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 An article about begging

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PostSubject: An article about begging   Mon Feb 10, 2014 1:35 am

Begging of the negative phenomena that have plagued all human societies , Muslim and non-Muslim , have varied forms and manifestations from one society to another , some standing in the crowded streets of people , or the door of mosques, churches and sale , or in cemeteries , or in gathering places , and some carry a musical instrument and plays them , and others are some of the practices that bring laughter to the viewers , to other shapes and images.
Has developed some states solutions to eliminate them , but it did not work only a little , and this phenomenon is not confined to poor countries , but included all States until rich and economically developed .
Begging reasons :
To beg for many reasons can not be confined to a single axis , but the only reason it is getting the money , and over time turns begging himself to motive and emitter , and reached the beggar to a certain extent sufficiency and saturation or live up to become one of the wealthy class , Fenrah remains inherent to beg to the end of the age.
Causes may be begging us that we identify the following points :
First: Poverty: a lack of access to basic necessities of life such as food and drink, clothing , due to unemployment and the lack of a profession or a craft person has the beggar , or to his craft but not enough to meet its needs , the large number of dependents or to higher food prices and demands of life .
Second: laziness : a love of convenience, and not to exert mental effort and muscle to take a particular job or craft a specific , finds the beggar his room to get the necessary money without getting tired or effort by , and often the money earned much more than if taken pursuant intramuscularly or mentally .
Third, the lack of mental and physical abuse : who is accompanying with disabilities and chronic diseases and are unable to work and disabled habitus or because of an accident or accidental what .
Fourth: the loss of a breadwinner : Valitam and widow Alvakdan the host , may couples choosing begging because of denial of breadwinner who provide them with necessities of life of material and spiritual , Vivtkdan money , supervision and educational guidance which Erbehma on self-esteem and dignity , and prevent them from taking actions menial and humiliate the self- begging and others.
Fifth: Education wrong in childhood , and the education of children at the request need to others , and a request for help from every one may get mankind begging : they beg people to get money, but over time happen to have Anas begging itself , becomes a beggar rich , or you may find it enough money from the son or relative or something like that , but it does not leave habit of begging for it , but the case of occurrence of intimacy between him and begging.
Sixth: Inherit the phenomenon of parents and children moving to : Most of the beggars take their children while begging , to become their profession is begging after getting used to them and the lack of deterrent for them.
Seventh: mental illness : The complex of abjection and a sense of inferiority , humiliation and lack of recognition , in addition to the greed and lack of contentment .
Eighth: poor distribution of wealth within the community , and the lack of compassion and limited to make easy money is not enough to meet the need of the needy , or who is not up to those who deserve fair : Valmtsol may not find it sympathetic to him to satisfy his basic needs of food, clothing and housing , is distributed requests all people , to gather them easy , and gives everyone a fraction of the money , until it gets compiled quite a sum .
Islamic treatment of begging :
The status of Islam legislation fully and completely to all aspects of human life , protects the rights of all the negative phenomena misconceptions and addressed if what happened in reality , the legislation and protection before falling , and treatment after falling , and make Islam model legislation to address the problem of poverty and deprivation and the resulting released from negative phenomena such as begging and others, and considered socially legislation based on compassion and cooperation relations .
Below we review the points that enable the prevention and treatment of the phenomenon of begging.
First: the encouragement to work and earning :
Almighty said : ( and verse them dead land Ahinaha and got us out of love for them as companions ate * and made the gardens of palms and grapes and blown them from the eyes * to eat of the fruit of what their hands have done it not ungrateful ) YS / 3335 .
The Messenger of Allah ( Allah bless him and his family) : ( ( best gain sale Emperor , and the work of the man with his hand ) ) (1 ) , ( ( that God loves a person insured professional ) ) (2) .
Islam has made the work of the advantages and specificities , one who works in his hand and gets his living by his work , God will forgive his sins and gets a great reward , and if these concepts were rumored in the community and planted it to everyone went to the hard work fruitful .
The Messenger of Allah ( Allah bless him and his family) : ( ( from Kala has become the work of his hands has become forgiven him ) ) (3) .
He ( Allah bless him and his family) : ( ( CKD eat from his hand was doomsday prophets in the counter and take the reward of the prophets ) ) (4) .
Second: inductance to dispense with people insulting question: Islam urged to work and lay off others, and forbade the question.
The Messenger of Allah ( Allah bless him and his family) : ( ( Astafoa question what Asttathm ) ) (5) .
He ( Allah bless him and his family) : ( ( lack of demand cataclysmic events of rich people is present, and the large number of people to meet her needs humiliating , a poverty present) ) (6) .
Islam and fear of the results of the question and its consequences in this world and the hereafter . Imam al- Sadiq ( peace be upon him ) : ( ( Beware of the question, it is humiliation in this world , and poverty Tstjlouna , and the expense of a long day of resurrection ) ) (7) .
Valtsol yoke , and Islam Karam Muslim and Oazza and has forbidden to humiliate himself , said Imam Sadiq ( peace be upon him ) : ( ( request cataclysmic events to people's dispossession of the outburst , and gilded for modesty , and despair , which in the hands of people Ezz believer in his religion , and greed is poverty present) ) (8 ) .
Third, encourage subsistence edema greed : greed and lack of contentment with what is existing money , and not to live Bkivav , pushing some to beg , and therefore encouraged Islam on the conviction and subsistence edema greed .
The Messenger of Allah ( Allah bless him and his family) : ( ( Blessed is Huda Islam and was living Kvava and disguised it) ) (9) .
He ( Allah bless him and his family) : ( ( you despair than in the hands of the people , and beware of greed and poverty, it is present) ) ( 10) .
Fourth: go to God to go to God and pray with urgency by providing conditions , coupled with the supplication to seek work and a livelihood , achieves his request for a person to get it , Vistgne from others and do not have to beg .
From a prayer of Imam Sajjad ( peace be upon him ) : ( (Oh no energy to me the effort , nor the patience to me on the scourge, not force me to poverty , not prohibit Rizki , nor Tklna to your creation , but the uniqueness of Bhajta and tulle Kvaita ) ) (11) .
Fifth, urging compassion and Integration: Islam urged compassion and solidarity , cooperation, and help the poor and needy .
Imam Ali ( peace be upon him ) in his will : ( (God is God in the poor and needy , Fsharkohm in Maichkm ) ) ( 12) .
Imam al- Baqir ( peace be upon him ) : ( ( what Ciatna only from those who fear and obey God , and what they know , but ... humbled and vowed to neighbors , the poor and low- sedating , and debtors and orphans ) ) ( 13) .
He urged Islam to give people with disabilities before they start in the matter , and considered a right of Muslim over a Muslim .
Imam al- Sadiq ( peace be upon him ) : ( ( ... and the right fourth taper oath , and answer his call , and return patient , and witness his funeral , and if I learned that he needed Tpadrh to its courts , nor Tljih that Asalkha but Tpadrh initiative ) ) ( 14) .
And give the money from is not any humiliation for the needy to take him as he really has on his Muslim brother , and make Islam kinship owed ​​to relatives.
Sixth: to be spending for Social Security : Islam emphasized on spending , and come out rich chunk of money attached to the right of the poor and those in need where , and spending should be divided into :
1 Zakat :
Almighty said : ( but alms to the poor and needy and personnel in whose hearts and in the necks and debtors in the way of Allah and the wayfarer ordained by Allah, and Allah is Knowing, Wise ) Repentance / 60 .
2 five :
Almighty said : ( and know it Gnemtem Shi Ä of the five and the Messenger of God and the one who kin and the orphans and the needy and the wayfarer ... ) Anfal / 41 .
3 expiation :
They commissioned a forensic imposed on Muslims negligent in some human God or the perpetrators of some of what should not be committed intentionally or out of ignorance .
Vkavarh breakfast the day of the month of Ramadan deliberately , Mkhirh between freeing a slave or fasting for two consecutive months or feed sixty poor persons and clothe them .
Expiation breakfast spend the month of Ramadan, after disappearing , and expiation Breakfast votary of fasting , is to feed ten poor is not able to fast for three days .
As well as expiation right, manslaughter , and murder is forbidden for hunting , and the latest event in his body in the patient , and in all that feed the poor or Xsaahm .
Seventh: voluntary spending : spending volunteering is desirable that spending urged by Islam in order to satisfy the needs of the poor and the needy and deepen the bonds of friendship and love among Muslims.
Almighty said : ( O ye who believe! Spend of the good things that (legally) earned ... ) Cow / 267 .
And make Imam Ali ( peace be upon him ) spending of morals as stated in the verse : ( ( It is to whom God money kinship kinship , and improves him hospitality , and lifting him captive and Ani , and degrades him to the poor and Algarm , and endures the same rights and Altoaúb , seeking the reward , the victory these qualities honor Makarem minimum , and Derek virtues Hereafter ) ) ( 15) .
And make Islam the right for a Muslim to Muslim Yuasih to satisfy his basic needs .
Imam al- Sadiq ( peace be upon him ) : ( ( Muslim brother Muslim , and the right of a Muslim to his Muslim brother that insatiable and starves his brother , nor is of bared and his brother ... ) ) ( 16) .
And Asim , he said: Imam al-Kazim ( peace be upon him ) : ( ( O Assem , how you communicate and Altdibr ?) ) I said: the best of what it was one , he said ( peace be upon him ) : ( ( Velayati one of you to shop his brother or his home when distress Vistkhrj sack and takes what he needs not deny it? ) ) I said : No, he ( peace be upon him ) : ( ( , are not what I like to communicate ) ) ( 17) .
He stressed the Messenger of Allah ( Allah bless him and his family) to satisfy the hungry and EXA nudes , so make it equal to the faith : ( ( what is safe in God of satiation and his brother hungry , and do not believe in God than overgrow and his brother naked ) ) ( 18) .
These teachings and recommendations if committed by the community for the rest needy pay need to beg .
Eighth: The responsibility of the state security : the Islamic state is responsible for ensuring that individuals living full guarantee and responsibilities are in the range of duties :
1 ensure the livelihood of individuals and filling their needs :
Said Mr. Martyr Mohammed Baqir al-Sadr : ( impose Islam on the state to ensure the living members of the community to ensure full :
In the first phase of creating the state of the individual and the working fluid .
In the second phase exercise which apply the principle of state security by creating enough money to meet the needs of the individual , and provide a particular standard of living to him ) ( 19) .
The second stage comes in the case of the inability of the individual to work, or its supplier was not enough to meet the needs.
2 compel nationals in the application of general takaful :
Since the duty of Muslims is to take care of their brothers of the poor and the needy , the evacuated this duty that monopolized the business , or have made the prices of cheap labor , the right of the state to intervene.
Martyr al-Sadr said in this regard : ( to the right of the state to coerce them to perform their duties in ensuring that disabled if refrained from doing it, and under this right allow them to ensure that the lives of the disabled and the Agency for Muslims ) (20 ) .
3 Find the public sector :
Public sector consists of common property resources , and state ownership , and these sectors ( ensure the right of the vulnerable members of the community , and a barrier to the powerful monopoly of wealth as a whole, and provide them with an asset of the state expenditures necessary for the exercise of social security ) ( 21) .
4 application of social equilibrium :
Mtfawton people in their energies and in their experiences , and social balance does not mean equal in income , but the balance in the standard of living .
Said Martyr Sadr : ( social balance is the balance between the members of the community in the standard of living , not in the level of income , and the balance in the standard of living means : to have money exists among members of the community and circulating them to the point of allowing everyone to live in the general level ) ( 22) .
In addition to the role of the media in the fight against the phenomenon of begging through education and guidance , and urged people to spend and social solidarity , and urged them to establish charities , nursing homes and orphanages , as well as what the state of the building projects , nursing homes and the disabled , and the exclusion of the poor from the wages of the study and treatment to otherwise, Prevention and treatment of the phenomenon of begging must cooperate where all individuals and especially the scientists , and the legitimate rights of his hand to be spent in the resources , and the most important resources of the poor and needy .
It also must strive to make room for these beggars and disabled patients or healthy to work and to highlight their potential and their talents and expertise in various fields of life as an alternative beneficial for them and for society , away from begging , humiliation and backwardness.
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An article about begging
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