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 Baseball American game

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PostSubject: Baseball American game   Mon Feb 03, 2014 9:46 pm

Baseball ( English Baseball any baseball ) is a sport popular of the most famous sports among the sports in the United States , in which players strike a small ball with a bat wooden and running on the pitch to score points , and that every team to stop the other by picking up the ball and bring it back before the completion of the player sprinting to a certain area . The game has evolved from the English game Alraunders .
Baseball or " baseball " sport where each team consists of nine players at least . Very little is known about the origin of baseball since the beginning of the subject of much controversy . The sport is similar to the game of cricket and used bat and ball . Team members are Almmeltagafon and hitters and Alramn . The first male about baseball in the United States was in 1791 in the city of Pittsfield in the state of Massachusetts on the list of banned baseball close to the town hall meetings . In 1845 Alexander Cartwright wrote some of the laws of the game of baseball , which are now used . In 1875 established the Association baseball club literal .
And this was the beginning of the system Alrabotttin which became the American Association and the National Association . Then the best team from each Association meets to select the hero and started this game or " Ceres and the World " in 1903 .
And in the last century was for the sport of baseball many problems such as gambling , racism , drugs , strikes , however , they have become very popular . In the U.S., baseball is called the national sport but it's also become very popular in other countries such as Canada , Mexico, Puerto Rico , Cuba and the Dominican Republic, Panama , Venezuela, Japan, Taiwan and Korea . With that baseball is not more popular than football in the world , they will become more popular with the " Classic " baseball world , such as the Olympic or " World Cup " in football .

A simple explanation of the laws of the game
1) the baseball game is not specific to a time . It is made up of nine runs
2) There are four bases in the stadium and the players must team that Arkadwa between those rules for the registration point , provided that tramples on the base while jogging .
3) After the lottery teams choose either a throw or hit the ball , and be a team that Mtozaaa flinging his mission to re- pitch the ball after a hit as soon as possible to stop the player batsman when one of the rules
4) be important Bowler trying to eject the player hitter ( who holds the racket ) via 3 -pointers in a row in the middle of the box in the mask worn by the referee called Throw successful strike in the event tried hitter hit the ball was not touched by even if it were not in the same direction are considered strike. If you do not succeed aimed at its shots and after four attempts , the player automatically hitter walks to the first rule comes another player from the same team to complete the play. If the same thing happened the second batsman walking to first base and the player walks in the first base to second base and so on.
5 ) when a player hits the ball bat and go high into the air and grasped player of the team aiming hand batsman out of the play comes another colleague to start again .
6) when a player hits the ball and the bat hit the ground running it tries to pass the largest number of rules before returning the ball to the opposing team's closest players to stop the process of passing the rules.
7) If the player hit the ball bat and went outside the boundaries of the pitch and called the home run hitter means that the player will turn on the rules without harassment and upon arrival to the place flinging recorded a point for his team.
Cool If the ball hit the bat the player off the field and the presence of a colleague or two or three in his rules , the accumulated points so the number of players who exceed flinging place .
9) If the ball hit the bat the player off the field and the presence of his colleagues on the base of each of the other three bases in addition to him that the strike is called a grand slam giving the team four points.
10) The team continues to play the hitter if the team failed aimed at the output of the three players as mentioned in No. 4 , but if you took out the team aimed for three players , turning the team aimed to Thumper and vice versa.
11) at the exit of three players from each team according to what is stated in the 4 stroke . The time depends on the success of each half of Bowler and batsman . It could be ten minutes , and can be extended to more than an hour .
12 ) The winner is the team who collects the most points during the nine -stroke .
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Baseball American game
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