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 When Nasrallah?

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PostSubject: When Nasrallah?   Tue Oct 29, 2013 8:12 pm

O arrived and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad , praise be to Allah , the Lord of the World

Painful sequence of events on the Muslim Ummah today , and increasingly believers who ask for Nasrallah When is it? Rush next

victory , yet advance the following dawn , and that only the large number of worries and calamities successive Arab and Muslim countries , and the old saying :

Even though the concerns are one *** Atakith to but , they are second and third

And human nature calves as described by Allah in the Qur'an [ created man from a calf I'll show you my signs do not hasten and said the man was calves and this wheel had been haunted by the Sahaba , The day that many scourge them came to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him , complain to him What took them from injustice and grievances at the hands of evil-doers in the Quraish , was peace be upon him Mtosda impermeable to him in light of the Kaaba, said: "By God, to Whitman this matter, even walking passenger from Sanaa to Hadramout not afraid only of God or a wolf on his sheep , but you hasten . "

Then this who does not like to see Nasrallah now, but from this who does not like to see the nation dear precious everywhere , and sees the hopes of the nation has achieved in all affairs and at all levels and in every field , how many oppressed recessive waiting vulva , and how much from a woman eagerly waiting to come out to her husband from the prisons of darkness , and how much of the Muslim longs for the arbitration law of God in the land of love and justice prevail , and how much and how Vqaúma injustice practiced on many of the nation and too many .


The world is not going according to Murad humans, but that God made ​​everything term called [ The order of God quite manageable ] God does not precipitate haste slaves , nor is Murad slaves until serving God is the effect , VIA think that victory has been delayed , I know that literature with God requires non استعجاله , and the wisdom of God the amount required to test loved ones and Osfiah , and that victory comes at a time when God knows that the best became believers in the victory ...

The question for the approaching victory is not innovations to say , it has asked so ahead of the righteous and the saints and mention God in the Quran [ Or suppose that you will enter Paradise and what يأتكم such as those who passed away before you touched Alboads and thin and Zlzloa so says the Prophet and those who believe with him when Nasrallah not Nasrallah recently .

Attached Qutb says God 's mercy : that asked when Nasrallah to portray the ordeal shake such linked hearts , will be only the plight of the above descriptions , take its toll on such as هاتيك , hearts , Vtbos the distressed them that question when Nasrallah ? When proving hearts believing such ordeal المزلزلة , then it is the word of God , and comes victory from Allah not that Nasrallah recently, if it is savers to those who deserve it , and will not deserve , but who demonstrate until the end, who demonstrate on Alboads and thin, who Asamadon of the earthquake, even comes the command of Allah and they also ...

Yes Saotina Nasr Allah and we are manifest on the right does not يضرنا of failed to serve , and we are on the right are manifest , our enemy Qaheron , not يضرنا of خالفنا , but what made ​​us from Oa , even comes to us is God and we are well , God willing , Beit Bible and أكناف Jerusalem permission Allah, the Lord of the Worlds.

Then that God extends to unfair ups [ less than it was in error at Vlamdd has Rahman ups , and in Sahih Al-Bukhari from Abu Musa may Allah be pleased with him said: The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him : "God is dictating the wrongdoer even if you take no Afelth said then read " as well as taking the Lord, if you take an unfair villages taken very painful ."

In the Quran proves that God gives nor neglected Vmhl disbelievers أمهلهم the Rueda , and in the modern right words of the Prophet , peace be upon him " the deliberation of God, and the wheel of the devil " and said : haste makes waste and deliberate safety .

And God has said to us when it takes the darkness , and it is not God's command doom come to them only after taking ground to Zachrvha and embellished , people thought they were able to overcome it , her hour is come to them of God who does not return !

God says [even if you took the land Zachrvha and Azint thought people they able to overcome it Otaha ordered the day or night Fjalnaha Hshehada if he had not done away yesterday as well as separate verses for those who reflect , like those people who do not يرقبون the believers , but no edema comes the command of Allah or night during the day.

Those who said [ of most of us the power and said others [We Oulu strength and Oulu quite severe and said the first of them [I'm better than he created me from fire and created from clay and said ثانيهم [I'm better than this , which is humiliating and hardly shows , said the minister bad [ but Ootih on the knowledge I have , all of them but take them God Day تكبروا on the ground [ deny Our revelations, all فأخذناهم taking Aziz competent ] , and the darkness of self today will not be long , and will the Aoelhm days , God willing.

Here are the verses of Allah rehearsed to the Day of Resurrection imagine hours embarrassment cruel in the lives of the Apostles, such as the crucial moment , which is achieved by the promise of God, and go where enacted which does not lag behind not deviate [ even if Astais apostles and they thought that they had lied came to them our victory Vnge of starch is not mentioned Our punishment of criminals folk ] .

It is a terrible picture , draw the amount of distress and anguish and distress in the lives of the Apostles, as they face infidelity and blindness , persistence and ingratitude . The days pass They claim it responds to them only a few , it is critical hours , and falsehood ينتفش and overshadowing tyranny and betray . And the apostles are waiting for the promise not achieved Vthges in خواطرهم obsessions .. You see them lied ? See them Kzpthm in Please victory in this life ? In this moment Istgm the anguish, and takes the narrow Bmkhanq Apostles, not remain an iota of energy saved .. At this moment a decisive victory comes complete watershed has come to our victory Vnge of starch Our punishment is not mentioned of criminals folk ] Thus says Qutb concludes God's mercy.

O arrived and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad , praise be to Allah , the Lord of the World
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When Nasrallah?
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