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 An article about earthquakes scientists

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PostSubject: An article about earthquakes scientists   Wed Oct 30, 2013 2:23 pm

Surat earthquake , one of the most Quran Wall influential in the hearts of them conscious and , and most warning and alert the human psyche with marketed pictures of the great scenery of the Day of Resurrection scenes which vary multiple .... Pious missionary warning wretched resident of a painful doom . Confirmed that the work of the good or evil Whatever diminished Sadzy do rights and calculation , weight and the penalty will not leave small or great, but and ( it works whit better seen and works whit seen evil ) .

Sura start linking two people phenomena in the lives of the world , Aattabrōhma of natural disasters ... Earthquakes and volcanoes ; because of Thdthanh decimation and what Tbthanh destruction of panic and panic. It is clear from the context that what will happen to the Day of Resurrection will be أكثرا mightier and more explosions and that it does not face to simulate what would happen in that day , including written or people who knew him in this world , it is exciting for contemplation and reflection that the first two verses in Sura had Ordta signals علميتين very important, did not reach the flag them definitively only in the middle of this century, and after compiling a huge amount of measurements and data from all over the world , use to get it more accurate scientific instruments and the most sensitive , and can be had for human beings in the time of Muhammad, peace and blessings be up to any of them.

The first scientific reference : is the link between the phenomena of earthquakes and volcanoes.

Second scientific reference : is that the underground heavier components of the surface components .

For the signal first we all heard in recent years about the so-called networks seismic monitoring deployed in all parts of the world , and we all read between now and then that Observatory Helwan in Egypt and the Observatory as well as in France , as well as in America , as well as in Japan has recorded the quake, which occurred in an area as well as that may be thousands of miles away from those observatories, and it has been thanks to the cooperation of these observatories determine the epicenter and magnitude with great accuracy , as we all hear from time to time for an explosion or volcanic activity in the area as well as of the world, and maybe see some of us what he TVs this volcanic activity and saw lava or volcanic ash cloud out of the craters or cracks the earth , and what caused the destruction and panic and panic he called God to shield the evil of this scourge, and praise for being a living away from such areas , but that is not known to many is that there is a category not a small figure of scientists specialists working on these events and data to be expected on the maps basis (ie, free of any data) of the globe , this is a sign foci of earthquakes that increase the severity of which occurred during the hundred in the past on the map called Map sites earthquakes modern and this other group predicted places volcanic activity modern during the same time period on the map based on similar called Map volcanic activity talk show map first group that the distribution of foci of earthquakes on the level of the planet is not random but it follows a pattern , and that there are areas devoid completely of those spots , such as the Sahara , while there are other concentrations of these outposts such as Japan , Indonesia and the western coast of South America , which called it a metaphor belts earthquakes , and showed a map of the second group , the distribution of volcanic activity is not randomly also , but follows a pattern , and that there are areas devoid completely of volcanic activity , such as the Sahara and the other a high incidence of these activities such as Japan , Indonesia and the west coast of Latin America and called the Ring of Fire , show no comparison between those maps that there is a correspondence fully between the regions in which they occur earthquakes ( belts earthquakes) and those that abound where volcanic activity ( Belts fire ), which confirms the existence of a close relationship is not marred by any doubt between the earthquake and volcanic eruptions.

The question is: if this is not the Koran and alive Alim Hakim , how come to Muhammad that connects between the two phenomena precisely because of them depicts a scene from the scenes of the Day of Resurrection ? And why did not link earthquakes example Balsoaak or hurricanes or lightning and thunder connects volcanoes ? How is it possible to Muhammad without any connections or measurements or monitoring before they discover many areas of the world that connects between the two phenomena of this assertion is clear linkage simplified ? ( It is only a Revelation suggests ) Perhaps in this reference and the scientific miracles room to review any denier message Mohammed position and increases every believer in faith and ratifications .

As for the scientific second signal received in the second verse of Surat earthquake ( and directed encumber land ), they indicate that the components of the earth combine heavier than their components at the surface . The question is: what share of this information from health and when and how possible for the world to know ? The fact that this information is correct , it is for sure not differ by two of earth scientists now but it is possible to define the density of those components average specific gravity of earth materials surface is about 2.5 and increase this value gradually to reach about 3.5 in the mantle at a depth starts from about 60 km to the about 2900 km and then the specific gravity up to about 12 in the heart of the earth , which extends for a distance of 3000 km , until the center of the earth .

But when scientists have known these facts? The information all confirm that it was all in the current century after it possible to measure the speed of transmission of seismic waves in the belly of the earth and to identify the ranges change then these speeds , and then selecting the installation of these bands from emulator pilot speed transmission types of waves in various materials, has also helped the study of meteorites rail dripping on the ground and believed to be similar to the components of the Earth interior is also access to the conception of the internal structure of the Earth and images that can be found in Article there as possible, also take advantage of the laws of gravity in the calculation of the average density of the Earth is about 5.5 m / cm , which gave credibility to all these estimates.

And now we return we ask if it was not alive then how was Muhammad to know this gradient in high density components of the earth and that when he spoke of the earthquake big shed ground Bothagalha than it is deep in the depths , and then turn our attention to this compatibility wonderful with what was said by the right elsewhere in the holy book (God is that you make the earth a decision ) Ghafir 64 . Has made ​​this the internal distribution of weights and gravity well suited for life and stability , whether from humans or animal or plant , if God wanted to finish this life in all its forms , what on earth but to abandon its responsibility and receive what's inside ratifications of the meaning (and, if the land stretched out and threw what the and abandoned ) Sura schism 3-4 . In this end of life on Earth ... The greatest earthquake happening Vti_qq the ground and rushes inside and receive Bothagalha the Vtmid and hit (for whom the king God Almighty one day ).
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An article about earthquakes scientists
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