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 Youth article about fasting

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PostSubject: Youth article about fasting   Wed Oct 30, 2013 1:09 pm

Praise be to God , prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah and on his family , but after:

He urged the Prophet peace be upon him who can not marry on fasting as a director legitimate reduces arousal and posted on the gaze instead of roads Forbidden other and which ones masturbation and this in Bukhari and Muslim in صحيحيهما for Abdul Rahman bin Yazid said: entered with Alqamah and black Ali Abdullah Abdullah said : We were with the Prophet peace be upon him young people do not find anything, said to us the Messenger of Allah , peace be upon him: O young men, whoever can afford فليتزوج it is lowering the gaze and أحصن chastity , and could not he fast , it has came .

The meaning : it has came : Waggaa is the trauma veins testes even Tnfdkha , going lust Bzhabhma a sexual intercourse , as well as fasting, it is debilitating for the lust of sexual intercourse.

And fasting, which weakens the desire not to fast a day or two , but fasting repeated a lot, that of applying self-restraint for straightening the gaze and save the vulva, the consequence Mujahid is guidance , as He says : And those who strive with us to نهدينهم our ways and God shine benefactors { Spider: 69 } .

But it needs to be sure and patience .

Then the effect of fasting may not happen at first, but after a period of fasting, Haafiz Ibn Hajar said : saying : he fasting it to him and he came, go with that fasting repressor of lust marriage, استشكل that fasting increases in agitating the heat and things that provoke desire , but but in principle it is located if it went too far and accustomed to housing . And Allah knows best . Fath Al-Bari .

Also, which makes fasting does not pay dividends when many young people they did not understand the meaning of fasting.

Shaykh Ibn Jibreen God's mercy in his commentary to the mayor of provisions: The Male us a lot of young people that they يكثرون fasting However they did not find lightness in lust, but lust still have strong, Alglma and oestrus strong motive , and someone says : What I found Siam impact to ease lust.

We say: the first reason : the power of lust in some young people , where they have very strong arousal .

Second: that there are supplements to her, there is no doubt that the large number of food and variety of foods and the large meat and eating fruits and the like , which strengthens the libido , and it was fast in the old different from our time , it was fast but finds clot of food, eats at a time when magic bites or dates a few , then is in the middle of the day works either in his craft , with his sheep , or so, and then if it was breakfast , but did not find the dates or water or so, and when dinner but eat bread or half a loaf so this is a hunger that breaks lust unit .

We say: who wants to break unit lust it reduces the eating at breakfast and Suhoor at night, and avoid Almsthiat and the large number of fruits, meats and diverse types of delicious cuisine , it is no doubt strengthen this lust and enable them , there يخففها fasting that does not get him this hunger and this fatigue Without this hardship, and in each case is the guidance of the Prophet , peace be upon him to what relieves lust , to be able rights of marriage which spared himself . Finished.

It assigns to achieve the effect of fasting also to fast young man from sin , it is not fasting is the real left from food and drink only with non- gaze , and places to go sedition and mixing with women and other things that strengthens the libido , and we are certain that from Daum on the fast uncontrolled controls Shara Vsinfah fast and reduces the desire and help him save his private parts , because the story of the Prophet peace be upon him news of the honest, and if he can not find some young fruit fasting فالخلل in fasting .

فاستعن God , young man , and Invite on fasting that benefit, and the accompanying literature Shara in eating and drinking in the gaze , and remember that fasting , which is accompanied by sin and evil do not benefit the owner, as the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him : the Lord of fasting moment of fasting hunger and thirst, and Lord based his luck from his iPod . Narrated by Ahmad , recaps and corrected by Ibn Khuzaymah and 'm Hibbaan and Iraqi ruler and classed and horses.

And also must stay away from it than masturbation hurt does not help and raises not dwell lust , with prohibition when the majority of scholars , as already in many fatwas us including the following numbers : 1087 , 3678 , 7170 .

Ask God chastity , integrity , and if afforded the opportunity to rushed marriage , and ask God you luck and guidance
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Youth article about fasting
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