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 Dialogue with parents of children

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PostSubject: Dialogue with parents of children   Mon Feb 03, 2014 11:10 pm

In the name of God the Merciful
Praise be to Allah , and peace and blessings be upon the Prophet Muhammad Sadiq Secretary promise , God brought us out of the darkness of ignorance and illusion to the lights of knowledge and science , and desires about the deeds to the Gardens .
Dialogue between parents and children :
Dear Brothers , with a new lesson from the lessons of raising children in Islam , and the subject today the subject can be caused by various issues before and after , the theme of dialogue between father and son , because most parents either to negligence , or lack of appreciation , or weakness in the experience educational , giving orders to his children and Aanfem , and this would more times in his life with his children .
But if it revealed the father or mother the value of dialogue with their children , they would have found that a successful leader is not ordering , but who convinces , Inc. The persuaded your children something build this thing , and applied it in letter and spirit , but if of dead to them, and you're tough applied it a form in your presence , and if I'm gone them not theirs at all.
Jeopardy Jeopardy judgmental boys to their parents :
So the first point , sit down with your son , which I wish every father and every mother that A_khassa time to sit with their children , have dates , you have meetings , you have a lecture , on a mission , to sit down with your children is the biggest task , because they are part of you , because Hqahm Ishqik , and because their safety will make you happy , by the time it sits with your children is precious time , time employee for your future and the future.
You have confirmed that much of God Almighty when he said :
) Not Ikhrcengma of paradise Vthqy (
( Surah Taha )
He did not say Vchkie , with the language that requires to be Vchkie , but the scientists said : Jeopardy couples judgmental misery to their wives , and is measured by the fact that misery misery judgmental boys to their parents .
So that if a man devoted time in a week session , every few days session , the food is in the mind, they have to sit down with your children so Thaoarham , and you do not know how happy son when he sees his father human great , asking him about his studies , about the conditions , of His friends ? How to spend time with them ? How do you feel at school? Professor affected by any son? What did he say to you? This dialogue, the subject of this meeting was good .
Sit down with your children is important because they are the largest part of you :
The first thing to sit down with him , but it should not be standing up, which is without much dictated by the command , nor is it standing up and you lie , you should sit down with him , to be next to you , or to be YOU , type session is different , do not be higher it, not above you , sit down with him to either side, or facing you .
Session friendly most important thing to do not be quick , before constantly ten minutes , before eating , before the meeting , before the advent of the guests, the meeting fast does not bear fruit , sit down with him and you feel that the time after this meeting extended , perhaps the talk be of Phoenix , you might see your son may heavily influenced by , sit down with him in an open meeting , open to the hour , for example , but for a few minutes , before sunset , before the prayer , before eating , before the deadline , before the advent of the guests , no, sit down with him at the time of open and tried to dialogue with Him , and tried to take him , and that give it , and I tell you with accuracy tried to make him your friend .
I know many parents have inspired this treatment method , it was their children and the people closest to them were with them , and they were their own shadows .
Conditions to be achieved while seated with your son for dialogue :
Where do you sit with him? Place , the body , do not you standing up, or is it standing , sit down with him face to face , or side to side, but where you sit in a familiar place , for example, the living room where the hustle and bustle , the boys junior laugh , Atrakdon , this atmosphere is not flown valid for dialogue , Sit with him in his room , or in your room , or in a private room , perhaps he wanted to say something to you , would not say in front of his mother , perhaps he wanted to say something will not say in front of his brothers , Prepare a place in private between you and him , always and never the advice of father individually acceptable , the advice of the father , even with discipline individually acceptable , but in front of his brothers female arise dignity , in front of his friends , do not , try to have a meeting between you and him , and in a comfortable room , and open time , and if possible, the best place outside the home , in a beautiful place , in hearing comfortable , but do not say a picnic outing semi , sometimes in place of a disciplined no no problem , it may be a restaurant , for example, take it , feel it would have a significant , is the gal you , you're keen to sit down with him , you do not know how it is when the fruit sit with your son , and he knows your son , for sure you're busy , and you have a mission , but there is a lintel always that : Daddy you to us, practically the father is to his children for the strange , pained , and Aattabon , we originally changed you for them and others to them , but we of us else ? You think that I secured food and drink , secured clothing , this is something inevitable , but there is a need of the child , or when the young man to your interest , how the son in need of food is needed to the kindness of his father , to the attention of his father , to the affection of his father , to the time Ijlsh with his father , always mimics and curse him , defamed him always , and to be among Kzlk , always with you , your service , your right hand , a significant difference , taken by a friend and must be a dialogue session with him .
Must be Tjalsh on a particular body , and in a comfortable place , and open time , and must be Tjalsh in time it is not busy .
Sometimes invited to a picnic, and you have a very important job , we have to accomplish , will not be pleased with this Nozha as long as the work , when you choose a good time , a good place , an appropriate body , too open and they negotiate , they have made ​​him many stages .
The method of restraining insults and criticism of the most dangerous methods of dialogue between parents and children :
Note there are sometimes prepared a brother in the morning , the morning man active , woke up from sleep the body active , sometimes after the deadline day of trouble , find what you have the possibility to dialogue , do not have the possibility to follow it minute follow-up , what you have to concentrate , of course in the subject , if you want to meet by man , and man is important dish these same conditions , the terms of his dialogue .
( ( Taught nor Tanfoa ) )
[Narrated by al-Bayhaqi from Abu Hurayrah ]
Any method of restraining , and insults , and criticism , this is unfortunately more phone calls to confirm this position of the father , does not have only young , so he has only militancy , what he has only to blame , what he has only pray for the children , the house hated it when he was at the Son, find Son, always out of the house with his friends , is not likely cash, taunting and insults , and defamation , weakening the self-confidence , who did not know God Almighty not the worst father .
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Dialogue with parents of children
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