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 Muslim seriousness of atonement

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PostSubject: Muslim seriousness of atonement   Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:18 pm

The theme of atonement was great to go into the past and a مزلة feet, it should not be for those who had no knowledge that governs infidelity only on the infidels Allah and His Messenger - peace be upon him - and that committing a Nullifiers Islam compound by the scholars , as well as the need to be confirmed by the sentencing disbelief or get out of debt .

And atonement phenomenon present since the first chest of this nation and continues to our time .

It was the beginning of this sedition for this community in the era of the Prophet - peace be upon him - as proven in al- Khudri - may Allah be pleased with him - said : While the Prophet - peace be upon him - divides came Abdullah bin with Alkhobarh Tamimi, said: fairest O Messenger of Allah said: ( Wilk and adjusts if not the fairest ?) said Omar ibn al-Khattab - may Allah be pleased with him -: Let me give his neck , he said: ( Let him it has أصحابا degrade any one of its links with prayer and fasting with fast, يمرقون of religion as يمرق arrow from the bow .. talk ) .

It is evidence of validation and not to rush to judgment atonement , what Bukhari isnaad from Ibn Abbas - may Allah be pleased with him - said: There was a man in his flock to him Vlhakh Muslims , he said: Peace be upon you killed him and took غنيمته , Allah revealed the following: { do not say to those who gave peace to you I'm not a believer Tbngon life } .

Picking the blame from the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - them because تسرعهم .

As well as what happened to the owners of the Prophet - peace be upon him - and including Osama bin Zaid - may Allah be pleased with him - said: We sent the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - to the burning of Juhaynah , said: Vsubhna folk Vhzmnahm , he said: The damage I am a man from the Ansar man of them , he said, when he Gshenah said: there is no god but Allah, said: فكف him Ansari, Aftanth Bermha even killed him, he said: When we reached the Prophet - peace be upon him - said: he said to me , O Osama Oguetlth after he said there is no god but God ? I said , O Messenger of God: but was Mtauma , said: killed him after he said there is no god but Allah ? He is still repeated on until I wished I was not converted to Islam before today .

It showed Islam, and pronunciation Shahaadatayn must be to stop him.

The appeared atonement strife in the era of Imam Ali - may Allah be pleased with

Shaykh al- Islam Ibn theme - God's mercy -: no one should atone none of the Muslims and that made ​​a mistake and wrong even held by the argument and show them Amahgp , and proved his conversion to Islam with certainty is still that it suspicious , but would not go away until after the establishment of the argument and remove suspicion .

Atonement effects on the nation:

1 - cause the break up and shipping community Hearts Balahkad and animosities and mistrust of Muslims and track هفواتهم and trespasses .

2 - cause the loss of the five colleges that have agreed laws on conservation, is the cause of the bloodshed - and seize it and considered it closer to God , they claim, the corrupt - and استحلال funds, and the symptoms of people , resulting in damage to the installations and destabilize security and intimidate innocent people .

3 - Atonement and Altvsik door seriously did not know to be the lost and astray .

4 - It is the cause of the distortion of religion and the interpretation of texts by the passions .

5 - limits of the Islamic Dawa and spread.

6 - to differentiate between the rulers and the parish and throwing infidel rulers and did not respond to them also threw him of blasphemy , because they see that the rulers did not govern the law of God , and رعيتهم satisfied with this understanding of Kfar like them .

And that we should not atone appointed only under the pretext of a well-established , and by reference to the Book of Allah - the Almighty - and to the Sunnah of His Prophet - peace be upon him - as they set out for the provisions of the Koran , and what is meant in the door to know the limits of what Allah has revealed , as knowledge believer and the infidel and polytheist , and unified and the ungodly and the mainland .

The best words of Shaykh al - Islam Ibn Taymiyyah - God's mercy - the prohibition on blasphemy :

I am one of the greatest people forbid that attributed certain to make amends and Tvsik and disobedience unless aware that it has made it the argument apostolic that Khalvha was an infidel at times, and disobedient to the other, and the sinner again , and I decided that God has forgiven for this nation mistake , and it prevails error in matters news reporting stereotyping , and practical matters , and still predecessor يتنازعون in many of the issues did not witness one of them on a not Kafr nor بفسق nor disobedience .

He knows that atonement doctrine الحرورية the the rogue outlaws Ali Ibn Abi Talib and his companions - may Allah be pleased with them all - .

The point is that is atonement is dangerous and the Muslim should not be accompanied by not يجالس this community rogue atone Muslims and atone and rulers on non- insight, but we ostracism and keep them away because they are the owners of hue and intolerance for people without knowledge no justice but hyperbole and deflection, and God knows best.
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Muslim seriousness of atonement
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