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 Right and wrong

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PostSubject: Right and wrong   Mon Feb 03, 2014 10:45 pm

Two facts Muslim must Adrickhma . The first is that the conflict between right and wrong and the scramble for the triumph of one over the other constantly a battle not Tntefe fire nor Aboa backyard one day and that this conflict may intensify sometimes appears a picture clash , colonialism and torture , has calmed down to dialogue and advocacy is sending Christian missionaries and send missionaries to God Almighty to remove suspicions and get people back to the religion of Allah in crowds . The second fact : that the cause of rivalry between right and wrong but it is a variation of belief which produces a difference in perception , regulations and ethics , one who believes in one God and recycled , and the account of the Resurrection and the angels scribes and witnesses moves in his life according to this doctrine , which undoubtedly Egayr completely live to live and multiple at which the gods it does not believe in retribution nor the account , and for that they must edit the vast expanses of the minds of non-Muslims , which was seized by the superstition and ignorance. To this must be the paving of people the Lord of the Worlds , and free them from the harsh realities of spam physical mundane to the afterlife remaining , and invited anyone to Islam hurt hangs in the right people and weakens the people of falsehood , may not be able to access and enter every home in Qatar through the geography of the world petition . But your contribution to invite non-Muslims with Islam Presentation Committee will take you to the end, then you can imagine Islam Filipino , Indian, Thai , Japanese, U.S. and EU and that being Muslims had received the entire family wife and children and then the rest of the family , and then be the cause of the introduction of Islam to the village and the town that the new Muslim . The sincerity of the Prophet peace be upon him says : (because reverting to one man is better than you what the minimum ) . He says: { I believe was dead and made him Vahaenah Nora walks in like people like him in the darkness and not outside of them [cattle : 122 ] . Yes, the people of falsehood of the dead and the people of the right neighborhoods . I remember the story of one of the preachers in the Islamic conference held in South Africa Vhoudrh 16,000 Muslim and was among those who attended (4) Mnasrin amazed the audience and then someone said I had spent of my life in South Africa for more than ten years and paid the money and drugs and have built clinics and dug wells and we set up schools and Ozaana food , livestock and gifts Tableegh people did very little and you are in a few months income in thousands , what your religion is the secret? He answered a religion that advocates typeface dead Kganazh needs four like you to carry him , and the religion does not require a great Vha because it carries a walk and enters the hearts as you can see , and you see today .
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Right and wrong
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