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 Of Huda Muhammad Baraka

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PostSubject: Of Huda Muhammad Baraka   Wed Jan 29, 2014 2:13 am

Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions and after: The man as he walked in this world that coveted increased in his time, and his age, and his wealth , and his sons , and all Mahbubath , which are perceptions of selectivity happiness has . Muslim and pray to God Almighty to bless him , and he was the prophet calls blessing in many things . The pond : the divine goodness is proven in the thing ; If they solved in a few abundance , and if solved in many benefit , and the fruits of the greatest blessing in all things be used in obedience to God Almighty . It is hoped in the event of the righteous and the good guys from the scientists , scholars, and people find the pond phenomenon in their conditions . You will find the man whom his income material in the level of the others , but God bless the money does not find crashes his car ( for example), many can not find the expenses spent to no avail ; is stable case is not required by creditors , nor Athaglh the arrival of visitors , and the other is : God bless the daughter of a single serve and the ordering , and gave birth to his grandchildren were the apple of his eye , and the third time and find Mamora obey God and the benefit of the people and if the hours of the day is longer than the hours and days of normal people ! Hopes in case others who are not the impact of the pool they have, it has millions , but Chekaya Ed and fatigue during the day , and staying up late and the account and the length of thinking in the night , and the other : find crashes his car going on , what to get out of the (workshop ) until the intervention of another ! And his third child of ten in a row , but one of their father 's enemies , God forbid , did not see them land , and do not hear them, but evil , and can not find their eyes from only one question . When the rest of you? . The pond in science Fjelah clear , Zaki some of his science - a few - Venf God as a teacher , or a preacher , or employees, or otherwise, and from them he has learned a lot , but not a trace of it for the benefit of people . And pond if revealed by God Almighty pervades everything: the money , and boy , time , labor, and production , and wife , science , advocacy, and an animal , and the house , and the mind , and the prey, and a friend and this was a search for the pond important and necessary ! . How Nstjelb pond ? First: the piety of God Almighty key to all good , he says: Had the villagers believe and fear they opened the blessings of heaven and earth } [custom : 96 ] , and he says: Whoever fears God makes his way out , and give him in terms of do not count } [ divorce :3 -2 , which on the one hand does not mince his mind . The scientists knew piety : to work to obey God , the light of God , hopes the reward of Allah , and leave disobedience to God , the light of God , fear God's punishment . It was said to one of the righteous : The prices have gone up . He said: Onzloha piety . It has been said : What I never saves . It was said to a man of jurists : { Whoever fears God makes his way out , and give him in terms of do not count } [ Divorce : 3.2 ] , said al-Faqih : God , he makes us the director, and have reached a piety that is his family , and it is to bless us and Atakinah , and I hope the third : ) interpretation of the meaning of God expiate his sins and maximize his reward ( divorce: 5 ] . Second, reading the Koran : it is a book of Mubarak heal hearts to ill health and medicine for diseases of the spine : { Book sent down to you to afford some sort Mubarak verses and remember Ulloa Kernels } [Y : 29 ] . The good deeds of bringing the best and the pond. Third, pray ; The Prophet asked Baraka in many things , it has taught us to call for the married , we say : « God bless you, and bless you , and the collection in goodness » [Narrated by Tirmidhi] , and also pray for those who fed : « God bless them with Rozkthm , and forgive them , and merciful » [ Reported by Muslim ] . And many others . Fourth : Do not squeeze and bulimia in taking the money said to Hakim Ben belt may Allah be pleased with him : « O wise that this money is fresh and sweet , it is taken Bskhaoh same Burke has it, is taken under the supervision of the same did not bless him in it, like the one eating nor full » [Narrated by Muslim . Fifth: honesty in the transaction of buying and selling , said : « Albien option unless Itafrqa , the honest and Pena are in Burke sold , though Katayama and falsely sold Mhakt pond » [Bukhari] . Sixth: the completion of the work on the first day ; petition for prayer of the Prophet - peace be upon him - has called for peace and blessings blessing in it : By Sakhr Al-Ghamdi from the Prophet - peace be upon him - that he said: « God bless to my nation in Pkorha » [Reported Ahmed] . He said some advances : I am astonished at those who pray the morning after sunrise How alive ? ! He said: When the Messenger of Allah sent a secret if he sent the first day, and the rock was a man who was not a merchant sends his servants, but from the first day, Vkther his money until he does not know where to put his money. Seventh: The following year, in all things ; they do not come , but okay. It is said that in conversations - peace be upon him : « down the middle of the pond , eat food from the edges , and do not eat from the waist » [Bukhari] . Jabir bin Abdullah said : is the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - licking the fingers and of the platter , and said : « You do not know where in your food Baraka » [Reported by Muslim] . Eighth: Hassan trust in God Almighty: and he puts his trust in God suffices } [ Divorce: 3 ] . He said - peace be upon him - : « if you Tokltm God hath provided for the right entrusted to him as the bird was alive , and go become Khmasa Btana » [Narrated by Ahmad ] . Ninth: istikhaarah Almighty in all things , and authorization and acceptance that would be chosen by God Almighty to Abdo better than choosing slave for himself in the world and the Hereafter , We have learned the Prophet - peace be upon him - istakhaarah : « If you are interested Fleurkaa rak'ahs of non- obligatory , then at least I am God Ostejerk your knowledge , and in all things , and ask you please great , you estimates do not appreciate , and learn I do not know , you're unseen , God, then you will know that this is better for me in my religion , and worldly affairs and my pension and the consequence of warrants or said urgent and futures Vakedrh Lee and pleased me, then bless me in it , although I know that this is an evil to me in my religion , and my pension and the consequence of my order , or said urgent and futures Vasrvh me and Asrffine him, and I really appreciate my goodness , where he was , then Erdhana him » . Tenth: asking people to leave ; said - peace be upon him : « down by the need of Vonzlha people was that we do not facilitate his need , and revealed by God Almighty God came to him Brozk urgent or death futures » [Narrated by Ahmad ] . A ten : spending and charity ; she brings livelihood as he says: { and Onafqatm of anything, it is replaced by [Saba : 39 ] . In the hadith Qudsi : Allah the Almighty says: « O son of Adam, spent , spent , you » [Reported by Muslim] . XII : distance from the haram money in all its forms and manifestations, it does not stay the pool and so many verses in which God will destroy { usury and educates alms } [Al-Baqarah : 276 ] , and many others . XIII : thanks and praise to God for his tender and grace ; { Sadze God and thankful } [ Al-Imran: 144 ] , { While Hkurtm to Ozidnkm } [ Ibrahim : 7 ] . XIV: the obligatory prayers ; He says: and be patient in offering them not ask blessed with a baby and we Nrozkk consequence of piety } [ 132 ] . XV : Continuously seek forgiveness ; says: { I said, ask forgiveness of your Lord that he was Gfara , heaven sends you Madrara , and Amddkm money , Benin and makes you gardens and rivers makes you } [ Noah :10-12 ] . God bless us in and give us help to make it on your obedience , and blessings and peace be upon our Prophet and his family and companions
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Of Huda Muhammad Baraka
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