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 Wonders of animals

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PostSubject: Wonders of animals   Wed Oct 30, 2013 2:42 pm

In the name of God the Merciful

* Kingdom of Ants

The ant is an insect , the most numerous among social insects At any given moment there are at least one to his right 15 zero District of ants on the ground.

* Ant smell بأرجلها of the ! ! !

Yes .. Some entomologists emphasize that Ant can guided بأرجلها of the smell of the place , which had already meant and can also identify smells joints horns , but to find evidence on this issue needs watching minutes .

* Frogs drink بجلدها :

The frogs can absorb water بجلدها the .. And can absorb water from the wet paper napkin with water.

* Worm :

Earthworms ability to regenerate lost parts .. If the worm is divided into two or more during مشيها can each part to live independently .. And even grow and compensate who lost part of it .

* Birth certificate for each cow :

Per cow in Switzerland 's birth certificate is recorded in the books of the government as people register , and if the accident had happened to her Government shall investigate exactly as it happens in cases of ordinary individuals .

- Why hit gorillas issued ?

This depends on the case where the gorillas .. This may not be exciting and frightening movement is what we understand any warning the necessity of other move away with it .. When resent the leader of the group it does beat chest Braanah the semi Amolqtin then يهجم ..

And chest beating sometimes be a relaxing guide to the demise of a hazard or a way to contact members of the group or a warning to other groups to stay out of their livelihoods .

And hit the some gorilla issuance of an expression of joy and Nchotha In the zoo we View غوريللا a small inclined her head back and hit her chest gleefully and trance Gamaren when winning on a competitors before Onthaha .

* Monkeys officer :

Not among the fortunate category monkeys from the monkeys of Gibraltar , which means by the British government to the extent that they have been allocated an officer oversees the feeding , health and comfort and password so that there is a legend among the local people to the effect that the extinction of the monkeys of Gibraltar Bashir clearly Englishmen them .

* Person viper bite :

Bitten viper people from the people of southern Brazil, what was it only that the response of her bite bite most of them live died .. And he escaped name .

- Why eat crocodiles her children ?

The fact that they do not do it .. Mother take their young between her teeth and appear to be devoured , but they are in fact borne to the beach .. And on the impact of sexual intercourse female Nile crocodile transmitted to the beach where drilled to a depth of 20 - 30 cm long and lay their eggs in the hole and covered with soil , which soil her body and tail and then guarding the nest and unfailing only rarely ..

The duration of this lap 12 weeks ..

When the small crocodiles hatch and find that there is no savior in front of salvation occur festival shouting and chirping opens the nest and mother take their young between فكيها of the .. Having put all their young mother between فكيها the creeps where safety in the water and opens her mouth and fired her children .

* Cooperation

There is a kind of close cooperation between the crocodile in the river and a small bird called ( Abo ) intrudes on Food alligator as it takes alligator in quiet sleep on the Shatt river stands the little bird on his head to act as a censor even if hinted prey approaching the place out hissing special episode alert the effect that the crocodile and slugging prey tail powers and takes in to eat .

This service is performed by the small versus crocodile devour the leftover meat , which lags between the teeth of crocodile after it ends devour its prey .

* 's Largest living organism :

Is the blue alligator and weigh up to 150 tons, and the weight of his tongue only about 2.5 tons - and the weight of his heart and his liver each 1/2 tons, has a length in some cases to 33.57 meters .

* Largest extinct animals :

Work scientists in recent years, the search for extinct animals and guided to the fossilized remnants have boarded the residue and knew the structures of these animals and lodged in museums .. One of these animals and one of a kind skis called Blasyoussors the largest animal known yet true that we call the giant animal as no longer the elephant to his side , but midget small , have found the remains of the animal species of mammals ( dinosaurs ) in South Africa, when installing the structure found that its length was about 33 meters and a height of about 14 meters and was fed on herbs and plants as evidenced by the teeth and that his feet free of the claws and was living on the ground after the stellar age .

* Heavier Frog :

Heavier and frogs found in West Africa and one of them weighs about 10 pounds and people in this region greedily eat them because the meat is delicious .. And frogs and lighter Also in West Africa and weighs 150 frog with about one ounce .

* Why do wolves howl ?

The wolves connected system is very complicated .. Howl is most known for wolves in their voices , Sahatha and the physical movements .. When announces a group of wolves control over a wide area deferral howls its members to maintain contact with each other , especially in night fishing trips .. Howl works to keep the groups apart and provide the wolves on their territory diet and ferocity .. However, they need to be full strength in the struggle for survival , so Howl affects the fighting .. This tendency to the spacing between members of the same species of animals that make black roaring and monkeys of all kinds shout or howl .. Wolves howl while not seen the moon , but tend to howl when أفوله .

* Beware of Scorpio:

Scorpio do not bite unlike common but bite .. A bite of insects and spiders to paralyze the movement before إلتهامها .. And scorpions are not insects Insects platoon of women with only six legs but it may scorpions eight -legged ... Scorpion venom usually does not kill the man , but causes severe pain and if human exposure to scorpion bite more than once , the sense of pain is diminished somewhat than ever before, not know scorpions social life unlike ants and bees .. But all of them live alone and in isolation and if met two of Female Scorpio fought even kill each other .. The process of pollination during the 4 months starting from May where Tjarj males and females of places to meet and then turns to her husband Scorpion exhausted weak consumed .. Then carrying female scorpion eggs on her back , even if young out on the back of her mother stayed for two weeks and then begin devouring young mother also
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Wonders of animals
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