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 The desire to achieve the wishes

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PostSubject: The desire to achieve the wishes   Thu Feb 06, 2014 10:37 pm

Abu Huraira - may Allah be pleased with him - said : I heard the Prophet peace be upon him said : ( and my hand for the fact that men of the faithful do not perfumed themselves to fall behind me, I can not find what Ahmlhm , unless it lagged behind the secret invade the sake of God , which my hand for good, I kill for the sake of Allah, then revived and then kill then revived and then kill ) Bukhari . He said - may Allah be pleased with him - that the Prophet peace be upon him said : ( If any of you wished Velinzer what he wishes he does not know what to write to him from his wish ) Narrated by Ahmed The story goes that Omar ibn al-Khattab said to his companions : they wished , he said : Man I wish that I have this house full of gold spent in the cause of God , and then he said, they hoped , a man said : I wish it filled with pearls and Sbergda and substance spent for the sake of God and give charity . Then he said, they hoped . They said: What do we know , O Commander of the Faithful . As I said, I wish life if this house filled with men like my father Abeida . And Abdul Rahman bin Abi trigger his father said: met in stone Musab ibn al-Zubayr and Urwah ibn al-Zubayr and Abdullah bin Zubair, Abdullah ibn Umar , they said they wished , said Abdullah bin Zubair : As for me, I wish the succession , said loop : As for me I wish that Yuhz Me science , said Musab : As I wish I command of Iraq and the combination of Talha and Aisha girl girl Sakina Hussein, said Abdullah ibn Umar : The forgiveness I wish I ) ****** So are the wishes of the human immeasurable , because it stems from self , and self crave and want , and loves and loves .. If achieved, have it all to Hagletha concerns , but became the target of worldly pleasures and Zachrvha , and became its desire to wait for waiting , and hoping to come ... It is here .. My dear brother, we must turn the course of our hopes and our aspirations to what is beneficial for us in this world and the hereafter as he says ( and the survivors good works best when the Lord reward and the best hope for ) what he wished Holy Prophet - peace be upon him and his companions , God bless them , of wishes that enhance self , was already wishes the best and hopes of righteousness and desires Rushd , if awarded to the human psyche Thank although not Tnlha worked hard in gaining seeking the pleasure of the reward of Allah the Almighty , Could I wished my brother Karim such aspirations , which obtained it received the honor and the Lord Almighty when he said: ( has succeeded who purified ) sun: 33 If we stood pause when my dear brother wishes of our youth and our girls will see what ya hear : Class I say ( I wish I was rich , I wish to be an outstanding player , I wish to be a singer shiny , I wish to be a broadcaster , actress, and many others) .. of those aspirations that disparaged self Tzllha . Class last wishes wishes good but not up to Wegger Fascht and insults and curses ! ! ? ? ? ? ? Hence we say , dear brother I know is that God wishes to achieve by what is good for man sooner or later , not as much as hoped for slave and defraud him , how much claimed the aspiration of its owner , and hurt him .. What the slave does not Atdger not feel sad for not achieving the aspirations he wishes , but he says : the good, chosen by God , the God got the desired Hamad though not achieved the desired praise God as well , and hoped for to be cashed good for him
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The desire to achieve the wishes
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