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 An article about the dangers of speed

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PostSubject: An article about the dangers of speed   Mon Feb 10, 2014 1:08 am

Injuries occur in the majority of crashes and deadly serious , because some parts of the vehicle mass and acceleration applied Evoukan the ability of the human body endurance .
The tolerance threshold is exceeded, the human body for injury if: the vehicle speed exceeds 30 km / h .
Speed ​​and transfer energy to the human body during the collision
Speed ​​is a key factor in the seriousness of the injuries caused by traffic accidents , they affect the incidence of collisions and the severity of injuries resulting therefrom , increase in speed leads to high rate of Nino collisions and increase the likelihood of severe injuries when they occur , and due to the increased speed means more distance should the driver made ​​pending the reaction required as well as the distance required to stop, and that the likelihood of committing driver errors doubles with increased speed greater the speed whenever the amount of mechanical energy ( kinetic ) that is received when the collision largest , and therefore there is a possibility of serious injury and fatal because some parts of the vehicle applied mass and acceleration Evoukan the ability of the human body endurance , and research shows that injuries harmful are the result of the internal exchange of energy Infection caused during a collision on the transfer of energy to the human body in quantities and rates lead to sabotage the structure of cells and tissues , blood vessels and other body parts , and this includes kinetic energy for example, when collide head driver of the vehicle windshield moment of collision is considered transfer of kinetic energy the most caused the injuries of traffic accidents , where the level of harm suffered by the human body depends on the shape of the surface of the body impactor and cruelty , and another example of it when the collision speed of 50 km / Q increases the weight of a child with 5 kg up to 20 -fold for up to 100 kg during the fraction of a second , as it is impossible at the time of the collision to be able to catch any of the passengers is installed things are guaranteed.
- Speed ​​at 100 km / h more than the cost of the accident by 30% and have an impact on the probability pedestrians killed by 100%.
- The higher the speed for the speed limit by 10 km / h with the gravity of the incident increased by 3% .
- The lower the speed within the cities of 50 km / h to 30 km / h less likely dead infantry from 80% to 8%
- The lower the speed limit from 10% reduced the number of deaths by 35 % and the number of injured at 25% .
Speed ​​and vision.
Should the driver who drives his vehicle quickly to look at a distance of front longer because of the problem of increasing the load on the look, summed up the dangers of decline in the areas of sight mainly in not seeing near objects in front of the vehicle and reduces the accuracy of the estimate of distance, and thus failed to sense objects approaching the vehicle , both in terms of the sides or the back, especially when there are so many details in the scene in front of the driver.

Driving the vehicle quickly during the night :
Of the causes of accidents driving the vehicle quickly in the dusk pm ( the time it gets dark ) and am ( beginning of the day ) and two periods of the most important must be given to him as it is the period that require the driver to re- compatibility between the lights and the dark and things with attempts eyes adapt to the degree of lighting changing , it is natural that in the full darkness disappear many of the instructions and road signs upon which the driver in daylight , and limited visibility distance is relatively small , the distance illuminated with lights front of the vehicle in such a case there will be difficult for the driver due to the short visibility and increasing problem in the case of driver fatigue while driving in the dark , and medically proven that man gets older in age needed to lights more to see clearly , and multiply dangerous whenever lights composite weak or accumulate the dust and dirt , Fbtlk situation does not help the driver to sound vision as they work on the distribution of radiation randomly irregular posing a problem for the driver and the driver of the other hand , the use of shading and also strong on the glass of the vehicle reduces the sight of the driver and causing a difference in seeing things .
Speed ​​and defensive driving safe .
The vehicle speed is the decisive factor in determining the ability of the driver to avoid accidents , especially in cases of sudden , and drive the vehicle as soon as the right makes it easier for the rest of the drivers estimate distances on the road and understand why intends to other drivers do, and are often exposed driver of the vehicle for surprises while driving , and requires so it stand sudden to avoid danger , but that the vehicle does not stop at the same moment to see the danger , or even by simply pressing on the brakes , but it must be cut vehicle distance before stopping completely , and it depends on several factors, including worker safety parts of the vehicle and the road condition in addition to the how fast , so to achieve defensive driving must be adhered to speed limits set forth in the various roads , while leaving sufficient distance estimated length of the vehicle and at least one of the vehicles , as it should increase this distance in the case of blurred vision or rainfall , as and reducing speed, attention when crossing in residential areas and near hospitals, schools, parks and areas near the pedestrian crossing .

Speed ​​safe .
Speed ​​safe are subject to a number of factors : the case of the driver - and the weather condition of the road - the traffic condition .
It is incumbent upon the driver to drive his vehicle on a specific rate of speed , so that it can be stopped through the distance necessary to determine , on the other hand , the leadership of the vehicle on the speed reduced considered required in the following cases : traffic through residential areas , blurred vision , approach the intersections , approaching traffic lights and pedestrian crossing corridors , schools , and places of danger .
Conversely , a commitment to speed limits does not always mean excessive speed , leadership of the vehicle speed is less than the minimum speed described in Ahakhsat traffic without reason , leads to impede the movement of the flow of normal traffic of vehicles , speed with excessive decreases also considered a risk factor , and the speed is lower than required traffic conditions on the road disrupt traffic , and pay other drivers to stop sudden or try Alajtbaz or loose nerves that cause in the end in the incident, and the driver must do is not to exceed the speed limits at all, whether by increasing or decreasing the excessive taking into account the condition of the road and weather and place.
Relationship -speed traffic safety .
Linked to overspeed serious traffic offenses , such as not leaving a safe distance between vehicles , and the lack of attention and commitment lane , bypassing the light signals (red) to the inability to stop in time when you change the optical signals , and other serious irregularities which coincides committed with increased speed .
It also leads to excessive speed of the vehicle and non- equilibrium increase the likelihood of accidents as a result of the inability of the driver to control the vehicle in emergency situations , such as cases of explosion frame , and surprises the road.
Information .
§ extra speed you need to be more attentive driver and careful, and not to the driver's attention for one second while driving at 115 km / h it can be likened as if the driver drives a vehicle with closed eyes for a distance of 30 meters .
§ commensurate impact force directly proportional to the square of the speed of the vehicle , if the vehicle's speed has doubled the strength of the shock to become four -fold , and if that speed has increased three -fold , the force of impact becomes nine times .
§ increase the speed doubled to lead to increased stand space needed by the driver to weakness , so the driver must be driving his vehicle speeds to ensure a safe parking space and a clear vision .
§ possibility of getting involved in an accident and the death of doubling with increased speed of 5 km / h above the speed limit .
§ The higher the speed , the fuel consumption increases by a large margin , leadership of the vehicle speeds ( 115 instead of the speed of 90 km / h) increases fuel consumption by 20 %, in addition to the rapid consumption of engine parts , tires , and other parts of the vehicle .
Means to rein in speed .
Cameras timers Speed: use an instrument highly cost-effective , they provide continuity in law enforcement , Falcamarat fixed despite the ease NOTE place by the drivers , but it carries an Instant Message that zero tolerance with excessive speed and direct control already in place , and that speeding is illegal and are not allowed in anywhere and anytime an unacceptable behavior . As cameras and mobile are considered complementary to the message , especially in the main roads .
Industrial bumps ( speed breakers ) are a good choice for the impact on drivers , has proven to be effective , especially in the roads and in crowded places pedestrian ways .
Traffic signs extension : used to refer to the alarm limits of approaching pedestrian crossings , or to other changes in the traffic environment .
Rotors : considered an effective way to ease the speed of vehicles because it requires a deviation from a straight line and thus ease the speed of a whirling motion .
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An article about the dangers of speed
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