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 Scientists article about flies

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PostSubject: Scientists article about flies   Wed Oct 30, 2013 1:52 pm

He says: (O people, such as recited hit him that those who claim without God will not create ذبابا even met him but rob them flies something Istnqdhuh not the student him twice and required ) ( Al-Hajj: 73).

The God struck us , for example , those who worship other than Allah will create ذبابا and if they met him, and if you stripped them flies something, they can not Istrjonh him, and has proven modern science scientific miracles of this verse , Flo stop the flies on a piece of watermelon for example, begins in secretions which enables it to absorb or licking carbohydrates and others contain watermelon and then start these materials degradation to the materials simple to install in order to be absorbed Valzbab does not have a digestive system is complex so Alji to digest the outside , through the secretion of juicers هاضمة on the substance to be feeding them then intervention of these materials digested outside the body to the tube tract until it is absorbed to go in the circulatory system to the cells and turn part of it into energy enables him to fly and another part to the cells and tissues and organic ingredients and portion of last resort to the waste disposed of the body flies , where piece of watermelon ? And the way to retrieve , and can collect the parts that seem Energy Airways flies and the parts that turned into tissue [ 1 ] .

The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him :

" If there flies in the vase one whole Vlegmesh you , then posed , in one of the wings of the disease , and in the other healing ."

Bukhari , Abu Dawood , and women , and Ibn Majah, and Ahmad , Abdul son Hamid, and recaps , and Abu Obeid, and Abu second to none, and the son of الجارود , the son of Khuzaymah , the son of Hibbaan , ruler, and the son of housing, Bazzar , Ibn Qutaiba , and Tabarani , and Bayhaqi , and Eltahawy, and Abu Dawood Tayaalisi , and the carpenter 's son , Baghawi , and Ibn Abi Khaythamah , and Ibn Abd al-Barr .

I have stated this talk about fifty by all true .. and men are all trustworthy . [2]

In the novel says: " one of you drink ." And occurred in the hadeeth of Abu Sa'eed and Ibn Majah Women Ibn Hibbaan and classed " if the food occurred in " and expression بالإناء the the most comprehensive . Saying ( Vlegmesh whole ) is a guide to meet the disease with medication . Saying ( then posed ) Any then throws . Has directed Bazzar bail men are thiqaat that Anas may Allah be pleased with him signed flies in his vessel , he said his finger Vgmesh the pot and then said: God's name, he said: The Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and grant him peace , ordered them to do so. reported

Text in flies is not measured by other insects , especially the reason for this is that in one of the wings in the other heal disease , and in this sense there is no other .

The opinion of the scholars of the ancients :

Khattaabi said: spoke in this talk of not creative him and said: How shall meet healing and disease in the wings of flies? . This is a question ignorant or ignored , many of the animal may collect qualities opposite , has authored God themselves and conquer the meeting, though , which inspired the bee to take House wonderful workmanship of Tasil it, and inspired ant that spared their strength to Awan need , and to break the pill in half , lest تستنبت , for who can inspire the fly to provide suites and delay other ... said Ibn al : What was quoted this view is not Bjeeb , the Bee Tasl from the top and receive poison from the bottom, and in vivo killer Labelling meat intervention in antidote treated by poison, and fly with crushed antimony sight to the evacuation . Some Hmaq doctors that in flies force toxicity indicated by swelling and itching crossbar for a power which is like arms to him , and if he fell flies in harms received his weapon , ordered the street that matched those toxicity is deposited God in the other wing of healing, Vtaatkabl articles فيزول damage God willing. ancients have observed experimentally that rubbing position wasp bites or scorpion flies benefit it useful Pena .

Some discoveries about the flies :

It was noted on the wounded World War soldiers that their wounds faster healing and التئاما officers who meant them more care in hospitals, because the soldiers Atdawon in the field are exposed to the occurrence of flies on جراحاتهم ... Since the 1922 publication of Dr. Beryl After studying the extensive grounds pandemics الهيضة ( cholera ) in India the presence of microorganisms invade bacteria and devoured , and called: Mmelthmat germs - Bactreoffaj - and proved Beryl that Baktroyovaj is the primary factor in extinguishing pandemics الهيضة , and that there is in the feces الناقهين of the disease , and that flies transmitted from the feces to the wells of drinking water Vicherbh Alohlon , start the flame pandemic الهيضة Balantfa .

- Also make sure in 1928 when he fed Mr. Burrell flies houses branches of germs nurse disappeared impact after a while, and died all by the presence of their religion germs , like flies great in the fight against bacterial diseases that may be transmitted by himself , and knew that if Prepare a summary of flies in the serum Vziologi , this summary contains Mmelthmat at least four types of pathogenic bacteria [3].

It is worth mentioning that Professor German Brevld from the University of Hull found that infected household fly parasite of the genus fungus called Ombozamosqui , and this parasite spend his life in the fatty layer inside the belly of the fly ...

The Modern scholars have supported what Brevld discovered Benoit characteristics of this fungus that lives on the belly of the fly.

- In the year 1945 , declared Professor not Ngeron that fungi cells that live in this fungus where yeast is strong melt parts of the insect carrier of the disease .

- In the year 1947 isolate Movich the antibiotics from farm fungi live on the body of the fly, and found them with a strong effect on gram negative bacteria Kjrathim dysentery and التفوئيد .

- In the same year enables scientists Alangelesian to Arnstein and Cook and the Swiss Roljus world to isolate article renamed Javasan of fungi that live on the flies, and show them that this article is vital to kill antibacterial different gram negative and gram positive.

- In 1948 enables Bryan Curtis Hemeng and Geevirs of Britain's vital to isolate anti other renamed Klotezin of the same fungi that live in the flies , which affect the spores g negative Kaltfoid and dysentery.

- In 1949 enables scientists Alanklyzaan Komci and Farmer and Swiss Germain and Ruth Athelnger and Plancz of isolating pure (anti- vital ) other fungus belongs to the family breakfast that live in the flies, Her Highness Onaatin , and have a severe impact on bacteria gram negative and gram positive Kaltfoid , cholera, dysentery and other [4 ] .

The stated Dr. Abdel Basset Mohamed El Sayed , head of analysis and germs at the National Center for Research in Egypt that he discovered a German scientists in the left wing of a fly bactericidal gram negative and gram positive and wing germs called Bactr Eoffaj any predatory bacteria, these predatory antibacterial Albakatr Eoffaj or worker healing small Size estimated length b 20:25 Millie micron If signed fly in food or drink shall be dipped in it in order to come out of those objects antibody Vtped germs and these antibiotics broad-spectrum and powerful influence and similar Balonta Biotech and now there are a large number of farms flies in Germany where they are drawn where it is preparation of some drugs that are used as an antidote for the bacteria , which have proven highly effective They are sold at high prices in Germany, and sincerity of the Messenger of Allah may Allah bless him and teacher good people [5].

Some scientific research that dealt with this talk

Modern medical discoveries include three reports :

( Affected by the fall and dipping to fly home on the extent of contaminated food and water with microbes and bacteria )

• The first report : a preliminary study ..

• The second report : influenced by the pH of the water dip .

• The third report : influenced by the fall and dipping the flies on the contamination and growth of microbes in the milk. Has engaged a group of scientists of scientific research in universities Arab and Muslim interpretation of this talk, and conducted research laboratory Among them was as stated in the book of infection in health interview fly in the first edition of the world Galilee Dr. Khalil Ibrahim Mulla Khater , when a group of researchers conducted Department of Biology , Faculty of Science , University of King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah and Cairo several years ago results were studies in three reports:

First: the first report , eating ( influenced by the fall and dipping to fly home on the extent of contaminated food and water with microbes and bacteria ) .

1 - a preliminary study : This study was conducted , three times distilled water plain, and another is set at pH (Ph4) which is similar to the pH of the stomach, and the results showed that study that the number of microbes developing , in the blood of water contaminated by dipping were less contaminated than that , for by sloughing only after the fall, and these results have been observed and recorded from an average of a very large number of repeaters even in some of them came to fifty times, and these results were contrary to expected .. If the process of pollution here as an abstract accepted by the mind , which gives dipping the fly, a greater chance to remove microbes from the body of the fly , whether it has removed only when they hit the surface of the liquid . Results also showed incubated

Contaminated water, in all transactions falling and dipping for 60 minutes ( on farms microbial private) that the number of microbes show a decrease in transactions dipping from transactions fall , which may suggest that dipping flies, may have led to the exit of workers with an anti- microbial, and such an assumption , could explain the lack of numbers of microbes , in dipping transactions generally fall transactions , as well as the sharp decline in the numbers when incubated contaminated water , in dipping transactions .

It was a phenomenon of low numbers of microbes in dipping transactions , compared to with sloughing transactions ( the fall ) , and clear in the case of both the total numbers of microbes developing on nutrient agar environment , and the total numbers on blood agar environment and the number of microbes analyst for blood. It also appeared that the water is not sterile , when the pH (Ph4) showed a decrease in the number of microbes in the dipping transactions from those in agony transactions ( fall ) more clearly the results of sterile water Maadi. It was also noted that dipping flies three times in the water has given the numbers of microbes is less than transactions disarmament ( fall) flies from the surface of the liquid without the dip , as shown by the results of experiments clearly that incubated tainted milk in transactions dipping , had given in most samples results numbers less transactions falling ( stripping ) , which shows that the dip not only reduces the number of microbes contaminated milk , but also limits their growth.

Second: The second report: ( influenced by the fall and dipping to fly home on the extent of contaminated water and food microbes ).

2 - The effect of the pH of the water dipping : where experiments were carried out on the transactions falling, and dipping in distilled water at a temperature of (Ph7) and at a temperature of (Ph4), and the researchers tracked the extent of contaminated water with microbes , where the estimated total numbers , and numbers of microbes developing on blood agar , and those analyzed for blood

Hemolytic under these transactions , which is repeated in large numbers to confirm the phenomenon . The results show that the total numbers of microbes , in most of the samples were less in dipping transactions , for transactions falling, and this result has appeared in more than 50 consecutive treatment .

When a similar study was conducted , the group of developing microbial on blood agar , the results of the study also were similar to those obtained from the total numbers , where the number of microbes resulting of dipping transactions , less in most samples from transactions fall ( sloughing ) .

As for the number of microbes analyst for blood agar , the differences in the numbers of microbes between transactions falling and dip , the more pronounced the effect on microbes college, and are intended to microbes commensal ( unsatisfactory ), because there is another type of microbes, namely the Group pathogens such as cholera , typhoid and other ...

As shown from the results that could be obtained from a large number of repeaters , it is in spite of the transactions dipping gave an average year, the number of different microbial collections , is less than transactions falling , the studies carried out at a temperature of (Ph7) and at a temperature of (Ph4) clearly demonstrated , that the decline recurrent for dipping transactions , was more pronounced , which confirms that the influencing factor on microbes suits him vulnerable to acid neutral .

Third: Report III ( influenced by the fall and dipping to fly home on the extent of contaminated water and food microbes ).

3 - affected by the fall and dipping the flies on the contamination and growth of microbes in milk:

This study was conducted on sterilized milk , where the view of the fall of the transactions and dipping flies , as the extent of microbial contamination , in each case. As the lap of contaminated milk in each case, for three hours , and estimated developing microbes , at intervals during the incubation period , in all transactions.

The results have emerged from the transactions fall gave greater numbers of transactions dipping in milk , for each of the total numbers , and numbers of microbes developing on blood agar , and also the numbers of microbes , an analyst for blood. The results showed clearly that incubated tainted milk in transactions dipping , gave in most samples smaller numbers of transactions fall , making it clear that the dip not only reduces the number of microbes contaminated milk , but limits their growth as well, which gives proof more clearly, the presence of inhibitory for the growth of microbes on flies, up to milk when dipping the fly.

Research results in short :

We ended the results of three laboratory reports , that the results of the process of dipping the flies in the water or milk , you may impressions or assumptions including, for example :

1. The presence of inhibitory factor for the growth of microbes and bacteria on the flies , which fall into the water or food at the fall of the flies , and then limit the growth of bacteria and reduce their number as well.

2. That the process of dipping reduce the impact of germs carried by flies and fall into the water or food at the fall of the flies .

3. That the impact of the dipping process , are pathological bacteria , rather than a college germs that do not carry diseases and this is confirmed by the Hadith ( the disease , healing ) .

4. That the effectiveness of dipping , showed the effectiveness of eliminating germs when similar degrees of human blood and body unlike what if conducted in a neutral center .

5. The results demonstrated clearly that flies if he fell then flew , the germs that drop it in food or drink, increasing their numbers , while in the case of dipping the fly and then filed , the germs that fall does not remain prepared as they are, but begin to decline , and limits that growth also .

6. These experiments , also vindicated talk in terms of scientific experimental , although we are waiting for what is more than that.

7. It is expected and logical , that dipping the fly, will increase the number of microbes and bacteria that drop it in water or food , so it gives a greater opportunity for the separation of bacteria and microbes on its surface , other than standing on the food or drink, because it touches him but are limbs and Khrthomh the and suites parties , while in the whole dipping fall . This if it was normal and expected . While the results of experiments were just the opposite .. This is the amazing thing , as a result of the experiences of many and varied , in a period of more than two years in Jeddah and Cairo in university laboratories and by competent professors , cramming scientifically . If they had rejoiced in the results of their findings .

8. These experiments demonstrated miraculous scientifically , a year is added to the other scientific miracles that demonstrate the miracle of the Prophet , peace be upon him immortal , that is inspired by God Almighty , before advancing science the image that we see and we live now . [6]

It is told Muhammad to this science , it is the Lord of the Worlds .
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Scientists article about flies
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