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 God's power

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PostSubject: God's power   Wed Oct 30, 2013 2:37 pm

In the name of God the Merciful

It marks the ability of Almighty Creator and greatness Almighty what we observe of this harmony in the universe and its magnificent .. And mention the following examples:

1) Each floating in an orbit :

Each of the stars and planets , moons and galaxies throughout the universe going and moving at speeds terrible, but it is nevertheless not hit each other or collide despite speed and large sizes and despite the number alarming , which has billions of billions of celestial bodies ! ! Who would make them move and then save them from the collision , including a endocrine البكماء that incredibly ? It is God Almighty ! ! Almighty says and Almncms of the place to its stable estimation Aziz Alim * Moon قدرناه the SYN until returned Kaerjohn the old * not for the sun to overtake the moon, nor can the night outstrip the day, and all floating in an orbit ) ( YS : 38-40 ) .

2) the food chain:

Living organisms on Earth in the food chain marvelous : Plants feed from the soil, and some animals are fed from these plants, and other animals are fed from these animals plant, and human feeds from plants and some animals , the soil then feed from the remains of animals and humans ... Thus, the chain continues to spin ! ! Allah says: ( So let man to his food * I صببنا water Saba * Then our apartments earth rip * فأنبتنا where love * and grapes and قضبا * and olives and نخلا * and gardens Glba * , fruit and father * comfort for you and أنعامكم ) ( Abs : 24-32 )

This system Budaiya chain contributes to maintaining the balance of the environment .. Even lagged behind the ring of rings to Ankrm system and nature of disasters , famines got .. But it is regrettable that human intervention is random in nature the most important reasons for the loss of ecological balance .. Says Azocalzaralvesad in land and sea, including earned the hands of the people ) ( Roman: 41 ) .

Look at the effects of the power of God Almighty , and grace hopes that countless , and I thank God

It بلزوم obey him even increase not decrease graces ! ! .

That if some of the examples of the magnificent order of the universe and its compatibility guide us to the greatness of the Creator Almighty and the ability and wisdom and knowledge of broad ..

The survival of the universe and life :

It is evidence of the greatness of God Almighty : the survival of the universe , life, and they continue over thousands of years .. One manifestation of the following:

1) history of the origins of the universe :

God created the universe billions of years ago , which is for all of this decade extended walks accurate system does not disturbed , and maintains the survival and continuity of the same precision and order : it is based on that? .. And who takes care of the universe and keeps its balance and تناسقه throughout those times deep in the foot before it creates rights? .. It is God Almighty .. Allah says: ( what أشهدتهم create the heavens and the earth , nor create themselves and what you misleader maker عضدا ) ( Cave: 51).

The origins of the universe vast in eras abyss of foot and continued existence of this great creation of such precision and system for evidence of the ability of the Almighty Creator greatness and majesty .. Allah says: ( Say Travel through the earth and see how it began creation, then Allah creates Growing Hereafter God over all things ) ( Spider: 20).

2 ) constipated the heavens :

And the heavens .. Full of stars and planets and celestial .. Of saves to fall on the floor and on people ? .. Who is maintained by the which is not there between them and the ground only the air ! ! .. Who is maintained by a not stand by the columns Khrassanih the Lao anything it as need - based humanitarian buildings .. It is God 's strong durable Hafiz Rahim slaves .. God says , holding the sky to fall on the ground without his permission that God's people to kind and merciful ) ( Al-Hajj: 65 ) .. He also says: ( Allah who raised the heavens without any pillars you see then turned on the throne , and subjected the sun and the moon for being named manages it separates the verses that you may meet your Lord Touknon ( Thunder: 2).

3) seed germination :

The bean and return to his home after it is reassuring that these grain will grow and become planting .. I will never guessed busy biological mechanisms for the reproduction of cells or its and plant growth ! ! .. It is not that cat from his duties , responsibilities or even of its concerns ! ! .. Vmanmth only implant , and then return to the house .. The germination was to ensure that other ! ! .. Who

Based on growth and إنباتها in the absence of the farmer ? .. It is God Almighty : ( أفرأيتم what Thrthon * أأنتم the Tzeronh Or we Growers * if we want to we made debris Fezltm Tfkhon ) (located
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God's power
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