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 An article about the teaching methods

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PostSubject: An article about the teaching methods   Wed Jan 29, 2014 12:21 am

- Dedication of the teacher and his personality and his perseverance and good acting the most important success factors .
- Each method has a good time , all the roads are complementary , for the teacher to choose the most appropriate
- The success of the teaching method depends mainly on teacher preparation and being able to , in addition to efficiency in the application of the method .
1 - the standard way : The way to start this to save the base, and then followed with examples and evidence confirmed it described its meaning, any move from the base to the partial truths .
2 - inductive method : Unlike a standard method , wherein we get to the provisions and rules by observation and viewing examples , Neptdi any of the particulars and finish to the provisions of the rules and new realities .
3 - modified the way : It is a combination of two methods , Valkies needs to be rules and regulations and the college premises , and therefore this can not be accessed only by induction , which helps us to know the rules and provisions for intervention underneath partial truths and examples. In order to check the veracity of the facts and the rules and we are Avhamha apply to partial truths and examples , and this is a particular measurement .
4 - way of the project: ( learning by doing ) and the atmosphere is linked to the school social Ocean , where the students to the practical implementation of an educational project on the ground , and have it individually or collectively .
5 - Problem Solving : The treatment is based on the problem occur for students , where students participate in the resolution, under the guidance of a teacher.
6 - Alelqaúah ( lectures ) ( newsletter) : a method of presentation is primarily concerned with giving the teacher to explain and interpret the information and explanation , and the teacher here is the main focus of the lesson.
7 - discussion ( questions) : The debate is not the way a stand-alone , but an important part in all teaching methods , and show the efficiency of the teacher in a manner directed to students and formulated in a way and how to raise students to receive and answer them and commenting on their answers .
8 - recitations : It is also not a stand-alone mode , but conservation and recitations of individual or collective basis in many of the lessons , and with the importance of conservation , but the understanding is the most important pillar in the educational process , and the two brothers are inseparable .
9 - talk shows : and the support teacher at the question and answer between him and the educated , the same controls in the questions , and the difference between it and the previous method to questions and discussion be after the lecture , but in the dialogue shall be questions are whole lesson , has called the method of the questions.
10 - There are other ways , such as: the way the story and the way the cooperative and the way the units and how to play and the way of representation .

I pray to God Almighty to Iovgueni and you to serve the holy book , and bless us with sincerity.
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An article about the teaching methods
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