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 Of bad habits Altvhit car

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PostSubject: Of bad habits Altvhit car   Wed Jan 29, 2014 1:38 am

Wrong practices exercised by some hotheads as a hobby and adventure , but the behavior of the wrong the whole scientists and scholars on interdiction because they claim the self , which is God maintained and preserved , and despite the suggestions by the practitioners of this hobby lethal as an expression of skill to control driving , but the indications are that egregious incidents resulting therefrom , as evidenced by the large number of innocent people who have been victims of this hobby who are attracted by curiosity and curiosity , what are the reasons why human sacrifice himself or his life of adventure for a moment of excitement ? What are the most effective ways to combat this scourge, which has captured the hearts of many young people Vadmnoha ? And what he says Shara in that? This is what we make through the following lines : the blessing became a curse beginning explains Mr. Ahmad Abdullah Al-Ghamdi Professor of International Public Relations and Lecturer , Department of Media University of King Abdul Aziz said that the technical blessing of God which is bestowed by the man , but unfortunately , instead of benefiting human grace around some curse the machine of death and playing into the hands of young teenagers who have no qualms about endangering their lives and the lives of others to die during the adventures and irresponsible to claim lives and money . He said Al-Ghamdi : There are some young hotheads who `s fatal and reviews in front of a group of fans who lined up to encourage those hotheads in the streets and public squares and in front of schools , especially after the end of exams and games , may begin this phenomenon as a hobby and soon turned into an addiction , no doubt that this phenomenon is forbidden religiously because the harm to the same waste of money , and God Almighty says : (And those who annoy believing men and women undeservedly, they bear the guilt of slander and manifest sin .) That has issued a fatwa that Muslim scholars Altvhit forbidden in Islam because the consequent killing of souls and a waste of money and inconvenience to others . While sees the exercise of these practices that what they are doing is a kind of skill or love of adventure , has been seen by young adolescents kind of courage that makes it controls in the car in difficult and dangerous conditions . Showmanship and fame and see Ghamdi that the most important causes of this phenomenon is the weakness of faith Valtvhat is forbidden in Islam , how satisfied Rights to hurt himself or one of his brothers . Love and fame when appearing Mufaht begins to emerge and the public prominence rush him and increase his desire to appear and fame. In addition to the vacuum , unemployment and the lack of what holds these young people makes them aimless and display of vacuum killer , as well as the blind imitation of what he sees these teenagers in the media and electronic games like violent films and pursuits offered by satellite television and Western movies and American . And control of the family and the absence of many parents about their children . Finally, wealth and luxury and the presence of money in the hands of these teenagers do not care about them and do not keep these cars it has obtained easily crashed and burned out if there will be a ready substitute and without trouble or fatigue . The behavior of abuse and beside it confirms Professor Salahuddin Abdul Qadir supervisor of the unit programs and training at the National Center for Youth Research , King Saud University that Altvhit behavior is contrary to the norms of social and religious community because it represents a waste of the same money in a non- legitimate aim created by the law , he says, there are a variety of reasons for this behavior , including : social reasons , such as family breakdown and lack of control of the parents, and the lack of role models in the family , and the absence of proper guidance , and lack of accountability -conscious , and the absence of dialogue within the family , and the isolation of the father of the family , and the supply of young people with money without regard to the need of the young man for money. There are also psychological reasons , including the lack of emotional stability , and impulsivity and recklessness , the love of the review and impressions , and a sense of inferiority , and tradition , and the desire to discharge energy . He adds : There are general reasons , including lack of religious faith , and unemployment and void , and the lack of a national project wraps around young people , such as literacy and show love and sacrifice for a life partner or catching the boys to wrong practices . Mimicry of the other side says Sheikh Abdul Rahman bin Mohammed Al offset Advisory Educational : There are several reasons for drifting from one person to another and they are many , including: the weakness of family education , and leisure , and love emerge, mimicry , and love of adventure and fun , watching movies that encourage Altvhit , and the presence of public cheerleader for this behavior , and the wealth and luxury and the presence of cars and money from non- controls , and the weakness of the role of the home , the school, the mosque and the media , and the weakness of family control , and laxity in the implementation of security systems , and the ignorance or weakness of the cultural level , and unemployment among young people, and thinking in a negative way Altvhit , weak religious faith . It seems that the behavior is normal among young people belonging to the inability to achieve the psychological needs in childhood magnifying pre seven years ( of love , acceptance and consideration and independence ) Fahakgah the wrong way (such as drifting , violence , theft and graffiti ... etc. ) . Treatment of the phenomenon and select each offset by a multi- treatment methods and different , saying : should activate the role of the media , the community and the home , the school and the mosque on either end , and we must find an opportunity to dump the energies of young people . As well as the importance of dialogue with Mufhtin way educational and psychological . And enhance the confidence of young people themselves and to stand with them and encourage them and motivate them. And the presence of special studies to find out the real causes of Tvhit . And the possibility of finding suitable help young people to show their abilities and preferences . And the presence of media channels targeted to handle abnormal behaviors in a manner commensurate with the thinking of young people. And address the problem from both sides of preventive and therapeutic manner commensurate with the youth . And put the controls in the car rental and Driving . And raise awareness of the effects and consequences of families Altvhit . And the creation of appropriate sanctions and firmness in its implementation . And the creation of jobs for young people. And provide appropriate courses for young people to improve thinking , feelings and behavior . The increase of religious faith in God and connecting young people . Finally, the hard work by the families to achieve the psychological needs of children in early childhood and the cornerstone of the future of youth bright grace of God. Method to address these young people and concluded Al offset by saying : It is worth mentioning that theses proliferating to treat negative phenomena take a recurring character , and when we deeply realize that young people need to methods of addressing Onamathm , programs, mental health, for example, young people who practice Altvhit often their program of mental type Olaqturabi who thinks in the fun does not calculated the effects and consequences resulting from erroneous behavior , and this needs to be a special address and special programs tend to sweeten more than intimidation and what we aspire to achieve in an effective manner , a specialist in the development of intervention programs diverse in terms of preventive and curative . .. The youth defending Altvhit and assert that the hobby interesting and toured the message among a group of young people and asked them about their views on Altvhit Vavedua thus : fame and appearing the beginning says the young Hassan Ahmad : Altvhit mean for us young people , who is encouraged by the fame and appearing love dating and rounded hearts , if you want to know someone , you just need to show your skills in front of him , he is to increase my reputation among young people and inform them that you are a high skill in leadership ( professional wondrous ) and that way mesmerizing Mufaht goodwill Visabakon for long him and this makes him addicted to Altvhit not give it up . The importance of rationing his part, confirms the young Abdul Rahman Al-Shabibi that Altvhit hobby beautiful is something beautiful for young people and says : We as young people we consider to be of hobbies that we wish to have spaces in our society, which is full of a lot of young people who love this talent , but they are deprived of them for lack of space dedicated to this hobby , and all what we see from the tragic accident is not due to drifting in itself , but the lack of a club floor clean to facilitate the exercise of this hobby under the supervision of specialists and trainers , as well as the lack of runways for spectators .
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Of bad habits Altvhit car
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