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 Good habits of Mercy

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PostSubject: Good habits of Mercy   Wed Jan 29, 2014 1:52 am

Praise be to Allah the Merciful , peace and blessings be upon the Prophet of the Secretary , and on his family and companions . .. After Varahma create a high and noble tuft ... How does! Has been described by God himself in more than one place of the holy book which says: { And your Lord is Forgiving, including Aaakhzhm mercy if they have earned to hurry them suffering , but they will not find a date ! Without habitat } and the verses too many . United compassion nutshell are: to share with others their pain and their joys as a mercy emotions and emotions do not know Bzawahrha fact composition. The line for us and our imam , our ideal first absolute best of our Prophet Muhammad, prayer and delivery of Mercy in the finest images in various forms and colors . Came from the mother of believers Aisha, may Allah be pleased with her: found Osama threshold door Vhj face Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him : ( ( Omaiti him harm ) ) Vtqdhirth Making touches his blood and Amjh his face and then said: ( ( if Osama underway to Halith and Xute even spent ) ) correct in 1019 , here it is: the Prophet peace be upon him a shuddering to Osama bin Zaid love and the son of his love , and cleans his face and his wound from the blood and hung in his face from the dust and the like, which Askth , and guides of magnificence ferry earlier , as if it fell son of one of us , it is to him , and verbally Alatefh Mtaibh 's sake, forgotten for pain , such as : I'll go back to the grocery store , or I'll buy you a game, and so on until all of the words himself , and forget the pain. At the same day the Prophet peace be upon him sitting in his mosque among his companions if Belhassen Ben Ali, may Allah be pleased passes in front of him moved a passion paternity between sidearms divine paper heart great to him grabbed him and kissed him , said bald bin Habis al-Tamimi : O Messenger of Allah accept boys ? Prophet said to him, peace be upon him : Yes ! He said : God, I have ten boys are accepted none of them . Looked at him peace be upon him said : ( ( I own or that you remove God from your heart of compassion ruthless ruthless ) ) , but that exceeded the limits of human mercy to all creatures . Ibn Abbas, may Allah be pleased with them : Over the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him the man may Ddja sheep , which limits the blade and said to him : ( ( Do you want to Tzbhaa Zbhtin Hla identified your code before Tddjaha ) ) These cattle Brothers realize and know that they slaughtered ; This is very observant when you go to the market to buy sheep sacrifice you and the seller may need help of a third person to help you until the introduction of the carcass to the car , they resist with all my strength ; but if I got the slaughterhouse , the slaughter in front of her and saw what is the same ? See how you Stzhbha clouds and Blkraa a Mstlqah on the ground can not stand on her feet because she collapsed completely than meets the scenes of slaughter and colors ; Fletna Nrahm these animals do not enter it to the slaughterhouse only after booking number and waiting for the role and evil cartoon bags earmarked for Meat, Varahma here are required. And Abdullah bin Umar said: The peace be upon him : ( (What a man kills a bird and above but without the right to ask God on the Day of Resurrection ) ) said : What is the right O Messenger of Allah ? He said: ( ( right to kill Vtaklha not cut her head are intended him ) ) , look at his mercy to my brothers and my father is my mother's blessings and peace , we have included the mercy of righteousness and unabashed free and slave Albhm and speaking , I've included everyone . Where are those who hunt more than they need , and where to learn from fishing in these birds do not know that they may have fallen into the forbidden . If you , dear reader Varahma recipe and create a divine prophetic cream Ntkhalq behooves us to do , and strive to show him may God have mercy on us Brahmtna for his creation . Man complained to the Prophet, peace be upon him cruelty in his heart, said to him, peace be upon him ( ( If you want to clear the top of your heart softens feed the poor orphan ) ) . This is one of the solutions to melt the ice cruelty frigid heart what neediest orphan to the pitied him and bless his soul , and in dire need of hardened his heart to feel Paliam and its need for love and affection he had lost , and feed the poor and charity to guide the paper heart and the brink of Witte , a solution for those who complain the rigors of his heart . The Almighty God the most merciful and mercy Almighty preceded the anger which is close to the faithful slaves , narrated Omar ibn al-Khattab may Allah be pleased with him , said : feet on the Prophet peace be upon him captivity , if a woman from captivity may exude her nipples irrigate , having found a boy in captivity, I took it , Volsqth her ​​stomach and breastfed , told us that the Prophet peace be upon him : ( ( You see this Tarahh her ​​son in the fire) ) . We said : No! It is estimated that not posed , he said: ( ( God have mercy towards His slaves than this her son ) ) . Agreed . Vrahmth wide , but should strive to obey the Almighty and the fear of it and do not continue in the sins and misdeeds trust in the capacity mercy of non- work Vtjd human indulged in lusts and sins , and if his speech said to you, my brother, God is forgiving and merciful ; Or: My brother, God's mercy and wide ; and other phrases ; say: Yes, God is Forgiving, Merciful and do not forget that it is severe in punishment and do not forget the verse: { My mercy encompasses all things Vsaketbha } who will write the mercy of the stick defeatists ? ! ! For those who are going to write . { Vsaketbha for those who fear } . Finally, it has to afflict the mercy of some of the things Krahmt does not deserve mercy of the oppressors who held them legitimate boundaries , or be a source of danger and rehab it would be a matter of public interest to stop evil and harm and to take mercy on him and his companions to people . And Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds.
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Good habits of Mercy
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