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 Introduction to his book: "Dietetics facilitator"

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PostSubject: Introduction to his book: "Dietetics facilitator"   Mon Feb 03, 2014 10:56 pm

Says Robert Krihoun in the introduction to his book : " Dietetics facilitator " - and here I translate from English : "In the year 1992, spent the National Cancer Institute (400) thousand dollars to encourage people to eat fresh vegetables , and in the same year spent Company ( Kellogg ) (49 ) million dollars to persuade children to eat products containing sugar ! " , Vtamiloa ! ! .

Chapter IV of the book entitled Schiller :
Leisure and entertainment : promote the status quo. And addresses the three cultural institutions informational task model , presents itself as a ( not ideology ) at all ; any they do not carry certain values ​​, principles and ideas and you want to publish .

1 - TV Guide Magazine
2 - and the magazine National Geographic ( National Geographic )
3 - The Walt Disney Company United artistic production , Her diverse line of Disney products .

I will confine myself to the Walt Disney Company , for it for months to Arab readers , and I'm not selecting more than one reader to reader in order to snap the trigger idea , and I am not conscious to give it to believe what the likes of this article. But I call on the Arab reader to read these books , such as thinking critically , and insight , to know where to walk , or to the left of where it :
) He who walks a dumping ground on his face gave security walking together on a straight path ( [ King : 22 ] ? ! .

Herbert Schiller says - and convey something of the act - :
In the United States , as it allows for increased productivity labor force more and more leisure time , become the leisure and entertainment industry high growth , its enormous cultural impact , although not admit it ! The idea that the entertainment independent of ( moral and social values ​​, and others ) , and do not involve point of view, and thus outside the understanding of the social process is a big myth .

The ( devices forming consciousness) using all means : comic books , animation , and movies , radio, television, and sports events , and newspapers , and magazines. And pumped media and communication in different colors of entertainment loaded values ​​, agonizing length of time and there is no effect , except temporary escape from reality , and achieve a state of relaxation and fun. Indeed, the idea that : (The entertainment does not involve any feature educational ) should be seen as one of the biggest hoaxes in history! ! .

American television historian says Eric Parnu :
" The concept of entertainment in my opinion, is a concept very dangerous , as it is the basic idea of entertainment in that it does not connect from afar or close issues Avenue to the world , but it is to fill the hours of leisure . Fact that there is an ideology implicit already in all sorts of fairy tales , the element of fantasy than important element in shaping the views of the real people . "

We come to talk about Walt Disney . Wrote Richard Schickel - Starter stories of heroic Disney - says : "In the year 1966 the number of viewers of Disney movies in various parts of the world is approximately 240 million people , as witness (100) million people casually offers Disney each week , and read (800) million man a book or magazine to Disney , and heard (50) million to music and recordings of Disney and danced on them, as well as bought ( 80 ) million people merchandise licensed from Disney , and read (150 ) million people serialized comedies for Disney , and saw the ( 80 ) million individual Disney movies educational schools, churches and workplaces ... " .

The fact that Walt Disney is not just a local phenomenon in the civil right of entertainment , since the beginning of the thirties Disney books appeared in at least (27) is a universal language , and have been distributed all over the world .

Schiller asks :
What are the messages that went through dozens of feature films , TV series , and thousands of books, short stories , comics and teaching aids , and amusement parks itself.

The answer :
The best way to understand these messages is to adopt a method based on the psychoanalysis for the production of Disney .. In this way, realize that ( the letter) is the dominant factor , while seemingly media -borne secondary ! .

I describe Max Rafferty - former observer of public education in California , a man governor - Description Walt Disney as " the greatest teacher in this century !" What is the kind of education that his ? .

Analyzed the researchers youths were working in Chile before the coup ( namely: Ariel and Rfman , and Armand what Atelart ) wrote Disney comics and reached some interesting discoveries ; If discovered racism, imperialism , greed and arrogance permeated Levities being distributed on a mass scale in parts of Latin America . More than three-quarters of the stories they read to imagine a trip aimed at the search for gold , and in the remaining quarter figures to compete for money and fame. In half of the stories fall events in foreign places where folks live a primitive , all members of the non-whites .. The Walt Disney uses a patent) to cover the fabric of interwoven interests that compose the system inevitable - of the social and historical destination - embodied in a tangible reality , a " North American imperialism !" There is no doubt - when Schiller - that Disney is part of a very successful trading system, U.S. industrial . The most important products that affect Disney in mind , and in the mental impressions that simmering it! .

And after ; do not know to what degree of health and the right thing was the author of the book , but I know that likes to read these books have the reader ( the queen ) is appointed to judge what is going on around him , even if the details under consideration and different .

And God knows best .
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Introduction to his book: "Dietetics facilitator"
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