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 Migration of the Prophet

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PostSubject: Migration of the Prophet   Mon Nov 04, 2013 7:58 pm

In the name of God the Merciful

Praise be to Allah can afford Majid , listener الذاكر said the Hamad al - Hamid to greatness knelt kneeling and cringe الساجد of . And threw in the ground Roissy شامخات - rules. Almighty for hiking partner and child and parent and I swear on حدانيته in the Qur'an and denying the only Maand .

And I bear witness that there is no god but Allah alone with no partner and I bear witness that our master , our Prophet and our leader and the apple of our eyes Muhammad is the Messenger of God, who does not disappointed Nuncio liquid . And may God be pleased with Abu Bakr met Zahid and Assistant Omar and Osman killed wrongfully palm envious and Ali Mujahid hero .

Having said that, worshipers of God I advise you and myself to fear Allah Almighty, I advise you to prepare for a day position great for the day that does not work when the money nor the boys only from God came a sound heart and Artqbwa death for he is breathing a few and the age of Livni and days elapse and the minimum -determination for the demise of فليحرص each and every one of us to build His tomb to build the Hereafter to hold himself accountable .

Says our Lord , the Almighty : { Otherwise Tansrōh may God assist him , as directed by who disbelieved the second two as they are in Laurel says to his neighbor, do not be sad if God is with us } .

Sent a messenger of Allah peace be upon him in Mecca and has old nearby forty , remained in Mecca after thirteen years calling people out loud to the Oneness of God , saying to them : "Say no god but God prosper " without chill tirelessly , I got after the incident a great and blessed step It immigration Prophet Muhammad , which carries with it the meaning of sacrifice and patience , fortitude and commitment of the divine commands .

Intensified confrontation besieged people of shirk Muslims in a coral Mecca many years Ojhdhm of the hunger and thirst and the but the siege ever - after effort and fatigue and authorizes the Apostle to his companions immigration .

Muslims migrated in waves to those alien to the country , to emigrate to Abyssinia and the migration to the city carrying with them a senior ethics and a subsequent call and demand to publish .

Migration for the sake of God not the minimum nor the prestige or for comfort , but to establish justice and right edifices and building a state of faith and dissemination of uniformity in the Arabian Peninsula and across the globe . Among the immigrants Omar ibn al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him , it came out from Mecca with forty vulnerable people in broad daylight Mmichqa his sword , saying, صناديد Quraish: " O Quraish who wants you to separate the head or Tzqlh mother or تترمل his wife or orphaned his son or go himself فليتبعني behind this valley I am an immigrant to Yathrib " no one dares that converts without him and without migration. This is the age in which he said Habib Muhammad , peace be upon him : "O dearest Islam one Amrain the " He also said that: " lamp life of the people of Paradise , " and said : "What a passable to قيك devil is crude , but in wire crude is Fjk " in .

Killed with the sword of treachery and crime and tyranny in the house of God in those blessed country , which had been killed by magician infidel is owned by marauding bin Division and named " Abu pearl turquoise " and the origin of the Hunde The age has come out to the morning prayer and malignant Abu pearl between the rows and hand dagger poisoned headed struck him three stab wounds , one of which under belly button فأمسكوه and his companions wounded about a dozen men , seven of them died offender then stabbed himself to death .

It was reported Ibn al in the book التبصرة that the age of the appeal came Ibn Abbas said: " O faithful to Thnak Paradise swear that your Islam was attributed though Hagartak for groundbreaking though your state to just " Umar said: "O Ibn Abbas Gore others do, أتشهد me to do when God " and he was speechless Ibn Abbas Among them was Ali said Ali bin Abi Talib : " Yes, O Commander of the Faithful seeing you this when God " died unjustly , but after his death hundred انهدم the wall his grave Fbant the foot like a sleeping God bless him and satisfied, .

Blessed are the Omar Blessed are those who come out of this world full of faith .

And waits friend Abu Bakr permission to immigrate to the city and ask the Prophet but he says to him: "Do not accelerate Perhaps God to make you the authors of " until that day comes, you go where the Apostle to Abu Bakr , he says: " Allah permits me out and migration ," says Abu Bakr breath : " companionship O Messenger God " Faravq the Messenger of Allah , if tears come down from my eyes, Abu Bakr , a cry of joy , accompanied by good Apostle prayers of God be upon him .

And stems knees toward the city , the Messenger of Allah and Abu Bakr and guide them if arrived outside Mecca turns to them and says : "You love the country to Allah and His Messenger , nor that family took me out from you what came out ."
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Migration of the Prophet
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