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 An article about the wrong behaviors

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PostSubject: An article about the wrong behaviors   Thu Feb 06, 2014 8:43 pm

Erroneous behavior of the students .. Who is responsible for their appearance .
.. :: ..
With the great development witnessed by the educational system .. Appeared wrong behaviors by some students in schools affected them negatively .. And led to a decline in their education ..
These behaviors varied as much as the development of science .. They even regenerate and evolve with the passage of time !
These phenomena that were scattered Its causes are different .. Of causes concerning side singles .. The administrative side .. And also not lose sight of the family ..

1 / tampering holdings school , which was originally found to serve the students .. Kalmhad school , electrical appliances and vandalized toilets and tampered with and smashing light bulbs ..
2 / failure to maintain the cleanliness of the school and eating and drinking inside the classroom .. And writing on the walls and distorted manner uncivilized ! !

3 / lack of consultation at home and rely on fraud Fayalachtbarat .. Resulting in a low level of students' mental ! !
Vsaroa rely on fraud because of the indulgence of some teachers !

4 / proliferation of mobile phones among students who form the source of corruption and Engage students about Mmakrthm ! !
5 / lack of commitment to school uniform and the tradition of the West in some hairstyles .. And specially among girls put accessories and hair and make-up are exaggerated !
6 / absence of collective .. A phenomenon that emerged dramatically , especially during the days surrounding the holidays .. Makes a deal absent students and all .. Which led to the delay of education and led to the detriment not only of absentee students , but the few who attended and the teachers and the loss of their time without the benefit !
7 / drop out of school without good reason .. Kadaa disease or allegation of failure or fabricate any argument ..
8 / lack of respect for the teacher , either by talking during the explanation .. Or raise the voice it ..
9 / Uttering the terms that unethical and denigrate the students with their colleagues .. Resulting in a lower level of educational attainment among students ..
10 / quarrel and disagreement between the students ..
The list goes on and goes on
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An article about the wrong behaviors
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