialogue between the two parties and show the right, and the other thing that the person with all the respect and appreciation does not have a " home service " .

Service homeland need to personalities specifications certain , not every person working and diligent has a service homeland, Vmoasfat required and most importantly the fear of God first and foremost , and then dedication to work and diligence on تأديته to the fullest and not to eat the rights of others , not even human reviewers, and also respect the deal and face the public in all matters without thinking about closing the doors in their faces , even if signed in charge of error , man is infallible , and the biggest mistake that mistake and flees for fear of exposing or fear of accountability of others to you, service homeland need for persons with these specifications, Indeed erred standing in front of everyone recognizes his mistake , this most beautiful in dealing with others , a recognition error rather than insisting on you're right and you're originally at fault , and paints a smile on our faces is the presence of figures bear service homeland and thankfully , personalities are not afraid of God to anybody as long as it seeks to demonstrate and the right not to escape , but saw the error tried to modify it and stand on the reasons for his appearance , these first goal pleasure of God Almighty and then serve the nation , and we only say that God frequently than men.
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Home service
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