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 An article about body language

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PostSubject: An article about body language   Mon Feb 03, 2014 11:27 pm

Talk is not the only way that we express them ourselves , there is what is known as the language of the body , often moving and express what we say movements and gestures particular during the conversation with others , and many come movements involuntarily may be a sign may not notice it clearly , whatever the those movements and expressions , both facial or hands or even the whole body in the way of sitting or walking.

The body language is a science and art of analysis and experience Enbian about your personality and innermost yourself , while condemning the modern and the two most common among people .

Relate to others when you act in two ways to express , two speech and movement , it is difficult to remain your body or the body of a finger Mkhatpk . Reveals Here are some specialists deep meaning and interpretations of all these small movements daily .

The person who extinguishes his cigarette extinguisher, which raises the cigarette with the other hand .
This means that annoyed quickly when employed in an institution exceed the level of its worth in general , and perhaps here comes the need to target the leadership towards the shell and not vice versa .

The person who wraps his thumb and fingers intertwined on his stomach .
The interpretation of this movement where they appear slicker great cruelty , such as this type of behavior represents a real dose daily .

The person who moves his eyes without eyelids close when illustrates his idea with a smile like a sad clown .
The meaning of this jinx it brings to all his associates , and all this because he flirts always nervous breakdown , he loses his patience but it never breaks down in front of the scene .

A person who often puts his left hand on his neck .
The explanation for this that this person is sensitive and must be dealt with sensitively .

The person who pinned his arms on his chest .
Explains that it is difficult to be pressed like him nervous , and then it is not the right time to be weary of your problems , while he is thinking of other things operated .

The person who is talking to you , which manages the back.
This explains that this is a sign of contempt , and this situation is causing you embarrassment if he did not draw you a word of apology .

The person who passes his tongue on his lips often.
This means that this movement makes him greedy illusions of success , and it is not useful to rely on it , it raises the slogan of every one for himself .

The person who pinned his fingers behind his neck
Believed to be the highest and prestigious edging, do not try to save him from that. Explains that he is able to show that intelligence is unique from the point of view, it is unable to face reality , and prefers to escape to dreams.

The person who closes his eyelids and often turn a blind eye .
The explanation for this outright rejection where I wait and tell yourself that you got rid of the danger , because the nature of his character leading difficult to control .

The arms of the person who Aeded his glasses all the time .
Interpretation that this person loves to be strange, that doting transcendent spiritual without risk esoteric doctrines , Surround yourself secretly hidden and you'll get excited supporter .

The person who puts his arms on the seat cushions like spread his wings .
Interpretation that alerts you to the power of his will to reach success , he knows exactly what he wants until he leaves himself attracted to suggestions , but you can not live with him full relationship , but when you decide to harmony .

A person who regularly directs himself toward a tuft of hair that falls over his eyes .
Explanation: it attracts Bembalgth oral , tired but Sultan infectious enthusiasm .. Pay attention to the fantasies .

The person who pinched his nose between thumb and forefinger .
Explanation: This movement shows the typical person you exist with highly skeptical , declaring that he doubted like a great honor and that he should get a consensus on anything, until they are sure of it , he quarreled with all the people . That this movement is that reveals the lie often.

A person who loves the pressure on the jaws .
Explanation: bad faith , jealousy and aggression and slander . Get ready to be the darling he has , and be aware that he quite immune humor. Source of Life bronze Arabia for Arab women
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An article about body language
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