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 Per share assiduous

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PostSubject: Per share assiduous   Mon Feb 03, 2014 11:34 pm

] [ In one day , there was a U.S. university student was

This student asleep and dreamed the dreams of a happy , relaxed and did not sleep in yesterday

Often , it is important to Naaaim and Dr. explains , and this was taught by Dr. ~

Mathematics , it is important that he is back and it is explain ... Expired lesson

The bell rang , so he heard of this boy for the bell ... and said to himself :

" The Aaaok What do I do now I've gone and Dr I did not understand the lesson ... , , "

But consider the direction of the blackboard and saw two issues in the corner of the blackboard , and then said:

" Um , if these two issues I expect that Dr. said that this duty upon you "

He wrote two issues in the paper in order to solve it in the house , and it was difficult

Him because he did not notice the lesson that explained Dr , and returned the stake Gaah

Gai week on Sunday , and it seemed AAAD tries and tries , and the role of books

Done the math , and did not solve only half the question, and the next day trying to

Tries , and three days before the lesson to solve one question and domesticated force , and

Started per second and tried and tried to search and Wu ... The day remained on the lesson 's over

Solution of the second question , rejoiced, and domesticated say when Dr. Aschoff

Ahan say , and it is important in the next day came the lesson, and the day ended

Lesson , and Dr. Libby brief , to the right , but said Dr Dr chief Halith

( Brother is Mstans means they fatigue ) and uttered a hilarious, said Dr. :

" U duty , I Maattiytkm duty " .. I am surprised at the student and said : " But Doctor

Issues to Balsburh corner , " said Dr. Althanin students : " I Mattiykm

Duty , " the students said : " I do not what Attiytna thing " , Vonhbl student said in his heart : -

" Huh strange, in case I'm sure I will ," said the doctor : " Sure, that huge amount duty ? "

AAAD thought Dr. thought ... remember to Maine and he said : " Ayeyiah Dhulak issues , Hdhulak

The most difficult issues in the world , and all mathematicians and engineering were unable to be resolved "

The student said : " I Halith Leno , Paso Maadra is true, and not only " and Atta solution

Dr. and Dr. Chaffhn , and astonished said good looks and true God , the doctors Ibcol

Althanin are true, and not only " Aaaad claimed for consultants and experts in the great scholars

Engineering and mathematics , and he saw the solution, and said : "It is a solution to this ? , ,

Is downright student to resolve it ? " Said Dr. : " A sure it is resolved to have

Confirmed that " became true .. it .. and they said to the doctors , Dr. student studies :

" Go and bring the student to the here and now ," and he went and brought him .. Vkrmoh became

This student of the best scientists in the field of expert engineering and mathematics .. ] [..

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Of course, this student dissolved converts the same tired questions and solving very tough terms

That scientists have not been able to Ihloh , but the latter Karam and became one of the greatest

Scientists in the world. ...

Fbalokhir : Aasni to try hard not to say , each Mojtahdnasib .. I wish

This story that you like it and read it .. Ostmtatwa Antzerona in Other Stories

God willing ...

In keeping Rahman says , and to meet very close
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Per share assiduous
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