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PostSubject: Status will   Tue Oct 29, 2013 7:58 pm

1. When you say "Beware of worship ," it must be the will of God alone, and worship will move from your heart.

2. When you say " Beware we use " You do not want help from others.

3. The virtue of business will confined bones and important tasks , ( Actions are but by intentions ).

4. A small Kbernh employer will, Lord work great Hakrth the faith.

5. His work is not insured offer Zaúla or false thank people , he says all the faithful : " We do not want you to penalty and Ahkoura the " was punished " if this was your penalty and was your quest graciously " and is the paradise of God.

6. Oh preferred will! .. Who wanted good , and if he did not do his work, and wanted to evil and did not do as if he did not return it .

7. The sincere will of a special luster and distinctive taste , featuring between the folds phrases , and hang on the walls of history, located in the melancholy hearts , and Istnba the tears Mkamenh .

8. Reply goodness in your steps and your words ! ... And the rest cost plus.

9. When he wanted Omar Al Hedaya guided him , and when he wanted to Abu Jahl seduction أضله the God ( unless we insist Islam one Amrain the ! ) Was the Omar bin Khattab disciple guidance.

10. You want and I want to do what God wants.

11. If one robbed owned all the power except the power of the will, to re- everything will rob him .

12. Want the face of God received Fadlallah , people want the face received praise followed by ذما of the .

13. To satisfy one , easier for you to satisfy two , how those who want to satisfy all people, in anger one ! ?

14. How do you want of satisfaction does not have anything to you ? ! .. And want to get angry with his hand the whole thing ? !

15. If good Orontes between the satisfaction of God and Satan satisfaction satisfaction of God chose , Fuwa alas ! ! To choose from wants , and does what it does not want, in satisfaction of wants.

16. When you tell me I can not! Helped ,

And when you say I do not know ! Taught ,

And when you say I do not want to ! And invited .

17. Of Hereafter wanted to take sentences including pregnancy, and who wants his people, there is a camel and not sentences !

18. " If they want to go out to have prepared him several , but hated God انبعاثهم the فثبطهم and said اقعدوا with laggards " if they wanted to go out for were the mujahideen , but they wanted to be hypocrites and on top of that sitting .

19. He wanted to meet with God, God wanted to meet him , and hated to meet God wanted God's misery .

20. Of willpower that he wanted something that got him , and God 's will above all wills " and what Chaan except as Allah wills "

21. Do not look at the pitcher , but look at the Mafany , and do not look to your business , but see those Disclaimer .
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Status will
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