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 Thoughts on hospitality

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PostSubject: Thoughts on hospitality   Thu Feb 06, 2014 10:27 pm

Generous usually Arab , and the Division of faith , and a tuft benign .
The Prophet - peace be upon him : - " Whoever believes in Allah and the Last Day Vlkerm home ."
Some people think that being generous is limited to only feed him food .
There is no doubt that one of the greatest of human visitors.
But the broader concept of hospitality , and the broader meaning of the honor ; as it enters the Generous Mlatefth and Aenash , good received, and the popularity of the Face occur if , and to beware of Bridling him , or cynicism talking .
Arabs make modern , and Rugs, and Altanas , and receiving in human beings - the rights of the villages , and fully honor .
They said exactly the hospitality of fluency at first sight , and when you talk to prolong Almaaklh .

Hatim al-Tai said :
Leslie hungry Algrthan O Mother Munther * If what came to me between a bullet and Mdzra
Is the simplest and my face is the first villages * and do it without Maâroufi deniers

He said poor recaps :
To bare quilt guest house and the house did not * Ahina convincing him Ghazal
The wrought by modern villages * and learn myself that it will Ahdja
This means Baghazal Mystery : wife.

Another said :
I am divorced face of villages wished for * my yard , although the villages of fertile
Odhag my guest before landing trip * Vijsb 've got the place Agdib
The fertile for Oziav that frequently villages * and Cnama face Karim prolific

It was said to Ozai - God's mercy - What Generous ?
" He said: fluency face, and a good speech ."
Ibn Abbas said - God bless them - " Dearest Ali Gliese , which skips to the people , but God and that it is located flies Vishq Ali ! " .
" Ibn Abbas that he was asked : Akram of you people ? .
He said: Gliese even left me . "
Muawiya said - may Allah be pleased with him - the Godmother Awsi : Bam deserved to say Vick Chamakh :
I saw Godmother Awsi transcends * to good things unbroken consort
If the banner raised to the glory of perjury * received Godmother
Godmother said : This is your first Giri O faithful .
He said, meaning you have to tell me .
He said: Bxrama Gliese , and Mahamata on my friend .
He said: If you deserved . "
Ahnaf said : "If I sat down to a hundred liked to seek the satisfaction of each and every one of them."
The ÇáŢÚŢÇÚ Ben Shore if a man sitting , Varafh intent him - make him a share of the money , and helped by the enemy , and diplopia him in his need , and tomorrow it after thanking the nurse's aid .
It was the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - Akram people counseled , he was giving each and every one of counseled his share , and calculated that someone sits Akram upon him .
Generous and that is the host for his service , and to avoid assigning the lowest work even less ; Some people visited if one sat him - tell him to take , and tell him , and cost him some business .
This is not a deed of virility in something ; virility as required to serve the visitor , and in honoring exaggeration .
Said the masked Canadian :
I am Abdul guest as long as * coming down to me and other habit -like Alabda
Ibn Hibbaan said : " Generous and good speech, fluency and face, and self- service ; it does not humiliate Oziavh served , nor is difficult to use them , or asked to pay villages ."
It kept Palmruh to avoid the man assigned to visitors , even if the work is light , such as being near the visitor book , it shall be invited handled him , or to be beside the electric button , refers to it by clicking on it ; lighting for the home.
Or tell him that the management of teapots on guests, or so .
Said Abdullah bin Omar bin Abdul Aziz , " Lee said Raja Ben Haywah : I never saw a man who completed the literature , nor the most beautiful years of your father ; and so I stayed with him for the night , while we are talking , as syncope lamp , The Nam boy , I said to him : O Commander of the Faithful , the lamp may syncope , Ffenoukz boy ; to fit the lamp ? .
He said: do not do .
I said: Avtazn me to fix it ? .
He said: No ; because it is not of virility that uses a human host , then he is himself , and landed robe from his shoulders , and he came to the lamp, Vosalehh , make the oil , and Ochks wick , then came back and took the robe , and sat down , and then he said, you and I Omar bin Abdulaziz , and I sat down and Omar bin Abdul Aziz . "
If the visitor , and graciously serving fake there is nothing wrong in it, especially if the counterfeiter has the right , or it was the people of virtue and science and met , or who the visitor was canceled cost between him and the counterfeiter .
Included in the Generous unwrap excuse him if delayed , lost condemning him Habis , Fatakhr little or too much; If I took justice was you that Tatbh the delay , and if you take the charity and kindly extended to him an excuse , but I received general Wadah , and brow divorced ; so that is in honor of another , especially If cream print, or who is not his habit of late .
You gave excessive Atabh , and then gave you his back , and he came back , what destiny are you?
No doubt you will regret , and lattes Mendm hour .
It is the right to carry away some of what comes out of the staleness of it , or the large number of orders .
It is exactly the right accompanied by Ikram , Fondling , and Astalamanm their names , and to beware of contempt for any one of them .
It is honoring - as you say the Arabs - honoring his mount , and an animal at this time his car , putting it in a convenient place , remained shady .
It is to some professional hospitality not Encick you in the right gentry guests one of Aloziav others; former would receive so much that actuation Host Guest great for others, may peace be upon one of the next two , Vohah him , or did not awakening right salute and honor , so that is the cause of the rupture and ill probably, it behooves the host not miss him that meaning , and deserved to apologize that the Badr him staleness or shortening in this regard , and the Hakik of occurred to him that the case should be excused from the guests of the host , and not Aaakhzh in such cases where amazes rights.
It is fully honor thanked the guest for the visit , and pray for him , and he waited request to increase .
It is fully honor rounded food for him, and encourage him in it , but not up to the extent of embarrassment , and Alamlal , and overload ; This is due to the taste of the host , and kindness , and Olmeith .
The ones that are keen to create a place for the convenience of the visitors , and sleep , and calm mind .
On the other hand it improves the visitor de mieux visitors could take into account some of the Arts , including that comes on time , and not be locked up people waiting for him , and hasten to apologize if delayed .
The etiquette of visiting guest that calls for the host , and that comes down to his rule , and that takes into account the habits unless they violate Sharia .
Including to thank the host , and reciprocates phrases honor , and warns of criticizing his food ; What saliva Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - food that never .
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Thoughts on hospitality
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