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 Health damage computer .. And bypassed the community and family

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PostSubject: Health damage computer .. And bypassed the community and family   Thu Feb 06, 2014 11:09 pm

Health damage computer .. And bypassed the community and family

Ten ways to correct method to use and proper handling him

Prolonged sitting in front of a computer , whether for work , play or would cause damage to your body and your mind , and this does not serve anyone , so you should read the ten main reasons that cause harm to you , as experts say « BBC World » . And take into account the methods needed to put you sit in front of your computer and use it.

1 - repetitive stress injuries

* Tension and stress injuries repeat became widespread. When the Internet was at the beginning of his reign began a new generation of computer users work on it periods of up to 15 hours per session . And then a strange thing began to happen , as some of the staff began to complain of pain does not go away , but now seemed to go from bad to worse.

And is now known occurrence of injuries, repetitive stress and pressure that include carpal tunnel syndrome, and even the phenomenon of thumb yaws ( Blackberry Tmb ) , and thus processed with other problems caused by the workplace .

Why is it then? The reason is redundancy , it is found that our bodies are not designed to carry out operations themselves again and again , Vojsamana Kaacolna loves the difference , any movements of different and disparate , Vtkarha several times Ktharik wrist from side to side when using the mouse makes your body responds to the muscles inflamed and causing damage in the joints with the advent of constant pain .

The best defense in this way to avoid the continuous motion is to sit on the seat in front of a computer correctly , taking periods of rest and move the body and unrolled . Health experts agree on the need to take these breaks, every half an hour.

It should be here to do some exercise and the extension of the body and is designed to treat all areas of tension and pressure, and that the site of yoga in the Internet is located under the title My Daily yogas # # #. It should also remember to use equipment designed for ergonomic comfort and the human body respond to him , such as the keyboard so special , and the balls that serve as mouse and replaced , chairs, or seats that can be modified and developed.

2 - additional weight

* According to the Journal of the American Journal of Preventive Medicine in August 2005 that the number of the guy who sits on his desk for six hours per day exhibition more than doubled by the other owners to be overweight compared to others who engage in active work .

And obese people as it is known they are more prone to heart disease , diabetes , stroke, high blood pressure and some cancer diseases , as well as many other ailments . The best defense for that is a movement , Kalkiem walk 10 thousand steps a day . As for those who complain of obesity and the inability to control them , the U.S. Department of Agriculture recommends daily exercises lasting up to an hour and a half a day.

3 - shoulder pain and back

* Shoulder and back pain caused by computers Elhoudnah , one of the evils of these laptops , they cause freezing and hardening his thumb at work on the keyboard . The cursor control is a strange thing , too, as well as the development of a computer on your lap would cause pain in the neck , and the possibility of moving the computer Elhoudna and carry from one place to another means used permanently . Did you know that the shoulder pain caused by computer Elhoudna may be the new phenomenon of the syndrome « to thumb yaws » ( Blackberry Tmb ) .

And computer Elhoudna weight itself is so large weight ranges between four and ten pounds ( 453 grams, almost a pound ) . However add a link ready for him to ac ( AC ) , and some printed reports , and a mobile phone , digital assistant special , and a keyboard , and identity cards , and other stuff attached , if you without feeling no longer be a computer Elhoudna mobile portable tool only , can be moved from one place to another easily .

This is bad for the shoulder and back. Visualize yourself in a security barrier in the airport waiting for your plane , which will take off after two hours and you carry weight equivalent to ten pounds ( 4.5 kilograms) on your right shoulder . What has it depicted tension on the shoulder what is actually only infected muscle wounded . And do not forget wobble computer bag on your shoulder and you're going Targehha , we always underestimate the seriousness of the risk and weight .

The best defense here is to raise the computer slowly and with great care , taking into account the carry -mail this notebook on the other shoulder to balance the weight between the shoulders , or the purchase of a computer holder Mtdhrj Elhoudna . Finally Push the vehicle rolling this computer , briefcase or luggage with a bag in front of you instead of dragging them behind you , then you are in this case controls the situation better , and thus reduce the damage that may make you .

4 - eye strain

* The focus on a computer screen , we Nremc our eyes to a lesser extent . This reduces the natural lubrication of the eyes .

Despite what we see on the screen may seem stable , but the screens all have resuscitative rate for the renewal of view , which would modify the image on an ongoing basis . The eyes register this continued volatility , which is a big factor in Ajhadahma particularly for those who spend long hours on the screen . But do you think that the screen crystal ( LCD ) eliminate the problem , they are like the screen cathode ray tube operating ( CRT ) is constantly renewed form of notes that without eyes .

Is another matter , which is that the eyes remain determined to focus on something that is only two feet with them for hours , as the eyes work best when you look at things , which lies about 20 feet or more . When looking at the stuff nearby spin Eyes to the inside and shrink the pupil inside them than freaking eye muscles and cranial nerve ( cranial ) that lead to symptoms ranging from redness of the eye and be tight and itchy feeling , and between Abehrar consideration and increased glare and increased sensitivity to light . Such symptoms usually go away with rest. But considering the symptoms have dual drive a car when you come home in the evening is a very serious matter .

The best defense for such cases is to rest the eyes for five minutes per hour of work on the computer by looking through the window and focus on something far away. You can also wander around the place to allow for the eyes in order to Tertahan .

Forcibly tried to blink your eyes If the Ajafavhma still Azaajank try using moisturizing drop to eliminate the drought , but you have to search for a drop of moisturizing and not a drop of dealing with red-eye .

5 - poor blood circulation

* Poor blood circulation issue of terror because they cause blood clots in the arteries due to deep blood clotting in the legs and move to the lungs , something that caused consternation for travelers in the air a few years ago . The bad news that this thing could happen to computer users , but the good news for them is that it may not happen in that multitude.

In 2003 the magazine reported « Arobean Respratora Journal » on the status of a young man in New Zealand was hit deep thrombosis in the arteries as a result of sitting for 18 hours a day in front of a computer, which is actually a long time but it is possible to imagine . The best defense for such cases is to get away a little bit about computers and also the extension of the legs , ankles , Crown If I felt Btazm , or tightness in your legs , do some light exercise to speed up the flow of blood .

6 - sit bad

* Injury, back and neck due to bad posture : We have to take responsibility for back pain and neck because of Atralna way to sit and posture . Many have like us with their bodies piled up in front of a computer Mqosj backs Mkhvda their chins , or Rafieha to see the screen. If you are printing on the keyboard has been assigned Kuaak on your thighs you do not serve yourself at all.

Let's tackle the issue of the neck first. If you look at a computer screen up or down , you are causing stress and strained to abnormal cervical spine boring for long periods leads to inflammation and possibly malfunction or permanent injury .

As for the issue back to the lax and arching and bending over the keyboard means bending the back and damage him , especially that there are discs between the vertebrae are working Kosaúd , or shock absorbers to prevent friction paragraphs together and nerve compression . So, a lot of pressure for long periods may cause loose these tablets from its place and causing excruciating pain , and injuries and wounds at least a threat may be caused by muscle pull .

The best prevention or treatment of her is the correct posture is erect in front of a computer as if you're trying to balance a book on the top of your head .

The workplace is important for its effectiveness just like the type of computer you use. Keep the screen is high enough so as not to cut your head to see the contents and invested , or Mark Employers invest friendly furnishings right of the human body . The cost of the day Stawwadk for medical treatment costs in the future.

7 - headaches and migraines

* Headaches and migraines ( sister ) of the signs of the uses of the computer . Has some speculate that those who suffer from headaches are more sensitive to the constant renewal of Alantaashi in view the screen , making them more susceptible to it. While others speculate that the tension caused by spend long hours in front of a computer, not the computer itself is the cause . It remains also says that computer users are suffering from worsening and tension in the eyes Asvonhma headache . But whatever the reasons, the fact is that the computer is causing a painful blow to the head .

The best cure for it is to break the pattern that going for it by pulling your eyes from the screen and stay vigilant for any sign of the start of the headache . If they feel the pinch in your head it is better curbed immediately by moving away from a computer somewhere .

8 - Insomnia

* It may sometimes be difficult to get rid of the stress of work , but the work on the computer would be compounding it.

Mentions the medical center for the University of Maryland in the United States that the wasteful use of computers is why insomnia and lack of sleep . This is not due to thinking about the end date of the report, which it is delivered , but the reason is more complicated. A Japanese study has shown that the completion of stunts on the screens of computers in bright at night to reduce the degree of concentration of melatonin , and thus affect the biological time in the human body and sleep.

The best cure for this limitation of working hours in front of a computer at night .

9 - Internet addiction

* The doctors are increasingly treating patients who say they are forced to be on the Internet all the time to exchange e-mails and send instant messages and carry out shopping and participating in chat rooms , playing video games and other other things . All this at the expense of everyday business , school and family life. The word , or the correct terminology for this case is Internet addiction , although many health experts complain that the desire to stay on the network all the time is the addiction myself . In fact, the Association of Psychologists Americans do not recognize that Internet addiction is a medical condition .

Whether , on the technical level , addictive or not , but he can not deny spend long hours on the Internet has serious consequences on the personal life . What's more, the Internet can be used to feed other types of addiction to vices like sex and gambling . And even addiction to shopping and purchases . This may lead in some cases to the loss of jobs and the collapse of relationships and the depletion of bank accounts . If the addictive need fuel , think of a way to connect to the internet it is the nearest gas station . The think about the extravagant in the use of computers as a problem in the United States only Almhosh techniques , but not as well as , in last March was the opening of a government center for the treatment of addiction to the Internet in the Chinese capital Beijing to help those who are abusing the Internet and restore balance to their lives. The benefit was for someone who was receiving treatment he was serving periods stretching to 24 hours in front of a computer . The result was a treatment included sympathy and offer advice and consulting, as well as electric shocks. The best cure for a case like this is to get away completely from the keyboard.

10 - Environmental Impact

* There is enough of the harm that up directly to the consumer . Did you know that feeding your computation many of its requirements and tools that will cause damage and damage to our planet this ? That our desire to another Games and computing equipment , and therefore discarded after the expiration of its mission , or the emergence of new ones , such as hard drives , mobile phones and digital assistants own ( PDA ) cause environment pollution of the earth.

It is known that the computers contain heavy metals such as lead, mercury and cadmium . And has raised and disposed of because of their age they expire in landfills , causing poisoning the land and groundwater . Despite the efforts of organizations and bodies , the environment is less than 10 per cent of these devices are being recycled , and as part of it just being recycled safely and properly.

The problem is much further as little organization « Green Beissat world , as it is being exported e-waste in an orderly fashion to the developed countries in clear violation of international law . It turns out inspections of 18 European port last year found that about 47 per cent of waste destined for export , including e-waste is the waste illegally . In the UK alone were shipped about 23 tons of e-waste « gray » unauthorized in 2003 to the Far East , India and China . In the United States it is estimated that about 50 to 80 per cent of waste collected for recycling purposes being exported in accordance with this style. The best cure for this problem is to assume responsibility for materials computation of your device and make sure they are up to the purpose of the right to the finish them . The elimination of them is not the only option , but tried to contact centers charity work to make sure that there is a place in which devices are used by some time ago
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Health damage computer .. And bypassed the community and family
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