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 Sports volleyball

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PostSubject: Sports volleyball   Wed Jan 29, 2014 1:59 am


' Handball ' handball , which is also known as handball collective 'or' Olympic handball 'and' European Handball ' is [ Sports Team ] scramble where two teams each 7 players ( 6 players goalkeeper ) . Players pass the ball among themselves to try to throw it into the opponent's goal in a goal . The game consists of two games each for 30 minutes , and the team that can score the most goals in the opponent's goal at the end of the two halves of the game is the winner. At the present time , usually held matches in handball Eat internal dedicated to it , on the contrary handball which in the past held in foreign places , such as handball stadium held on the soccer field and beach handball . The U.S. Handball is quite different from the European Handball . At the start of the game , players move very quickly and happens physical contact with each other when trying to address each team 's defenders to attack an opponent and prevent them from approaching the goal. The friction between the two players is not allowed unless the defender in the face of one of the two teams finished with a pecking discount; which was between the attacker and the goal. Any friction or both sides of the back is contrary to the rules of the game and the consequent severe penalties . If the defender to prevent the attacker from reaching the goal to a goal , the referee stopped the game at this point and resume again with the ball and offensive players of the beginning point of the offense or on-line , which is the goal for a distance of 9 meters . While it allows basketball players charged with five offenses only (6 irregularities according to the National Association of Basketball ) , it is the right of the handball players commit an unlimited number of irregularities that are in favor of the defense , but at the same time affect the rhythmic movement of the attackers . As for the number of times scoring goals in handball , it is the right of every team to make at least 20 goals . Therefore , it is not surprising that the outcome of the game with 33 points versus 31 . However, this did not exist in the history of the game. Vkadima , the number of objectives handball like those of the sport of ice hockey . But with the development of methods of attack , and in particular the use of counter-attacks ( attacks flash ) after the failure of the opposing team in the attacks , the rate of scoring goals .
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Sports volleyball
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