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 Ask Your Heart

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PostSubject: Ask Your Heart   Sun Sep 25, 2011 9:17 pm

The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him, and this interview is a great and solemn revelation, can not deny the evil because it is a practical example for all the common sense to distinguish between sin and righteousness.

You find in people - and this is a reality scenes - a man colloquially did not read did not write one day, but shy away from acts and actions, he finds great embarrassment in doing it and weave in the chest and disgorged itself, and Avtoh muftis and spoke the stars of satellite television Babaanha him and other people!!

This conversation is directing all his common sense was checking the right, not satisfied with other alternative, that displays all the fatwa on his heart sound right, I accepted without embarrassment is the righteousness and mimicked in itself is sin, and speak not to the owners of hearts sick sensuality or dead harsh seek refuge with Allaah from that.

Messenger (PBUH) was known is the address of this modern "advanced Osf your heart" and the addressee Sahabi Jalil's healthy heart and a sign to talk him - to whom, Allah bless him - and emerge from the modern context and its relevance and understanding of the scholars to him, and differences between the hearts of the humans Some owner of a healthy heart and another has a heart patient and even of a demons Kgulwb their hearts as true in the story.

The scholars divided into three types of hearts as Ibn al-Uloom al-values ​​in the hearts of three:
Heart is the right sound: not between him and the right to accept, love and preference for only aware, it is true realization of the right, fully manageable and acceptance of him.
And severe heart Dead: Do not accept or driven by him.
And the heart patient: The defeated by his illness, he joined the deceased harsh. Although dominated by his health he joined Basulaim. Ah [Page 18 - a good home edition]

How is this talk of each one of them and the people of the world and the ignorant and pious and hypocritical, and convert and lost, it becomes a disputed debt between the passions and the bees and boredom and becomes both right!!?

This puny understanding we seek refuge in Allah from this understanding and, unfortunately, some people may cite this modern colloquial passport to strive hard.

This understanding is either ignorance of the words of the scholars and the ignorance of the significance of devising or Hui obeyed, God forbid.

Ibn al-Qayyim Allah's mercy in the media of signatories:
May not be the interviewee work once the advisory opinion of the Mufti, if not assured himself, and itchy in the chest of acceptance, and the frequency in which; for saying peace be upon him: «Asf yourself and fatwa people and Ovetok», then he shall seek the same, nor rid the advisory opinion of the Mufti of God if knows that it is in the sub-contrary to what the fatwa, and do not benefit them spend the judge to do so, as the Prophet peace be upon him: «from I spent some of their right to his brother, do not take it; I just cut off a piece of fire» and the mufti and the judge in this either, nor think that the fatwa should simply an advisory opinion Faqih allow him what he asked him if he knows that it is otherwise in the sub, either hesitation or wavers in his chest, to his knowledge of status in the sub, or to doubt it, or ignorance, or because of his ignorance of the Mufti or favored in his fatwa or not restrict the book and the year or he is known for the fatwa tricks, and permits the violation of the Year and other causes of anti-trust fatwa and the silence of self to it; If the lack of trust and confidence for the Mufti asks II and III until you get a peace of mind; If you do not find there is no burden on any soul beyond its scope, and should be strengthened God as possible. ah [c 6 Page 192 - House edition of Ibn al-]

Indicates the words of Imam Ibn al-Qayyim Allah's mercy that, on the Poller to seek fatwas of the scholars and then by the work the advisory opinion is essential for him to seek rulings his heart (this of course in case impartiality of the right) Is it comfortable to the advisory opinion of the world, or found a collision text from the Book of Allah or the Sunnah of His Messenger Fnima question must be another world away from his heart, even suspicion, because the owner of a healthy heart does not increase his suspicions and doubts, but the strength of that edition hates falsehood can not accept it and this is a blessing from God to the owners of these hearts, and vice versa for the dead and diseased hearts.

Ibn al-Qayyim may God have mercy on him: What the devil by His - and his - in the hearts of the similarities and uncertainties: the affliction of these two Hearts - the patient and the dead - and the strength of the heart live sound. Because it is so and dislikes and hates him, and he knows that the right in the succession, Vijpt of the right heart and reassuring and humble, and he knows the falseness of what made Satan, increasing the belief in truth and love him and blasphemous falsehood and most unpleasant to him. Uh Ighaathat of the traps of Satan, p. 19 the same edition]

Then you know Abdullah to take a modern phenomenon without try to understand it and know Murad Messenger of Allah peace be upon him drag you to similar heretics and infidels of the inner solutions and the owners and the owners Discussion demonic false.

As narrated by al-Qurtubi in his interpretation may God have mercy on him, saying:
It is this type of show on jurisprudence, traditions, and it was the predecessor of Sunan, he says took place in my mind as well as, or told me my such and such; Faihkmon what happens in their hearts, and dominated them from their minds, and claim that the serenity of Chagrins and free for non-Jews, Vttgly them divine sciences Lord's and the facts, and toward the secrets of colleges and know the provisions of the particles Vistgnon by the provisions of the laws of the colleges, and say: This is the general legal provisions, but ruled out the stupid and the public, and the parents and the people in particular, there is no need for those texts. They take as evidence the contents of the story: If your heart Asf fatwa jurists. Uh, [Al-Anam: 93]

Finally, the fatwa of Sheikh Sayyed Mohammad Saleh'Uthaymeen Allah's mercy:
Shaykh - may Allah have mercy on him
Some will do what is God and when is it ordered it to take the opinion as it appears to him from his understanding and appreciation and to say: Asf your heart, with a lack of knowledge of the legitimate, is it permissible for him this? And when the call that he should ask the scholars, he says : Every man and his intention?

He replied, saying: This may not be him, The one who does not know to learn and who was ignorant to ask, and the address by a man Sahabia his heart pure, not tainted Balbda and fancy, and if people took this talk at face value, because each had a single doctrine, but was each one religion, we would say that the people of innovation, all right; because their hearts Astvetoha Vavtaathm so, and to be a Muslim to ask about his religion, and denied the rights to say to God without knowledge, or His Messenger, and that explains the verses or hadiths without what wanted to Allah and His Messenger. uh Fataawa and prays Volume 15 Page 447

1. Good character of the Prophet peace be upon him in advance of the liquid including himself to rest and reassure by saying (I came from the mainland ask?).

2. May be deleted if a connecting Interrogative indicated by the directory, but this is not a legal provision is a rule language.

3. That (yes) answer to prove what is false and asked him Abesh may Allah be pleased with him (yes) I came to ask about any land; But if we answered the man asked him for something of able means to prove that thing.

4. Passport back to the heart and soul but on the condition that this be returned to the heart and the same religion who mends his ways; the Almighty God supported him from the knowledge of God's true intention.

5. Sufism and the like that quoted in this modern forensic evidence that taste is due to him because he said: (Asf your heart) What was approved by the righteousness of the heart is.

It will be said: This can not be denied because the God we have begun on who has not ordained by God, can not be denied what God really never.

Moreover, the speech here to a man who is keen to apply the Sahabi Such a law is supported by God Almighty to guide and reassure his heart so as not only is beloved by God Almighty

6. Not be deceived by human Bavta people, especially if found in the same frequency; many

People seek rulings from a scientist or science student Vivtah then hesitated and doubted; Is this frequency, which is about to ask another world?

Answer: Yes, but should ask if the frequency of another world in the answer to the first.

7. That the orbit of legitimacy on the evidence, not on what is known among the people because people

May have known something and Lifton and which is not right The shell on the forensic evidence, and God bless.
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Ask Your Heart
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