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 The effect of parental smoking on children

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PostSubject: The effect of parental smoking on children   Wed Jan 29, 2014 1:20 am

Warning Per father Smoker : child inhales the equivalent of one and half times the amount of smoke that you inhale while you smoke the cigarette ! ! .. If you naysayers to quit smoking at least

Must move away from the young to avoid them many of the diseases caused by infections such as pneumonia and acute asthma , but often results in death.

D . Ahmed Saeed Younis, head of Friends of the mother's milk says that passive smoking has many risks , adding that the father ( or mother) when smoked four cigarettes in a place where the child's Son in this case, like the smoking six cigarettes , and this leads to his disease continuous , such as throat infections and tonsillitis and asthma and allergy -Sadr , as well as bronchitis, repeated that often afflict children in summer and winter and often caused him health setback as a result of a father kissing a smoker and mother smoked or inhalation of cigarette smoke and lead to death due to a contraction in the throat , making the child is unable to breathe and thus death occurs .

It demands d . Hassan Aref Assistant Professor chest diseases Palace kind forbearance sons , especially young children , to understand the most vulnerable to smoking , Frih children who are exposed to passive smoking are less efficient and the ability to function compared to children who are not exposed to such ill effects , where double their proportion injuries inflammation of the lungs and bronchial infections and infections of the middle ear .

When smokers smoke anywhere understanding inhale 15% of cigarette smoke , and the place was closed whenever the higher the concentration of smoke in the air , and this so-called passive smoking .

Children are affected significantly from that resulting in a loss of appetite, poor concentration and absorption capacity , lethargy and lack of activity , anemia and cancer of the respiratory tract , in addition to mental illness , such as anxiety, agitation , but how do we protect our children from smoking?

Must be aware of the importance of fathers and mothers to quit smoking or non-smoking once and for all in the house , as well as the mother of her child not exposed to smoke and smokers and polluting the atmosphere .
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The effect of parental smoking on children
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