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 An article about pride

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PostSubject: An article about pride   Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:54 pm

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon the noblest of prophets and messengers , our Prophet Muhammad and his family the best prayer and delivery , and after:

There is no doubt that the meaning of pride Sui sought by all human beings, people have praised it and trying to collect since ancient times, and many of us keep saying Mutanabi :

Dear nest or die and you cream between Canna stabbed and whisk items

And he said:

Lehne facilitate humiliation it a Meet Eelam (LTTE) , wound

Who has not heard the verses of Abu Firas :

We are people who do not mediate between us us chest without the worlds or the grave

We underestimate the Excellencies of our souls and speeches Belle did not pony Aglha

Dearest between the minimum and top with Ela and Akram from above the dirt and pride

So what is this pride , and what I should be ? Do people of falsehood pride ? Is there Azza illegal? Why do some people forget right عزتهم Vijns in front of some people of falsehood ?

Ali in these words Osult some light on these meanings , and perhaps expands preparing his home last _ God willing _ .

The pride in the language Vmojuzh of splendor , which is: against humiliation, says it Ezz is difficult attributed it dear , namely : strong, and dear ones of the attributes of God _ Almighty _, said Glass: omission not يغلبه something, Someone else said : It is strong mostly everything.

It names : Aziz , who come Ezz whom He wills of His slaves " Taiz wants and humiliates you want your goodness you are on hand to do all things " ( Al - Imran : verse 26).

And pride that we are talking about : It is a psychological condition accompanied by moral force , and derive their words and actions indicate a sense of pride and arrogance and independence from the disbelievers and the sincerity of belonging to this religion with humility and mercy to the believers .

Today the nation desperately needs to be a commitment to and pride taking بمقوماتها on the level of governments , peoples and individuals , and pride in the religion of the strongest what we face our enemies in a time in which nations crumbled We also falter eaters to قصعتها , to come , through the pride and glory and immortality.

Elements of pride :

1 - absolute faith that God is dear , and that alone is a source of pride and Oahpha , and that no one has the pride or is giving others "Whoever wants to honor Fallah pride all," [creator : verse 10 , " Glory be to God , His Prophet and the believers, but the hypocrites know not " [ hypocrites : verse 8] , "Say O King owner to bear the king of like and tend king who want Taiz you like and humiliates you want your goodness you are on hand to do all things " [ Al - Imran : verse 26].

2 - the certainty that Azza oppressors to the demise , and they ايملكون durability as well as that Ahboha others : " And they have taken gods to serve them attributed * Both Sikvron Babadthm and are they antibody " [Maryam: 81, 82 ], " who make unbelievers rather than believers Oeptgon have pride , the Glory to God are all " women : verse 139] , and when proved some misguided for himself Azza false " They say while we go back to the city to go out dearest of them الأذل " God said :" Glory be to God , His Prophet and the believers, but the hypocrites did not know " hypocrites : From verse 8 ] , and when he disturbed the concept of pride true when people Shoaib , said: "They said my Shoaib What tunnel much of what she says and , surely, see you in us weak and not Rhtk to Rjmnak what you we loved one ," " said O my people Erhti dearest to you from God and Atakztamoh behind you dorsally The Lord perimeter of what ye do " [ Hood : 92 ] .

3 - believed to belong to this religion , although its owner is the Mighty , and the other is a spaniel, as God said : " Glory be to God , His Prophet and the believers, but the hypocrites know not " ( hypocrites : verse Cool, " The Faint do not grieve and you الأعلون if you are believers " (Al Imran: 139 ) , while the infidel though precious in world فمآله : " Zq you you Aziz Karim " ( smoke: 49), " disbeliever and disobedient not enjoyed equally " ( prostration : 18).

4 - Do not fooled by including it infidels from strength material or military , it does not mean in the balance of pride real thing, " Do not be tempted volatility of those who disbelieve in the country pleasures of a few and then ultimate abode is hell , and evil hypothalamus " (Al-Imran : 196, 197), Izz afterlife and misery to ايقارن what is in this world , not only in its size or type or duration, and hello glory limited followed by humiliation elongated , yet the world is the place God raises defender where Oqoma and lowers others , is enacted to make her days states , then the consequence of piety.

5 - independence from the enemy, and without them , and not to rely on them in various aspects of life , and this does not contradict with the benefit which they have made ​​for material harnessed to service this debt, and strengthen believers , without humiliation or subordination or waiver .

To water Atsagna life wetsuit but Vasagna the بالعز Handal Cup

" God will not make the unbelievers on the believers a way " ( al - Nisa : verse 141).

How do we achieve pride in the Muslim community ? :

1. Introduction of viable pride , and stick to them .

2. Raising children of Muslim pride and sincerity of belonging, and stripped of loyalty to God and His Messenger, and the innocence of the infidels , and not rely on Western culture or vulnerability .

3. Independence of the media from dependence on the West and exit from the bondage of the West to the freedom of Islam .

4. Political independence , and this does not contradict with the establishment of international relations on the basis of justice , cooperation and lift the injustice .

5. Economic independence , in various affairs and its branches , and build the economy on the basis of Islamic legitimacy away from the elements of the economy

Western and foundations , and that the exchange of physical and economic benefits based on equality Harihalaqrar .

6. Find strategic studies centers through which the long-term policy - making in various legal affairs of life , cultural, political , media , economic , and not to rely on Western studies centers and analyzes .

7. The establishment of platforms , which broadcasts in the nation the spirit of pride and dignity and arrogance , and dispensing with the others , and protect them from foreign influences various صنوفها and media forms, particularly ones.

And stops the task

1 - sense of pride Muslim on the unbelievers and dealing makes him live an extraordinary life where Inshirah and happiness and joy .

2 - It is not pride arrogance on the believers and patronizing them , this Azza reprehensible , he said _ peace be upon him _ as he narrated about his Lord : " Ezz Azari , and arrogance ردائي , it Nzni two tortured ," and he said: ( arrogance means right, and looking down on people ), Indeed, it is the Muslim Azza Kamal Tzllh Muslims and humility them , and this to Aenqs but aggravated , what increased God slave amnesty but attributed , and humbly to God lifted, praised God for the faithful that they are submissive to the faithful the noblest of the unbelievers .

3 - not of Azza Muslim oppression and abuse of others in the capital , display or blood if they are infidels only the right , and this is the gate astray when many " not hatred of any people seduce that Sdokm for the Grand Mosque that transgress " (round : verse 2).

4 - fully Azza Scholar: good manners even with the infidels, and good manners does not mean weakness and humiliation and wretchedness , but justice and fairness and to explore the right " not hatred of any people seduce but not from justice Be just that is nearer to piety " (round : verse Cool, " God does not forbid all those who fought not against you on account of religion nor drove you out of your homes, dealing kindly and justly them God loves المقسطين " ( Allah forbids : 8 ).

5 - serious neurological and party to a tribe or a country or a group in the classroom Muslim , the faithful one party "and Atol Allah and His Messenger and those who believe the Hezbollah are the victors " (round : verse 56) , and the fanaticism and prejudices of ignorance is the most dangerous Qoadh pride that we want , I have repeatedly exploited by enemies to break up a row of Muslims , and disperse their word , God has vilified who split up their religion and were sects , he said: "Those who split up their religion and were sects am not of them in anything but God commanded them to then ينبئهم what they were doing ."

6 - intercourse humiliation in saying _ peace be upon him _ : " If doubts about his wife , and you take turns cow , and culture - رضيتم , highlighted God upon you humiliation Aanzaah you until you retracted your religion " [ Narrated by Abu Dawood and horses .

7 - You do not have to inability of Muslims to militarily confront their enemies can not humiliate them and give up their religion, it has not been possible in the inability to establish the right , but Forewarned you in the words of falsehood .

8 - Any waiver of Muslims in the affairs of religion and Aqidtm and their country will lure enemy in them, Valthbat stability " you see those in whose hearts is disease rushing them say fear that Tsaibna circle deeds of God to come conquest or ordered from him Faisbhawwa is captured in themselves ruing ," " The Atkhaddan saying فيطمع in heart disease. "

9 - Aenawe pride legitimacy authored infidels when invited to speak good or مجادلتهم in the best manner , has God said : "Do not argue People of the Book except in the best manner " (Spider : verse 46), and view the dispute process , he said: "Say , O People of the Book Come to the word both you and us not to worship none but God does not involve him something and not take each other gods without God if they turn away , say, take note PANA Muslims . "

10 - Glory truth requires compliance controls Shara in our treatment of each other , and in our dealings with others, of the people of boredom the other , if the text of Shara not to say to an unbeliever , Lord, it is not permissible to appease and tell him the master, or Mavi meaning as ( Mister ), and if the text embarked not بدئهم the peace there is nothing Nbdahm that , if handed we responded , peace be upon them , and so we follow embarked on everything that governs the relationship with other Muslim .

11 - from religion to show pride rituals of Islam anywhere unless he was afraid one on himself to weakened or contempt .

12 - one of the most important requirements of pride not referring to them, or their Alastansar " not the Lord to NOT BELIEVE even يحكموك the disputes between them, and then to Aajdoa in themselves embarrassed than I surrender and recognition ."


Finally, Muslims live vulnerable in many aspects, but with that excel in religion, morals and values ​​, and when to see the Muslim religion and استقاموا a year prophet - peace be upon him - and fear their Lord , the splendor ally , Vusita to myself and to Muslims uprightly on religion , but optimistic Vaqubh for the righteous " We wrote in the Psalms, after mentioning that righteous servants shall inherit land * that in this tip for those who Abdeen " [ prophets : 105-106 ] .

Praise be to Allah , Lord of the Worlds, and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions
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An article about pride
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