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 An article about solving problems

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PostSubject: An article about solving problems   Tue Jan 28, 2014 11:15 pm

رابط الموضوع:
Hinder problems capacities person natural , and prevent him from achieving the desired results ; therefore every one wants to solve problems and overcome them , but the people who succeed in overcoming their problems in spades few ; given the complexity of a lot of problems , and not the behavior of the person the appropriate steps to resolve them.

Between your hands and systematic steps to solve problems and overcome them , here's a statement:
The first step: the discovery of the problem and felt , since many of the problems are at the stage of latency , do not appear until after a long period of time .

Step Two : Identify the problem ( what's wrong with the real ?) , And this is done by way of objective knowledge gap between reality taking place , and the image that is supposed to be the fact .

The one needs to define the problem over the more his information about, and the definition of her must be clear is checked; because it forms the basis for analysis , and to find appropriate solutions , and the best way to do that written words are short, and the success of every next step on the move ; The right selection avoids the beginnings error , and prevents the return to the starting point.

The third step : analysis of the problem and discover its dimensions, by identifying the real causes , and not merely address the effects of virtual , must be those analyzes caution against assuming prior knowledge of the reasons for the real problem before thinking deeply in which , as one of the greatest pitfalls to avoid problems: jumping to be resolved before actually analyzed .

Step Four: Find all the possible ways to solve the problem , through the generation of ideas, innovation solutions , and propose alternatives through what is known as brainstorming , it is important not to be removed quickly in this process , so that a list of all possible solutions , even if it was weird .

Step Five : Assessment of potential solutions , through written standards are carefully selected , so that it is able to experience the pros and cons of each method are proposed to overcome the problem, as it will improve the quality of the solutions selected , and will facilitate the process of reaching it.

Step Six : Let the brewing solutions , and mature quietly reasonable period of time , it prevents you from choosing a hasty solution , and makes you examine the problem and proposed solutions from different angles.

It is suggested that before reaching a final solution to develop a short list includes the best possible solution , but not the more than four or five .

Step Seven : Select the most appropriate solution to the problem.

Step Eight : Put a time plan , financial mankind ; to implement the right solution , and prepare the way for its success , and then start work .

Step Nine : The values ​​of the results , and then follow-up ; sure to get offers , and that the solution is working efficiently and effectively in the desired direction .

Step Ten : Counting from where it started if you find that the solution is moving in a negative direction , or does not achieve the results that asks them .

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An article about solving problems
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