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 The real story of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman

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PostSubject: The real story of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman   Thu Feb 06, 2014 10:01 pm

The real story of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman
And not as infidels and made crafts series harem of Sultan is a novel ..

At the outset, is the story of our history Supervisor great and, unfortunately, a lot of us did not know this history and the more bizarre the story today about the King is one of the greatest kings of Islam and the greatest Sultans of the Earth over the ages is enough to tell you that his state and his kingdom is the biggest and the strongest and the greatest in human history with the exception of King Solomon Imagine that 99 percent of Muslims do not know anything about this power does not even know his name so I ask you to read the full story and this Howalsltan Sultan Suleiman the legal successors of the Ottoman Empire , one of the greatest Sultans of Islam and jihad and most Aadelhm
Unfortunately tarnished the image of the Ottoman Empire and Western education curriculum for the disbursement of the Nation of Islam for a great history and I leave you now with the subject :

Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent ... Greatest kings of Islam ! !

Is more Sultans Muslims and jihad invasion in Europe - and arrived in the custody of the Muslim armies into the heart of Europe at the walls of Vienna twice! ! - Remade Jihad nation in the tenth century - established a year and revived the sect and the suppression of heresy , and the Shiites - the owner of the victory of the Muslims in the battle , which was Mohax days of God is eternal surprise Islamic battles in Eastern Europe after the battle and Pulis ************ The conquest of Constantinople - the greatest Sultans of the Ottoman Empire and the most prestige and awe in the hearts of Christians and most threat to them - and it was a choice of the kings of the earth! !
Muslim rule for nearly forty-eight years old and spread an Islamic caliphate in the custody of the three continents and has become a superpower in the entire world indisputably possesses the mightiest armies and weapons and sovereign in the seas and oceans ! !
German historian says Halmr "This was a more dangerous we Sultan Salahuddin of the same !" !
Says Harold of England , "The day of his death was from the days of Christian holidays !" !
It was Sultan Suleiman the first " legal " ! ! ! - Let us enumerate his

Start with the name of God and has the trust and rely upon : -
Birth and upbringing : -
Is the tenth Sultans of the Ottoman Empire and the second Caliph of Islam in the Ottoman Empire - Born Sultan Suleiman Khan, the first bin Sultan Selim I in 900 AH - was a tall good face - and his father is the Sultan Selim I , which included Egypt and the Levant to the Ottoman state - and who abdicated his last Abbasid Caliph in Cairo about the succession and sent him the keys of the Two Holy - and became the first successor of the Ottoman Empire and the title of the Two Holy Mosques server .
It was the birth of Sultan Suleiman I - God's mercy - goodness and blessing to the Islamic nation, and rejoiced Muslims good - remained Sultan Suleiman I - God's mercy - within the confines of his father Sultan Selim rears and sponsored and coached on matters of politics and governance - was a prince of some States in Anatolia during the succession of his father it remained so until he died of his father Sultan Selim I in 926 AH - and took the succession of Solomon first entered the Islamic state in a new era - the era of Fatih Sultan Suleiman the gas Mujahid first ..... ! !

Sultan Suleiman the first Caliph of the Muslims : -
Sultan Suleiman took the first Caliphate , the son of 26 years old ! ! - The first thing to do Sultan Suleiman - may God have mercy on him - he stayed a year and the highest Mnarha and the suppression of heresy , and her family spent the Shiites and revived the religion and the dissemination of justice throughout the Islamic state Fastbashr people good his covenant - The Sultan Suleiman Estpth letters words of Almighty God ( he of Solomon and that the name of God Rahim ) named after the prophet of God Solomon - even historians said it was " his time of Solomon ," and was recruited to the large number of great prestige and force of his command in the kings of the earth - and the residence of the year and jihad against Christians - and one of them said they felt when he took the caliphate :
Tell the demons prostitutes Akhsaoa *** may favorably King Solomon

Helmet was put mujahideen war in the era of the Ottoman Empire
Collect and historians of Muslims and others that the peak of the glory of the Ottoman Empire and the early days it was the greatest in the days of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent - and it was the last Saad of the Ottoman Empire - and it was God's mercy and pity Roava Buraeith people any way he freed 600 jailed Mosora of Egypt ...
And deter wrongdoers grievances - and deter the people of evil and corruption - and the security of people in his day and has spread to other corners of justice - and injustice disappeared - and worked hard in God's mercy in the first sitting denied heretics and heretics in religion .. ! !

Even the poet said in his poem , which Sawrdha all the fine at the end of the subject : -
Malik believes that the Earth is not the only craved *** prevent the religion of God , which alters

Allahu Akbar and Glory to God ... Prospered from this goal than those ! ! !
And the work of Sultan Suleiman modifications administrative management of the Islamic state and the affairs of members of different religions , nationalities and ethnic minorities - brought an Sultan Suleiman scientists Rabanyen and sat down with them and put laws administrative derived from Islamic law - and indeed it was the most important works of Sultan Suleiman administrative He put the law of the Ottoman Empire called the " law of Solomon Nameh "any " law of Sultan Suleiman " was that participate in the development of these laws from the Quran and Sunnah is the world Jalil Abu Saud Mandarin interpreter of the great and the owner of the great explanation " a sound mind to instruct the advantages of the Holy Book " famous " the interpretation of Abu Saud " .....
And see how the rulers of the Muslims are getting help scientists do not shed all their advice - and make the position of Sultan Suleiman the fatwa highest positions after the position of the entire succession ! ! !
After setting these administrative laws that govern the Islamic state - taking Sultan Suleiman applied to each justice and equality and firmly - As has been said : Packages fence Justice ! !
Hence the name of Sultan Suleiman I the " legal " - not because of the development of laws - but to apply those laws strictly does not differentiate between large or small nor between public and private ! !
God is the greatest .. Since he took the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent succession - not lulled into complacency and comfort - even sported a nation of war from the first day and remained a mujahid to last day of the old and leaving Jihad never - what used to come down from on his horse , but to ride a horse last to spend a mujahid for the sake of God and to uphold the word God ! !
No wonder that most of the talk about the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent would be about the struggle - because there is not the greatest side in the finest biography of Sultan Suleiman the jihad against the infidels , but in Europe and the glorious conquests ! !

Jihad Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent :
Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent was able to widen the scope of the Islamic State in three continents to become a sprawling state - was released in achieving this goal is the sword and shield ! !
You should know that historians said that the number is inaugurated Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in the life of the forts and castles and cities, nearly 360 bulwark ! !
And we know that Muslim leaders , past and present opened like this number ! !
Come see the renunciation of Jihad Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent , and I will just key stations ...
Open Belgrade (25 Ramadan 926 AH - August 31, 1521 m)
When Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent sat on the throne of the caliphate - the first thing to do is send a message to the kings of Europe teaches them assuming the Caliphate and instruct them to pay tribute planned for them as they did during the reign of his father, Sultan Selim I .
What was the king of Hungary , but the killing of Sultan Suleiman the messenger ! !
Va_i_at Sultan Suleiman became agitated and angry , saying : Oiktl ambassador of Islam ! ! ! .. Oahddny king of Hungary ! !
What became the morning but was prepared Sultan Suleiman army units backed by warships and was Sultan Suleiman himself at the head of this army was invincible , meaning the city of Belgrade , which is the gateway to Europe and Central Fort Christian , as they call it ! !
And that you know that God's mercy Mehmed tried to open the Belgrade but failed - and even serious injuries during the siege ... And when it went away he said: It may be out of God opens the grandchildren of that city on his hands ! !
Belgrade had a great place in the hearts of Christians and especially after the fall of Constantinople and renamed ( Fort Christian ) ! !

Mehmed siege of Belgrade in 1456 AD

It is noteworthy that historians Sultan Suleiman when he was crown prince, was Yemeni himself open Belgrade that the inability of his ancestors ( Murad II - Mehmed - Bayezid II ) from open ! !
Directed Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent at the top of the large army made up of battalions Janissaries who would hear the Christians in Europe in their name takes the horror of them all socket and shiver Fraúsm - and provider mightiest guns , weapons, giving them three thousand camels bearing arms and 30 thousand sentences bearing missions and ships carrying horses and 50 warships and hundreds of giant defender lethal recording was the pride of the Islamic armies ..
Indeed starts Sultan Suleiman in the siege of the castle BELGRADE - After two and half months of siege fall Belgrade Fortress 2 Ramadan in 927 AH - then entered the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent city itself , opening on 26 Ramadan 927 AH ... ! !

It was a memorable day - and ordered Sultan Suleiman to raise the ears of the castle - and mentions the author of "The History of Belgrade Islamic " , citing the owner Diary Sultan Suleiman to Belgrade , " the help of God was the day to open the castle Belgrade ... rose the voice of the muezzin from the castle " - and got the news the fall of Belgrade on the Christians and the Pope in Rome thunderbolt and trembled Fraúsm of horror! !
And they knew at the time they are in front of the Sultan of unique style - and they knew that he would have the biography of Bayezid I and Mehmed - fell prestige in the hearts of the kings of Europe as a whole - and sent him the king of Russia , Venice and other European monarchs Ihniouna conquest and give him the tribute by the hand and they are humble ! !
And since that day called Muslims Belgrade ( Dar Jihad ) and was including al Qaeda fighter for the start of the Muslim armies to conquer the rest of Europe - and Muslims paid attention to facets of civilization in Belgrade until he called historians ( Andalusia Balkans ) and were blessed objects of civilization, while other European countries do not know anything about the aspects of civilization nor planning and streets paved and lighted at night ! !
Of Muslims now know anything about Islamic Belgrade ! ! !
Were lost as lost Andalus - Vsedk of named ( Andalusia Balkans ) are similar to Andalusia in the event and set up a close Event ! !
Remained Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent in Belgrade until the Eid al-Fitr and Eid prayers resided in larger churches converted to a mosque and did not come down Sultan Suleiman from his horse even rode a horse last mujahid in the path of Allah to make the word of God Whisk ...

Open the island of Rhodes (13 929 e zero - January 1, 1523 AD )

The island of Rhodes is a thorn in the throat of the invincible by the Ottoman Empire - and characterized by immunity , and immunization is very rare and terrible - so that the Muslim sultans of the Ottoman Empire was released in what they could never opened such as Muhammad the Conqueror ! !
It was inhabited island of Rhodes Christians Roman Crusaders designated ( Knights of St. John ) who were expelled from the Levant after the Crusades - and they were under the authority of the Pope in Rome - and they were very nervous very against the Muslims - was throughout Mkthm raiding ships Muslims flying the Hijaz kill their men and are secured their children and Ehtqua show their wives and their loot and kill pilgrims and burning ships Muslims and they hate Muslims too - and taking advantage of the island's impregnable redoubt - they were on the contentment that Muslims will not be able to reach them ..
The looting of the Crusaders in a Rhodes Islamic ships carrying pilgrims and traders Afqatlohm Muslims and burned their ships - and aware of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent this news - Va_i_at anger and I swear to God that he would not lulled to rest even opens the island of Rhodes and fucks them expel the infidels ! !
Indeed, taking the Sultan Suleiman willingness to open the island of Rhodes by land and sea - and took advantage of preoccupation with the kings of Europe wars between them - and the concern of the Pope to address the call of Martin Luther and the doctrine Albroostanti - sent a military campaign led by Mustafa Pasha strength of 200 thousand troops equipped mightiest defender , along with 700 warships and began the attack on the walls Rhodes , but they did nothing to injure them immunity ...
Sultan was angry with himself and traveled with him from the Mujahideen Brigades and took command himself in front of the walls of the island of Rhodes , and besieged Sultan 6 months full and narrow it down and it was during that time continue firing guns - even the number of guns that launched it 220 thousand cannon ! !
The historical sources remember our weather during the siege of Muslims Rdos it was very bad rains Ttsatq the Mujahideen - and the sky and thunder radios deaf ears of his voice - however it 's not too Eddhm ...
Surrendered Knights of St. John - and giving them the Sultan for 12 days out of the island - and gave them safer on the churches and religion was this didn Sultan in the conquest of the Christians in Europe ..

One of the castles island of Rhodes

The income of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent island of Rhodes , opening on 13 Safar 929 AH corresponding to January 1, 1523 AD - and here shook the throne of Christianity in Rome and the Christian world the whole - and left the Knights of St. John Menksin their heads of humiliation and shame heading to the island of Malta - Vsknoha They called themselves the Knights of Malta ...
It tells us of Abdul Rahim Abbasy who participated in this campaign that Muslims are found on the island more than three thousand prisoners in a deplorable state of torture , oppression and humiliation - and says that the Mujahideen Ottomans wept when they saw the case of the prisoners ! ! !
And when he entered the city of Sultan Suleiman ordered his soldiers equip the church for Friday prayers - the pictures and statues were removed and making a simple wooden platform for this purpose - and already held Friday prayers and sermons of the Sultan Mosque worshipers and snorkel all praise and gratitude be to Allah ...
Let me convey to you what he said , describing Abdul Rahim Abbasi when entering the Muslims Rhodes after the siege - and this was a testament Open: -
Says - may God have mercy on him - in his book ( the Lord grant the wild in open Rhodes proud ) : - ( Agherawaha carefully )
( Then emerged it Sharif sent Sandzak Sandzak " Brigade Open when the Ottomans " Mansour - Major General , who is folding infidels publication - to be placed on the wall of the castle - Bashamaj pride and greatness - they went by the end of veneration and highly reverence and honor - and Asaker Islamic him staring - and the eyes of Muslims him staring - and the eyes of the infidels hammer - and the sounds of drums and Alboqat has filled aspects and actors - and sounds high cheers and zoom - and prayers and delivery to our Lord and Maulana Muhammad Bashir prognostic - and OS enlightening - and the hearts of the enemies of God than that in the warmest of fire Blaze - did not still do walking - they have become the enemies of God's invisible - that they put the fort highest place - and announced the muezzins to the back of ears - and answered them from Muslims Althaglan - I mean the jinn and humans even trees and stones and trainers - the hour spectacular - In seasons days numbered - not news Kyan - is not able to perform the described Badi statement - when Enter Sandzak Sharif entered with him many of Alasakr - Ogm legion of Kabylia and tribes - and they have taken from loved citizen - and Aqtzmoa him home - and went what was capable of signing the polytheists - and he fell right and champion what they were doing - and emerged as the command -Sharif to take the weapons of the infidels - and Elbashm logo humiliation and young - Vmoha whole - and say it and Ktherha - so I took them knives - and they became after Ezz Almkan - to yoke Alkhiv Almstekin - and then go crying eyes of them to laugh mouths - and beat them humiliation and wretchedness and Baa wrath of God - did not seek Tagathm of only show obedience .. .... a) . e
It is wondrous coincidence that during these days was the second Pope Andrianos being ceremony Birthdays in Knyshsan Pietro in Rome , Vtdhrjt stones fell from the edge of the roof of the church toward his feet , Vchomalababa , and said ( fell Rhodes ) ! !
And Sobhn God - chronicled so Open , saying the Almighty ( believers will rejoice in Allah's victory ) - This was the wondrous approvals ..
It has been said in this glorious conquest of poems - you cited the simple part of the poem :

Say Lubna disbelief Rhodes *** Vlakhozoa ago and despite Ikhnsoa
To grieve that grief Alzqol *** injured them selves Noble
The fort did not attain them *** out bad and did not Ihrsoa
Battle Mohax timeless (21 of November with 932 AH = 29 August 1526 AD ) :
The battles in the history of the Muslims were from the days of the immortal God Calermuk , Qadisiyah, Hittin and named Goliath and Mlazkurd and slide and Shant and Jacob ..... etc.
It was one of those days that God revealed the victory over the host of faith and threw terror into the hearts of the party of the devil - is the day of battle ( Mohax ) which of the fiercest battles of the Muslims - and most subjugated and humiliation in the hearts of the infidels to this day ! !
If , God forbid, to go to the State of Hungary days - I advise you not remember the name of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent - nor the name of the battle Mohax Abdaaaaaa ! !
So far no such peoples in Hungary covered her family if something bad happened and says: worst defeat of Bmohax ! !
Some writers called this battle as a battle which introduced horror to Europe ! !

Wonderful .. To this extent ! !
God and my brothers struck me anguish , sadness and gloom and whenever I asked a young Mohax or about Sultan Suleiman - hardly know anything ! ! ! ! ! !
What the details of that timeless battle ...
Was in this period showed the strength of the Kingdom of Spain in a very awesome led by a man famous and renowned in Europe , which Charles V or Harlcan - this was malignant unclean is the grandson of Isabella and Ferdinando who entered Granada in 1492 and brought down the Muslim rule in Andalusia forever and led campaigns Inquisition against Muslims ...

Harlcan or Charles V
This pernicious Harlcan was able to simplify his influence on Spain , Portugal, Germany , Austria and the Netherlands - and the foundations of an empire is huge and very powerful - and this was a malignant trying to impose its control over Hungary to be a barrier against the Ottoman Empire and the Muslims .. !
Pay attention to the Sultan Suleiman - and aware of the seriousness of the control Harlcan Hungary - and the consequent dangerous conditions for Muslims in Central Europe ! !
And here this afternoon along with another betrayal immortalized history grandchildren bin Saba fucks - the Safavid state rejectionist malicious ! !

Agreed Safavid state with Hungary against the Ottoman Empire - and when he learned of Sultan Suleiman in this matter was furious - and began to move to the invasion of Hungary and the annexation of the Ottoman Empire Islamic - and wanted to be that battle is fierce and violent to teach the Europeans a lesson , especially Harlcan even distract his vision for the Muslims! !
Indeed, out of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent of the capital of the Caliphate and the present minimum Aslambol " Istanbul " in 11 Rajab 932 AH - April 23, 1526 AD - on top of the large army of Mujahideen strength of 100,000 thousand fighters armed with 300 cannon Osmani giant , along with 800 naval vessels to facilitate the movement of Muslims between the rivers - and reached the Sultan to Belgrade Muslim and stayed there receives congratulations on Eid al-Fitr - then move God's mercy until he reached the river Tonh " Danube " and ordered B_ed bridge crosses the Muslims - and already has been the construction of the bridge in the period of time a few - continued to cross the army Alasalamaalih for 4 days - and here is Sultan Suleiman something strange ! !
Sultan Suleiman ordered the demolition of the bridge God's mercy ! ! !
Says in his book ( News states and the effects of the first ) , commenting on this matter : "Then the Sultan ordered the lifting of the bridge lifted - remained in the country's Muslims infidels - in order to force his magnanimity and determination - and cut the military ambitions of fleeing to their country ... " a. E
God is great and glory to God , His Prophet and the believers ...
During Messier Sultan Suleiman God's mercy opened several castles located on the Danube River and its importance warship great - and then continue to the Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent offer even arrived at the Valley Mohax on 20 November with the year 932 AH - August 28, 1526 - and became the Sultan and soldiers the night in prayer and cheer and zooming - and supplicate Sultan Suleiman to God and asked him victory - and was going through the ranks of the soldiers Vijtab them for jihad and the preferred certificate - In the second day - and after he had prayed Sultan dawn prayers income between soldiers and Hmeshm was what he said to them: If I were the Messenger of Allah you to consider now ! ! ...
Eetmalk not one of the soldiers back tears - and cried and cried Sultan both attended ....
Look , my brothers - such as those on the Lord of the Kaaba descend victory .. The glory days Aaaaaaaah Hey ! !
On the other side - when he learned of the king of Hungary to Ayosh " Louis " the second coming of the Muslims him - drew up an army tractor and hired the kings of Europe Vomdth Germany with 38000 thousand of the finest horsemen have - bringing the number of the armies of the unbelievers to 200,000 thousand fighters ... - Pat and infidels the night in an easy and Mohax them priests and monks, urging them to fight the Muslims and came crosses in front of the soldiers raising them ..

Louis II of Hungary

When the morning labeled rows and emerged as the brave - The Sultan Suleiman develop a plan with the Army Staff , namely:
The line up of the Muslim army in three rows - and that the Sultan and his Janissaries in the third grade and behind the defender of Muslims - even if fighting began receding front rows of Muslims and retreat behind the Sultan and his Janissaries - thus clearing the way for the defender to reap the unbelievers reaped ! !
The plan has already committed Muslims - Muslims remained standing in the battlefield on which the Commission ordered by the Sultan and military leaders - and the long-awaited two teams - even King Louis began the second in time to jump on the Muslim era ...
The fighting began - and Oallah was fighting in the intensity and ferocity of modern resembles our battles in the severity and Dharoadtha with a different user, the type of weapon ! !
And committed Muslims plan and retreated to the back - rushed infidels behind them and they thought that the victory would be their ally - and offers the infidels until they came to the place where his Sultan - and tried to kill the Sultan and already shot him in the chest with an arrow , but the arrow has not been implemented to the chest and thankfully - and docked the two teams went three Hungary to brave Sultan Suleiman - but he killed them and thankfully - and was renowned courage God's mercy
Here, the Sultan gave the command to open the cannons! ! !
Now historians to narrate this battle Bashaye Europeans were stunned - and when they get to this point suffer surprise and wonder ! !
O brothers told that Muslims fired guns quickly and skill too , as if Muslims used the fairy in this matter - it's no wonder that this is the case of hired in God and his power is derived from God ! ! !
The launch of the defender very quickly and with great accuracy - which hit the Hungarian army in a state of stunned and panic and horror - satisfy the backs - and Muslims and riding their tails behind them and put them understand as they wanted ...
Hungarians fled known Bpsahlthm and Dharaorthm shots in front of the Muslims and their swords - Save king Louis the second - but he drowned while fleeing and died ! !
The Muslims won victory did not hear his ideals in diameters minimum - and it was a victory all praise and gratitude be to Allah ..
The irony is , my brothers, the following:
That the duration of the battle was only an hour and a half ! !
The dead did not exceed 150 Muslim martyr - think them so that , God willing,
And the number of families of Muslim infidels 25000 alpha - alpha and the remaining 175,000 were killed or wounded ! ! !
After this battle has become the Hungarian army in history edema and fell Hungary Empire , which lasted nearly six centuries ( 637 years ) - and Christianity rose up from end to end ...

This was the battle is the worst defeat for the Christians in the whole of Europe after the fall of Constantinople and defeat them in ************ Police and Bayazid first day ..
Allahu Akbar and Glory to God
Peace Sultan Maghrib prayer with the soldiers in the battlefield - and then continued to march to the capital of Hungary , a city " Buda " Vdechlha without any little resistance in 3 of Dhu al-Hijjah 932 AH - 10 September 1526 AD - and he stayed there for 13 days - and received congratulations on Eid Al-Adha in Saray King there - was the feast Eid - festival open Hungary and Eid al-Adha - thanks be to God ...
After this battle changed accounts Europe - and changed the map of the region - and Ajtrye one of the Christians of Europe to take no action against the Muslims after the battle in the history of Europe ...

Sultan Suleiman the Jihad against the Shiites and the Safavid state :
Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent led three campaigns against the huge battleship Safavid state committed massacres in the Sunnis in Iraq and Persia ! !
And that you know that the Shiites dug up the grave of Imam Abu Hanifa - and buried in the soil body of a black dog - and advocated in the streets of that he wanted to spend his need to spend in the tomb of Abu Hanifa ! ! !
To this extent of intolerance and hatred of the Sunnis ! !
But they are allied with the Crusaders on the island of Rhodes With the state sometimes Hungary and Christians sometimes against the Ottoman Empire - the fall of that State , which raises the banner of defending Islam and to defend the doctrine of the Sunnis and the community ! !
There slang like her days in Europe : not for the Shah , the Ottoman Empire reached the Rhine ...
Not in the sense of cooperation Shiites in the Safavid state with the Crusaders Christians in Europe - for the Muslims Ottomans they reach the Rhine River in Germany and the Muslims invasion of Western Europe are all - and perhaps re -Andalus again! !
The scholars issued a fatwa to the need to fight the Ottoman Empire Shiites - have already come out of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent at the head of a military campaign of the Mujahideen to fight the Shiites of the Safavid state ....
It was the first campaign in 941 AH and was able to enter Iraq , opening and entered Baghdad and the expulsion of them Shiites and dropped Mzhbm malignant denied scholars and cleanse Baghdad of their tracks - and headed Sultan Suleiman to the tomb of Imam Abu Hanifa was angry at what he saw there of impurities - and ordered to purge the soil and built above the Dome ! !
Then came his second year 955 AH , which was able to defeat the Shiites - and entered the capital of their own , " Tabriz " SAVE Shah Tahmsp in front of him and incursion in the country Azerbaijan - was unable Sultan Suleiman said Atakbh to the rugged road and loss Althleej - and only enter the capital of the Safavid state ...
The campaign was the third and last year 962 AH He was able to save Odhirabjeean and the Caucasus region , " the Caucasus " and the Shiites of eastern Anatolia final - and this campaign could Edre Sultan Suleiman the dangerous influence of Muslims under the leadership of the Shiite Safavid state rejectionist unclean ..

Muslims are entering the territory of Azerbaijan's and Akhalsouna Raafidis
Look , my brothers - for the fact that we have this God of the Sultan of Galilee to the penetration of the Shiite tide in the Ottoman Empire and the entire income Raafidis Egypt and Syria again ...
Vdzy Allah reward Sultan Suleiman and ask God Almighty to accept the struggle ..

Battle " Preveza " marine timeless .. (4 May 945 AH - September 28, 1538 ) :
What little we hear about naval battles Islamic - not only remember the battle with masts or fighting Muslims in the Middle Ages the first! !
The first Muslims care industry super ships and building a strong fleet to repel Islamist attacks Christians in the Mediterranean Sea - and repel the attacks of the Vikings or the Magi was also nominated by the Muslims in Andalusia ..
The Ottoman Empire is very interested in building a huge military naval force to repel the attacks of the Christians in the Mediterranean ..
Vahtam Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent Islamic Navy - The first of its leadership of a man of the Mujahideen - is better than the labored in the sea of Muslims in Islamic history ! !
Will Muslims know anything about him ! !
Will the Muslims heard about the struggling Muslim hero ( Barbarossa ) ! !
Yes Khairuddin Barbarossa - the so-called Europeans title ( Barbrosa ) any " red-bearded " - This was a hero and a disaster for the Christians in the whole world as a whole - so that the residents of the European coastline in Italy or Spain when they want to silence the children say : Shut up and only come to you Berbrosa Khairuddin ! !
The panic of the Christians on the coast of the Mediterranean ..
Mujahid Maritime Khairuddin Barbarossa ... Europeans dub Balqrassan

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The real story of the Ottoman Sultan Suleiman
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